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Use BEOLINGUS services in your Web pages


You may include a link to the BEOLINGUS dictionary in your Web pages. Please use the following HTML code:

<a href="">BEOLINGUS Dictionary</a>
BEOLINGUS Dictionary
<a href=""><img title="BEOLINGUS Dictionary"
 src="" width="121" height="125" 
 alt="Beo" border="0"></a>

Search form

If you want to include a translation search form on your Web page, you may use this:

<iframe src=""
   width="300" height="65"
   style=" border:solid 1px #666" frameborder="0">

Full inclusion

If you want to embed the functional BEOLINGUS mini window in your web page pleae use this HTML code:

<iframe src="" 
   width="300" height="300" 
   style="border:solid 1px #666" frameborder="0">

The result of this code ... well, see and test it here :-)

Translation on double click

IF a reader of your web page marks a word by a double click, you may open a small window presenting a translation for this word. Sounds good? Well, try it on this page :-) If you like it you may include it on your web page - just add the following HTML code:

In the head section: <script src="" type="text/javascript">

Change the <body> tag: <body ondblclick="beolingus('_service_')">

Replace _service_ by:
  • deen for German/English, de-en German to English, en-de English to German
  • dees for German/Spanish, de-es German to Spanish, es-de Spanish to German
  • dept for German/Portuguese, de-pt German to Portuguese, pt-de Portuguese to German

As Gadget in your Google start page

If you have a personal Google start page you may easily add BEOLINGUS by clicking on this icon:

Of course, you may add this Gadget directly by the URL, the address is:

As bookmark in a "Social Bookmark" service

If you use a social bookmark service, such as, or Mr. Wong, we 're glad to see you adding BEOLINGUS there. Simply click on the according icons right on the bottom of our pages ...

Please read Browser to see how you may integrate BEOLINGUS to your Web browser or your system easily.

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