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crusher Brechmaschine {f}; Brechwerk {n}; Brechanlage {f}; Brecher {m} [techn.]

crushers Brechmaschinen {pl}; Brechwerke {pl}; Brechanlagen {pl}; Brecher {pl}

forced-feed jaw crusher Einschwingenbrecher {m} [min.]

blade crusher Pendelschwingenbrecher {f}

mobile crusher fahrbare Brechanlage

crusher Zerkleinerungsmaschine {f}

crushers Zerkleinerungsmaschinen {pl}

crusher house; crusher building Brecherhaus {n}; Brechergebäude {n} [techn.]

crusher houses; crusher buildings Brecherhäuser {pl}; Brechergebäude {pl}

crusher with sizing grid Sieb-Brecherwerk {n} [mach.]

jaw breaker; jaw crusher Backenbrecher {m} [min.]

jaw breakers; jaw crushers Backenbrecher {pl}

double-toggle jaw crusher Kniehebel-Backenbrecher {m}; Pendelschwingenbrecher {m}

single-toggle jaw crusher Kurbelschwingen-Backenbrecher {m}; Kurbelschwingenbrecher {m}

dodge-type jaw breaker Backenbrecher mit untenliegender Schwingachse

breaker jaw; crusher jaw (of a jaw crusher) Brechbacke {f}; Brecherbacke {f}; Brecherplatte {f} (eines Backenbrechers) [min.]

breaker jaws; crusher jaws Brechbacken {pl}; Brecherbacken {pl}; Brecherplatten {pl}

movable breaker jaw bewegliche Brecherbacke

clod crusher; leveller; sweeper [Am.] [listen] Ackerschleife {f}; Ackerschleppe {f} [agr.]

single roll crusher Einwalzenbrecher {m} [techn.]

single roll crushers Einwalzenbrecher {pl}

single roll slag crusher Einwalzenschlackebrecher {m} [techn.]

single roll slag crushers Einwalzenschlackebrecher {pl}

ice crusher Eiscrusher {m}

ore crusher Erzbrecher {m}

ore crushers Erzbrecher {pl}

glaze crusher Glasurmühle {f}

smooth roll crusher Glattwalzenbrecher {m}; Glattwalzwerk {n} [techn.]

smooth roll crushers Glattwalzenbrecher {pl}; Glattwalzwerke {pl}

granulating crusher Granuliermühle {f}

granulating crushers Granuliermühlen {pl}

coarse crushing rolls; coarse crusher; boulder crusher; coarse breaker; stone breaker Grobbrecher {m} [constr.]

hammer crusher; hammer breaker; swing-hammer crusher; hinged-hammer crusher; rotary hammer breaker Hammerbrecher {m} [mach.]

hammer crushers; hammer breakers; swing-hammer crushers; hinged-hammer crushers; rotary hammer breakers Hammerbrecher {pl}

hammermill; hammer mill; hammer disintegrator; ring crusher Hammermühle {m} [techn.]

hammermills; hammer mills; hammer disintegrators; ring crushers Hammermühlen {pl}

limestone crusher Kalkbrecher {m}

limestone crushers Kalkbrecher {pl}

cone crusher; cone breaker; gyrasphere crusher; conical head gyratory crusher; gyratory Kegelbrecher {m} [techn.]

cone crushers; cone breakers; gyrasphere crushers; conical head gyratory crushers; gyratories Kegelbrecher {pl}

burring willow [Br.]; buring willow [Am.]; burr crusher [Br.]; bur crusher [Am.] Klettenwolf {m} [textil.]

gyratory crusher; gyratory breaker Kreiselbrecher {m} [techn.]

gyratory crushers; gyratory breakers Kreiselbrecher {pl}

laboratory crusher; laboratory grinder Labormühle {f}; Labormahlwerk {n}

laboratory crushers; laboratory grinders Labormühlen {pl}; Labormahlwerke {pl}

secondary crusher Nachbrecher {m} [mach.]

secondary crushers Nachbrecher {pl}

slag crusher Schlackenbrecher {m} [techn.]

slag crushers Schlackenbrecher {pl}

rigid-hammer mill/crusher/pulverizer Schlägermühle {f} [mach.]

rigid-hammer mills/crushers/pulverizers Schlägermühlen {pl}

swivel-arm crusher Schwenkbrecher {m} [techn.]

swivel-arm crushers Schwenkbrecher {pl}

single toggle crusher Schwingenbrecher {m} [techn.]

single toggle crushers Schwingenbrecher {pl}

screen graded lump crusher Siebstufen-Knollenbrecher {m} [techn.]

screen graded lump crushers Siebstufen-Knollenbrecher {pl}

sinter crusher Sinterbrecher {m} [techn.]

sinter crushers Sinterbrecher {pl}

toothed roll crusher Stachelwalzenbrecher {m} [techn.]

toothed roll crushers Stachelwalzenbrecher {pl}

stone crusher; stone breaker; rock crusher Steinbrecher {m} [techn.]

stone crushers; stone breakers; rock crushers Steinbrecher {pl}

clay crusher Tonbrecher {m}

clay crushers Tonbrecher {pl}

primary crusher Vorbrecher {m}

roller crusher; roll crusher Walzenbrecher {m}

double roll crusher Zweiwalzenbrecher {m} [techn.]

double roll crushers Zweiwalzenbrecher {pl}

ice crusher Brucheisautomat {m} [mach.]
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