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technical-grade; laboratory-grade /lab./ (purity grade) technisch {adj} (Reinheitsgrad) [chem.] [listen]

laboratory specimen; specimen [listen] Laborpräparat {n}; Präparat {n}; Objekt {n} (präparierte Probe) [biol.] [listen]

laboratory specimens; specimens Laborpräparate {pl}; Präparate {pl}; Objekte {pl}

biological specimen; biospecimen biologisches Präparat

fluid-preserved speciem; wet specimen Nasspräparat {n}; Feuchtpräparat {n}

dry specimen Trockenpräparat {n}

spirit preparation Spirituspräparat {n}

lab; laboratory [listen] [listen] Labor {n}; Laboratorium {n}

labs; laboratories Labors {pl}; Labore {pl}; Laboratorien {pl}

hospital clinical laboratory klinisches Labor

forensic science laboratory kriminaltechnisches Labor

reference lab; reference laboratory Referenzlabor {n}; Referenzlaboratorium {n}

sentinel laboratory; sentinel lab (epidemiology) Sentinella-Labor {n}; Beobachtungslabor {n} (Epidemiologie)

laboratory-confirmed im Labor nachgewiesen

laboratory assistant; lab assistant; laboratory operator [Am.] [listen] Laborassistent {m}; Laborant {m}

laboratory assistants; lab assistants; laboratory operators Laborassistenten {pl}; Laboranten {pl}

medical laboratory technician medizinisch-technischer Laborassistent

laboratory (of a pottery kiln) [listen] Brennraum {m} (eines Keramikofens)

laboratory kit; experimental kit Experimentierkasten {m}

laboratory waste Laborabfälle {pl}

laboratory trailer Laboranhänger {m} [auto]

laboratory trailers Laboranhänger {pl}

laboratory appliance Laborapparat {m}

laboratory appliances Laborapparate {pl}

laboratory equipment Laborausrüstung {f}

laboratory conditions Laborbedingungen {pl}

laboratory sheet Laborblatt {n}

laboratory sheets Laborblätter {pl}

laboratory diagnosis Labordiagnose {f}

laboratory diagnoses Labordiagnosen {pl}

laboratory diagnostics Labordiagnostik {f}

laboratory facilities Laboreinrichtungen {pl}; Laborräumlichkeiten {pl}; Laborflächen {pl}

laboratory equipment; lab equipment; laboratory apparatus Laborgeräte {pl}; Laboreinrichtung {f}; Laborausstattung {f}; Laborbedarf {m}

laboratory glassware Laborgeräte {pl} aus Glas

laboratory glass Laborglas {n}

laboratory infection Laborinfektion {f} [med.]

laboratory infections Laborinfektionen {pl}

laboratory engineer Laboringenieur {m}; Laboringenieurin {f}

laboratory engineers Laboringenieure {pl}; Laboringenieurinnen {pl}

laboratory cupel Laborkapelle {f}

laboratory mixing mill Labor-Mischwalzwerk {n}

laboratory medicine Labormedizin {f} [med.]

laboratory crusher; laboratory grinder Labormühle {f}; Labormahlwerk {n}

laboratory crushers; laboratory grinders Labormühlen {pl}; Labormahlwerke {pl}

laboratory personnel; lab personnel; laboratory staff; lab staff Laborpersonal {n}

laboratory place Laborplatz {m}

laboratory places Laborplätze {pl}

laboratory testing method; lab testing method Laborprüfverfahren {n}; Laborprüfmethode {f}

laboratory testing methods; lab testing methods Laborprüfverfahren {pl}; Laborprüfmethoden {pl}

laboratory stage Laborstadium {n}

laboratory system (nuclear engineering) Laborsystem {n} (Kerntechnik)

laboratory applications; laboratory testing; laboratory procedures Labortechnik {f} [chem.] [techn.]

photo lab procedures Fotolabortechnik {f}

laboratory technician; lab technician Labortechniker {m}; Labortechnikerin {f}

laboratory technicians; lab technicians Labortechniker {pl}; Labortechnikerinnen {pl}

laboratory test Labortest {m}; Laborversuch {m}; Kleinversuch {m}

laboratory tests Labortests {pl}; Laborversuche {pl}; Kleinversuche {pl}

laboratory animal; lab animal Labortier {n}

laboratory animals; lab animals Labortiere {pl}

laboratory bench Labortisch {m}

laboratory benches Labortische {pl}

laboratory bench top Labortischplatte {f}; Labortisch {m} [chem.]

laboratory examination; lab examination; laboratory investigation Laboruntersuchung {f}; Laborprüfung {f}

laboratory examinations; lab examinations; laboratory investigations Laboruntersuchungen {pl}; Laborprüfungen {pl}

laboratory experiment Laborversuch {m}; Laborexperiment {n}

laboratory experiments Laborversuche {pl}; Laborexperimente {pl}

laboratory balance Laborwaage {f}

laboratory balances Laborwaagen {pl}

laboratory timer Laborwecker {m}

laboratory timers Laborwecker {pl}

laboratory stage Versuchsstadium {n}

laboratory animal Versuchstier {n}

laboratory animals Versuchstiere {pl}

laboratory bottle with wide mouth Weithals-Standflasche {f} [chem.]

laboratory diagnostic labordiagnostisch {adj} [med.]

laboratory work Laborarbeit {f}

laboratory analysis; lab analysis Laboranalyse {f}

laboratory test; lab test Laborkontrolle {f}; Laboruntersuchung {f}

laboratory sample; lab sample Laborprobe {f}

laboratory samples; lab samples Laborproben {pl}

sampling; taking samples; collection of laboratory specimens [listen] Probenentnahme {f}; Probennahme {f}; Beprobung {f}; Bemusterung {f}

samplings; collections of laboratory specimens Probenentnahmen {pl}; Probennahmen {pl}; Beprobungen {pl}; Bemusterungen {pl}

initial sampling; first sampling Erstbemusterung {f}

resampling neue Probenahme

macroscopic sampling makroskopische Bemusterung

lab report; laboratory report Laborbericht {m}

lab reports; laboratory reports Laborberichte {pl}

to write up a lab report einen Laborbericht ausarbeiten

drug laboratory; drug lab Rauschgiftlabor {n}

drug laboratories; drug labs Rauschgiftlabors {pl}

to dismantle a clandestine drug laboratory ein geheimes Rauschgiftlabor ausheben

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