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FAQ: Frequently asked questions - and answers

May I help you to improve BEOLINGUS?
With pleasure, yes :-) There are some possibilities:
  • Link to the BEOLINGUS dictionary from your Web page.
  • Support the development and donate.
  • Contribute translations - via the button "New translation" on the bottom of every page.
  • Quick reporting of errors by typing it in the comment field on the bottom.
May I include a link, or even embed the BEOLINGUS dictionary im my own Web pages?
Of course, feel free to do so. Please see our hints.
Is there a plugin, a panel, or a search extension for my Web browser?
Oh yes, there are some, please read Browser.
Is there an App for my Smartphone?
Yes, of course. They use our translation list, but are developed by others:
Is there a dictionary program to work offline with?
May I download the wordlist?
Yes, you may download the German-English dictionary text file (but it is not updated very often). This word list is subject to the GNU General Public License, Version 2.
What software is being used to do the search?
Glimpse's agrep
I'm having a problem trying to translate a song. Would you be able to help me?
We're sorry, but we aren't able to do that. You may find one of our advertising partners to help you.
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