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Use BEOLINGUS services in your Web pages


You may include a link to the BEOLINGUS dictionary in your Web pages. Please use the following HTML code:

<a href="">BEOLINGUS Dictionary</a>
BEOLINGUS Dictionary
<a href=""><img title="BEOLINGUS Dictionary"
 src="" width="121" height="125" 
 alt="Beo" border="0"></a>

Search form

If you want to include a translation search form on your Web page, you may use this:

<iframe src=""
   width="300" height="65"
   style=" border:solid 1px #666" frameborder="0">

Full inclusion

If you want to embed the functional BEOLINGUS mini window in your web page pleae use this HTML code:

<iframe src="" 
   width="300" height="300" 
   style="border:solid 1px #666" frameborder="0">

The result of this code ... well, see and test it here :-)

Translation on double click

IF a reader of your web page marks a word by a double click, you may open a small window presenting a translation for this word. Sounds good? Well, try it on this page :-) If you like it you may include it on your web page - just add the following HTML code:

In the head section: <script src="" type="text/javascript">

Change the <body> tag: <body ondblclick="beolingus('_service_')">

Replace _service_ by:
  • deen for German/English, de-en German to English, en-de English to German
  • dees for German/Spanish, de-es German to Spanish, es-de Spanish to German
  • dept for German/Portuguese, de-pt German to Portuguese, pt-de Portuguese to German
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