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publications from publishing houses Buchhandelserscheinungen {pl}

pair of semi-detached houses; pair of semis [coll.]; duplex [Am.] Doppelhaus {n}

pairs of semi-detached houses; pairs of semis Doppelhäuser {pl}

block of houses; block [listen] Häuserblock {m}; Karree {n}

blocks of houses Häuserblöcke {pl}; Häuserblocks {pl}

cluster of houses; clump of houses (spatial planning) Häusergruppe {f} (Raumplanung)

clusters of houses; clumps of houses Häusergruppen {pl}

row of houses Häuserreihe {f}; Häuserzeile {f}; Häuserfront {f}

rows of houses Häuserreihen {pl}; Häuserzeilen {pl}; Häuserfronten {pl}

prefab estate; estate of prefabricated houses Plattenbausiedlung {f}

estate of terraced houses Reihenhaussiedlung {f}

estates of terraced houses Reihenhaussiedlungen {pl}

to be as safe as houses [fig.] absolut sicher sein {v}

to build houses on to each other Häuser aneinanderbauen {vt}

street of houses; street [listen] Straßenzug {m}

streets of houses; streets Straßenzüge {pl}

People (who live) in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. [fig.] Wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen. [übtr.]

condemned house Abbruchhaus {n}

condemned houses Abbruchhäuser {pl}

flaying-house Abdeckerei {f} (Tierkörperverwertungsbetrieb) [agr.] [hist.]

flaying-houses Abdeckereien {pl}

farrowing house (pig breeding) Abferkelstall {m} (Schweinezucht) [agr.]

farrowing houses Abferkelställe {pl}

tear-down (building); demolished house Abrisshaus {n}

tear-downs; demolished houses Abrisshäuser {pl}

ape house Affenhaus {n} (im Zoo)

ape houses Affenhäuser {pl}

acceptance bank; acceptance/accepting [Br.] house; acceptance corporation [listen] Akzeptbank {f}; Wechselbank {f} [fin.]

acceptance banks; acceptance/accepting houses; acceptance corporations Akzeptbanken {pl}; Wechselbanken {pl}

alpine guest house Alpengasthof {m}

alpine guest houses Alpengasthöfe {pl}

poorhouse; poor house; almshouse Armenhaus {n}

poorhouses; poor houses; almshouses Armenhäuser {pl}

rearing house; maternity (livestock farming) [listen] Aufzuchtstall {m} (Viehzucht) [agr.]

rearing houses Aufzuchtställe {pl}

piglet rearing house Ferkelaufzuchtstall {m}

auction house; auctioneers Auktionshaus {n}

auction houses Auktionshäuser {pl}

bare-bones house; starter house Ausbauhaus {n} [constr.]

bare-bones houses; starter houses Ausbauhäuser {pl}

wash house Badekaue {f} [min.]

wash houses Badekauen {pl}

motive power depot; locomotive depot; engine house; engine shed [former name] (railway) Bahnbetriebshof {m} [Dt.]; Betriebshof {m} [Dt.]; Bahnbetriebswerk {n} /Bw./ [Dt.]; Betriebswerk {n} /Bw/ [Dt.]; Zugförderungsstelle {f} /Zfst./ [Ös.]; Lokomotivremise {f}; Lokremise {f} [ugs.]; Lokomotivhalle {f}; Lokhalle {f} [ugs.]; Lokomotivschuppen {m}; Lokschuppen {m} [ugs.]; Lokomotivdepot {n} [Schw.] (Bahn)

motive power depots; locomotive depots; engine houses; engine sheds Bahnbetriebshöfe {pl}; Betriebshöfe {pl}; Bahnbetriebswerke {pl}; Betriebswerke {pl}; Zugförderungsstellen {pl}; Lokomotivremisen {pl}; Lokremisen {pl}; Lokomotivhallen {pl}; Lokhallen {pl}; Lokomotivschuppen {pl}; Lokschuppen {pl}; Lokomotivdepots {pl}

crossing-keeper's house (railway) Bahnwärterhaus {n}; Schrankenwärterhaus {n}; Schrankenposten {m} (Bahn)

crossing-keeper's houses Bahnwärterhäuser {pl}; Schrankenwärterhäuser {pl}; Schrankenposten {pl}

banknote printing house; bill printing house [Am.] Banknotendruckerei {f} [print]

banknote printing houses; bill printing houses Banknotendruckereien {pl}

tree house Baumhaus {n}

tree houses Baumhäuser {pl}

charnel house; charnel; ossuary Beinhaus {n}; Ossarium {n}; Karner {m} [Süddt.] [Ös.]

charnel houses; charnels; ossuaries Beinhäuser {pl}; Ossarien {pl}; Karner {pl}

bee house Bienenhaus {n}

bee houses Bienenhäuser {pl}

brewery; brewing house Bierbrauerei {f}; Brauerei {f}; Brauhaus {n}

breweries; brewing houses Bierbrauereien {pl}; Brauereien {pl}; Brauhäuser {pl}

micro-brewery kleine Brauerei mit Ausschank

alehouse; ale house Bierschänke {f}; Bierschenke {f}; Bierstube {f}

alehouses; ale houses Bierschänken {pl}; Bierschenken {pl}; Bierstuben {pl}

log house; log home; log lodge Blockhaus {n}; Bohlenhaus {n} [arch.]

log houses; log homes; log lodges Blockhäuser {pl}; Bohlenhäuser {pl}

boat house; boathouse Bootshaus {n}

boat houses; boathouses Bootshäuser {pl}

brothel; bordello [Am.]; house of ill repute; whorehouse [coll.] [listen] Bordell {n}; Freudenhaus {n}; einschlägiges Etablissement {n}; Puff {m} [ugs.]; Puff {n} [Bayr.] [Ös.] [Schw.] [ugs.]

brothels; bordellos; houses of ill repute; whorehouses Bordelle {pl}; Freudenhäuser {pl}; einschlägige Etablissements {pl}; Puffs {pl}

pop-up brothel Kurzzeitbordell {n}

crusher house; crusher building Brecherhaus {n}; Brechergebäude {n} [techn.]

crusher houses; crusher buildings Brecherhäuser {pl}; Brechergebäude {pl}

brokerage house Brokerhaus {n}; Maklerhaus {n}

brokerage houses Brokerhäuser {pl}; Maklerhäuser {pl}

brooder house Brutraum {m} [agr.]

brooder houses Bruträume {pl}

coffee house; coffee shop; coffee bar; café Café {n}; Kaffeehaus {n} [Ös.] [cook.]

coffee houses; coffee shops; coffee bars; cafés Cafés {pl}; Kaffeehäuser {pl}

cat café Katzencafé {n}

semi-detached house; semi [coll.]; half of a duplex [Am.]; duplex-half [Am.] [listen] Doppelhaushälfte {f} [arch.]

semi-detached houses; semis; halves of a duplex; duplex-halves Doppelhaushälften {pl}

print shop; printshop; print works; printing house; printing business; printer's; printery Druckerei {f}; Druckereibetrieb {m} [print]

print shops; printshops; printing works; printing houses; printeries Druckereien {pl}; Druckereibetriebe {pl}

print shop for calico Kattundruckerei {f}

sb.'s spit and image; sb.'s spitten image [rare]; sb.'s mirror image; sb.'s image; sb.'s exact likeness jds. Ebenbild {n} [geh.]

man as the image / the likeness of God; man as God's image/likeness der Mensch als Ebenbild Gottes

to be the spit and image of sb. (often wrongly: spitting image) jds. (genaues) Ebenbild sein; jdm. wie aus dem Gesicht geschnitten sein

The houses are the mirror image of each other. Die Häuser gleichen sich wie ein Ei dem anderen.

This situation is the mirror image of that of Argentina in 2001. Die Situation ist dieselbe wie 2001 in Argentinien.

one-family house; single-family house Einfamilienhaus {n}

one-family houses; single-family houses Einfamilienhäuser {pl}

detached house freistehendes Einfamilienhaus; Einzelhaus {n}

heir; heiress (in a noble dynasty) Erbe {m}; Erbin {f} (in einem Adelsgeschlecht) [pol.] [soc.] [listen]

heir to the throne; heir apparent (in a ruling house) [listen] Thronerbe {m}; Kronprinz {m} (in einem Herrscherhaus)

heiress to the throne; heiress apparent (in a ruling house) Thronerbin {f}; Kronprinzessin {f} (in einem Herrscherhaus)

heir apparent (in princely houses) Erbprinz {m} (in Fürstenhäusern)

heiress apparent (in princely houses) Erbprinzessin {f} (in Fürstenhäusern)

heir presumtive (in a ruling house) voraussichtlicher Thronerbe (in einem Herrscherhaus)

heiress presumtive (in a ruling house) voraussichtliche Thronerbin (in einem Herrscherhaus)

heir presumtive (in princely houses) voraussichtlicher Erbe eines Adelstitels (in Fürstenhäusern)

heiress presumtive (in princely houses) voraussichtliche Erbin eines Adelstitels (in Fürstenhäusern)

heir/heiress collateral [listen] Erbe/Erbin aus einer Seitenlinie

half-timber house; half-timbered house; tudor house [Br.] Fachwerkhaus {n}; Riegelhaus {n} [Schw.]; Rieghaus {n} [Schw.] [arch.]

half-timber houses; half-timbered houses; tudor houses Fachwerkhäuser {pl}; Riegelhäuser {pl}; Rieghäuser {pl}

ferry house Fährhaus {n}

ferry houses Fährhäuser {pl}

kerbside [Br.]; curbside [Am.] Fahrbahnrand {m} (mit Bordstein); Gehwegrand {m} [Dt.]; Gehsteigrand {m} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; Trottoirrand {n} [Süddt.] [Schw.]

litter at the kerbside / curbside Abfälle am Fahrbahnrand

to skateboard at the kerbside / curbside am Rand des Gehwegs Skateboard fahren

the land between the houses and the kerbside / curbside der Grund zwischen den Häusern und der Bordsteinkante

prefabricated house; prefab house; prefabricated home Fertigteilhaus {n}; Fertighaus {n} [constr.]

prefabricated houses; prefab houses; prefabricated homes Fertigteilhäuser {pl}; Fertighäuser {pl}

dynasty; royal line; royal house Fürstenhaus {n}

dynasties; royal lines; royal houses Fürstenhäuser {pl}

house of prayer Gebetshaus {n}; Andachtsgebäude {n} [relig.]

houses of prayer Gebetshäuser {pl}; Andachtsgebäude {pl}

poultry house; hennery Geflügelstall {m} [agr.]

poultry houses; henneries Geflügelställe {pl}

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