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who; whom (formal) (person) [listen] [listen] welchem; welchen; dem; den {pron} [listen]

to whom [listen] wem [listen]

whomever wen auch immer

whomsoever wem auch immer

the player whom I was to replace der Spieler, den ich ersetzen sollte

who [listen] welche; welcher; der; die {pron} (Mensch) [listen] [listen] [listen]

who [listen] wer {pron interrog} [listen]

Who was there? Wer war da?

Who are you? Wer bist du?; Wer sind Sie?

who; whom (formal) [listen] [listen] wem; wen {pron interrog} [listen] [listen]

Whom should I approach? An wen soll ich mich wenden?

person in charge; sb. who looks after sb. Betreuer {m}; Betreuerin {f} [listen]

who are treated as such (postpositive) gleichgestellt {adj} (Person) [adm.]

civil servants and persons who are treated as such Beamte und ihnen gleichgestellte Personen

Who cares? Was soll's?; Wen kümmert's schon?; Nebbich! [geh.]

who is/was thought/believed/supposed to be dead totgeglaubt {adj}

Who do they take me for?; Who do they think I am? Ich lass' mich von denen doch nicht zum Narren halten!

Who is your date? Mit wem sind Sie verabredet?

Who pleasure gives shall joy receive. Wer Vergnügen schenkt, wird Freude erhalten.

Who on earth believes that? Wer glaubt das schon?

Who put you up to it? Wer hat dich darauf gebracht?

Who is in favour? Wer ist einverstanden?

Who can blame him? Wer kann es ihm verdenken?

Who might have told him? Wer mag es ihm gesagt haben?

Who knows? Wer weiß?

offender who has acted on grounds of conscience Überzeugungstäter {m}; Überzeugungstäterin {f}

to commit offences out of conviction ein Überzeugungstäter sein (Krimineller)

to act on conviction ein Überzeugungstäter sein [übtr.]

politically motivated offender politischer Überzeugungstäter

to beg the question of what/of why/as to who etc. (of a situation/action) die Frage aufwerfen, was/warum/wer etc.; (jdn.) zur Frage führen, was/warum/wer etc. (Sache)

This proposal begs the question of who is going to pay for the new building. Dieser Vorschlag wirft die Frage auf, wer das neue Gebäude bezahlen soll.

This/It begs the question as to whether that service is needed at all. Das führt zur Frage, ob wir diesen Dienst überhaupt benötigen.

someone who is always on the go Hektiker {m}; Hektikerin {f}

people who are always on the go Hektiker {pl}; Hektikerinnen {pl}

She's always rushing around like a mad woman. Sie ist eine absolute Hektikerin.

(junior) partner who makes up the numbers for a majority Mehrheitsbeschaffer {m} [pol.]

to make up the numbers for a majority Mehrheitsbeschaffer sein [pol.]

to help out government by tipping the scales in favour of a majority decision den Mehrheitsbeschaffer für die Regierung spielen

graduate [Am.] (student who has completed a course of study or training) [listen] Absolvent {m} (einer Bildungseinrichtung / eines Lehrgangs) [school.] [stud.]

allergy sufferer; sb. who is allergic; sb. who suffers from allergies Allergiker {m}; Allergikerin {f}

allergy sufferers Allergiker {pl}; Allergikerinnen {pl}

(societal) dropout; person who opts out of conventional society Aussteiger {m}; Aussteigerin {f} [soc.]

dropouts Aussteiger {pl}; Aussteigerinnen {pl}

inpatient physician; general (or specialist) practitioner who also looks after patients in a hospital Belegarzt {m}; Belegärztin {f} [med.]

pageboy [Br.]; page [Am.] (boy who follows the bride in a wedding) [listen] Brautjunge {m}

someone who is cold-natured / who feels the cold / who really gets cold easily Frostbeule {f}; Frostköttelchen {n} [Norddt.]; Frierkatze {f} [Mitteldt.]; Verfrorene(r) {m,f}; [Bayr.]; Gfrörli [Schw.]; Gfrürfüdlä [Schw.]

journeyman; craftsman/workman who has completed an apprenticeship Geselle {m}; Handwerksgeselle {m}

journeymen Gesellen {pl}; Handwerksgesellen {pl}

driver who routinely fails to wear the seatbelt Gurtmuffel {m}; Gurtenmuffel {m} [Ös.] [auto] [ugs.]

drivers who routinely fail to wear seatbelts Gurtmuffel {pl}; Gurtenmuffel {pl}

cyclist/motorcyclist who routinely fails to wear a helmet Helmmuffel {m} [auto]

cyclists/motorcyclists who routinely fail to wear helmets Helmmuffel {pl}

locust; corporate raider (speculative investor who buys out companies) [listen] Heuschrecke {f} [übtr.] (Spekulant, der Firmen aufkauft)

poop scooper; pooper scooper (dog owner who removes his dogs' solid waste in a public area) Hundebesitzer {m}, der die Haufen seines Hundes (im öffentlichen Raum) entfernt

sub who comes in and scores goals Joker {m} [sport] [slang]

teenager who leaves/left school at 16; teenager with only a basic level of secondary education Jugendlicher {m} mit Hauptschulabschluss; Jugendlicher {m} mit Pflichtschulabschluss [Ös.]

closet queen (gay man who pretends to be heterosexual) Klemmschwester {f} (schwuler Mann, der vorgibt, heterosexuell zu sein)

someone who hates wearing a tie Krawattenmuffel {m} [ugs.]

people who hate wearing ties / a tie Krawattenmuffel {pl}

politician who concerns herself/himself with cultural and educational policies Kulturpolitiker {m}; Kulturpolitikerin {f}

politician who concerns herself/himself with cultural and educational policiess Kulturpolitiker {pl}; Kulturpolitikerinnen {pl}

master in the art of living; someone who knows how to make the best of life Lebenskünstler {m}

net metering (for electric customers who feed in self-generated electricity) Nettostromabrechnung {f} (bei Stromkunden, die selbstproduzierten Strom einspeisen)

OEM manufacturer (who integrates components from other companies in his products) OEM-Hersteller {m} (der Bauteile von Fremdherstellern verbaut) [techn.] [comp.]

doctrinaire; person who sticks rigidly to his/her principles Prinzipienreiter {f}

person to be respected; person who commands respect; don [listen] Respektsperson {f}

insomniac; a person who is regularly unable to sleep jemand, der an Schlaflosigkeit leidet [med.]

person who is hard of hearing Schwerhörige {m,f} [med.]

the hard of hearing die Schwerhörigen {pl}

person (who is) uninterested in sex; sexless wonder Sexmuffel {m} [ugs.]

the person who sits/sat next to sb.; the person sb. sits/sat next to jds. Sitznachbar {m}; jds. Sitznachbarin {f}

person who bears the ultimate tax burden Steuerträger {m} [fin.]

someone who loves understatement Tiefstapler {m}

puzzle freak [coll.]; person who likes fiddly/picky work Tüftler {m}; Tüftlerin {f} [ugs.]

puzzle freaks Tüftler {pl}; Tüftlerinnen {pl}

taker (person who takes a bet) Wettannehmer {m}

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