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Browser Add-Ons: Sidebar, Search engine

In current web browsers you may include the BEOLINGUS dictionary very easily to use it for translation purposes. Firefox-Search engine

Firefox, SeaMonkey

Just click at one of the follwing links to add the panel / search engine:

Extension for Firefox / SeaMonkey: Dictionary Search

Read the instructions, install the plugin (if you don't have it already), then add to the configuration:
Text: De <-> En $
Text: De <-> Es $
Text: De <-> Pt $

Microsoft Internet Explorer

IE 8 Accelerator For Internet Explorer 8 click the appropriate link: For Internet Explorer 7 click the following link:

For Internet Explorer 6 or 5: Add De-En/Es/Pt Dictionary to your Links toolbar (dragging the link there) or add it to your Favorites. By clicking on it you can see our bar displayed in place of your usual search bar (default search bar isn't changed).



Just click this link to add the panel to Opera: You may use the dictionary as Opera widget:

Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X

Jürgen Brüster has implemented a BEOLINGUS Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X.

In your Google toolbar

If you have installed the Google Toolbar you may easily add a BEOLINGUS button by clicking German-English, or German-Spanish, or German-Portuguese.

Integration in your Web pages

Please read how easily you may use BEOLINGUS services in your Web pages.

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