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assistant /asst./ Assistent {m} /Ass./; Assistentin {f}; Mitarbeiter {m}; Assi {m} [ugs.] [listen]

assistants Assistenten {pl}; Mitarbeiter {pl} [listen]

medical-laboratory assistant medizinisch-technische Assistentin /MTA/

health care assistant Versorgungsassistent {m} (im Gesundheitswesen)

medical X-ray technician medizinisch-technischer Radiologieassistent {m}; medizinisch-technische Radiologieassistentin {f}

medical functional diagnostics technician medizinisch-technischer Assistent {m} / Assistentin {f} für Funktionsdiagnostik

veterinary technician veterinärmedizinisch-technischer Assistent {m}

helper; assistant [listen] Helfer {m}; Gehilfe {m}; Helferin {f}; Gehilfin {f}

helpers; assistants Helfer {pl}; Gehilfen {pl}

inside salesman; sales assistant; assistant; shop assistant [Br.]; sales clerk [Am.]; clerk [Am.]; counter-jumper [coll.]; shopman [dated]; shop boy [dated] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Verkaufsberater {m}; Verkaufsangestellter {m}; Verkäufer {m} (im Geschäft) [econ.] [listen]

inside salesmen; sales assistants; assistants; shop assistants; sales clerks; clerks; counter-jumpers; shopmen; shop boys Verkaufsberater {pl}; Verkaufsangestellten {pl}; Verkäufer {pl} [listen]

saleslady; salesgirl; shop girl [dated] Verkaufsberaterin {f}; Verkäuferin {f} [listen]

retail sales assistant; retail salesman Verkäufer im Einzelhandel

assistant cameraman; assistant camera; camera assistant; camera operator; cam operator (film, TV) Kameraassistent {m} (Film, TV)

assistant cameramen; assistance cameras; camera assistants; camera operators; cam operators Kameraassistenten {pl}

first assistant cameraman; first assistant camera; focus puller erster Kameraassistent

second assistant cameraman; second assistant camera; clapper loader zweiter Kamerassistent

drone camera operator Assistent für Kameradrohnen

assistant director /AD/ (film, TV, radio) Regieassistent {m}; Regieassistentin {f} (Film, TV, Radio)

assistant directors Regieassistenten {pl}; Regieassistentinnen {pl}

first assistant director erster Regieassistent

second assistant director zweiter Regieassistent

assistant [listen] Geselle {m}

assistants Gesellen {pl}

butcher's assistant; assistant butcher Fleischergeselle {m}

assistant to line producer (film, TV, radio, audio) Assistent {m} der Herstellungsleitung (Film, TV, Radio, Audio)

assistant to producer (film, TV, radio, audio) Assistent {m} des Produzenten (Film, TV, Radio, Audio)

assistant doctor; resident [Am.]; junior doctor [Br.] [listen] Assistenzarzt {m}; Assistenzärztin {f}; Sekundararzt {m}; Sekundarärztin {f} [med.]

assistant doctors; residents; junior doctors [listen] Assistenzärzte {pl}; Assistenzärztinnen {pl}; Sekundarärzte {pl}; Sekundarärztinnen {pl}

assistant lecturer [Br.]; assistant professor [Am.] Assistenz-Professor {m}; Assistenz-Professorin {f}

assistant professors; assistant lecturers Assistenz-Professoren {pl}; Assistenz-Professorinnen {pl}

assistant to works manager Betriebsassistent {m}

assistants to works manager Betriebsassistenten {pl}

assistant chemist; chemistry laboratory assistant/operator [Am.] Chemielaborant {m}; Chemielaborantin {f} [chem.]

assistant chemists; chemistry laboratory assistants/operators Chemielaboranten {pl}; Chemielaborantinnen {pl}

assistant to top management Direktionsassistent {m}

assistant merchandiser; assistant merchandizer Einkaufsassistent {m}; Einkaufsassistentin {f}

assistant merchandisers; assistant merchandizers Einkaufsassistenten {pl}; Einkaufsassistentinnen {pl}

assistant priest Hilfspriester {m}

assistant priests Hilfspriester {pl}

assistant examiner Hilfsprüfer {m}

assistant examiners Hilfsprüfer {pl}

assistant suffix Mitarbeitersuffix {m}

assistant medical director; attending physician [Am.] Oberarzt {m}

assistant medical directors Oberärzte {pl}

assistant production manager (film, TV, radio) Produktionsassistent {m} (Film, TV, Radio)

assistant production managers Produktionsassistenten {pl}

assistant auditor Prüfassistent {m}

assistant auditors Prüfassistenten {pl}

assistant lawyer Rechtsanwaltsassistent {m}; Anwaltsassistent {m} [jur.]

assistant lawyers Rechtsanwaltsassistenten {pl}; Anwaltsassistenten {pl}

assistant property master (theatre, film, TV) Requisitenassistent {m}; Requisitenassistenz {f} (Theater, Film, TV) [art]

assistant property masters Requisitenassistenten {pl}; Requisitenassistenzen {pl}

assistant cashier Kassenhilfe {f}

assistant cook Hilfskoch {m}; Hilfsköchin {f}

bank employee; bank assistant; banker [listen] Bankangestellte {m,f}; Bankangestellter; Bankmitarbeiter {m}; Bankmitarbeiterin {f}; Banker {m}; Bankfachmann {m}

temporary worker; temp; assistant [listen] Hilfskraft {f}

temporary workers; temps; assistants Hilfskräfte {pl}

student assistant studentische Hilfskraft {f}

research assistant; academic assistant; academic aide wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft {f}

laboratory assistant; lab assistant; laboratory operator [Am.] [listen] Laborassistent {m}; Laborant {m}

laboratory assistants; lab assistants; laboratory operators Laborassistenten {pl}; Laboranten {pl}

medical laboratory technician medizinisch-technischer Laborassistent

to habilitate; to be called as / qualify as / be promoted to a professor/an associate or assistant professor/college lecturer habilitieren {vi} [stud.]

habilitating; being called as / qualifying as / being promoted to a professor ... habilitierend

habilitated; been called as / qualified as / been promoted to a professor ... habilitiert

Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary Ministerialrat {m} [pol.]

Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary Ministerialrätin {f}

Deputy Assistant Under-Secretaries Ministerialräte {pl}

care assistant for the elderly Altenpfleger {m} [med.]

pharmacy assistant Apothekengehilfe {m}; Apothekengehilfin {f}

pharmacy assistants Apothekengehilfen {pl}; Apothekengehilfinnen {pl}

work assistant Arbeitsassistent {m}; Arbeitsassistentin {f}

work assistants Arbeitsassistenten {pl}; Arbeitsassistentinnen {pl}

doctor's assistant; practice nurse Arzthelfer {m}; Arzthelferin {f}; Arztgehilfe {m} [Schw.]; Praxisassistent {m}; Praxisassistentin {f} [Schw.] [med.]

doctor's assistants; practice nurses Arzthelfer {pl}; Arzthelferinnen {pl}; Arztgehilfen {pl}; Praxisassistenten {pl}; Praxisassistentinnen {pl}

post/job as assistant; assistantship [Am.] Assistentenstelle {f} [adm.]

posts/jobs as assistant Assistentenstellen {pl}

temporary worker; temporary employee; casual employee; temporary assistant; temporary helper; temporary hire [Am.]; temp [coll.] Aushilfskraft {f}

temporary workers; temporary employees; casual employees; temporary assistants; temporary helpers; temporary hires; temps Aushilfskräfte {pl}

automotive management assistant Automobilkaufmann {m}; Automobilkauffrau {f}

general foreman; works foreman; assistant architect Bauführer {m} [constr.]

general foremen; works foremen; assistant architects Bauführer {pl}

brake assistant; braking assistant; emergency brake assist /EBA/; brake assist Bremsassistent {m} [auto]

brake assistants; braking assistants; emergency brake assists; brake assists Bremsassistenten {pl}

clerical assistant Bürogehilfe {m}; Bürogehilfin {f}

clerical assistants Bürogehilfen {pl}; Bürogehilfinnen {pl}

specialized shop assistant Fachverkäufer {m}; Fachverkäuferin {f}

specialized shop assistants Fachverkäufer {pl}; Fachverkäuferinnen {pl}

doctor's assistant Feldscher {m} [mil.] [med.]

doctor's assistants Feldscher {pl}

hangman's assistant; executioner's assistant Henkersknecht {m}

tutorial assistant Hilfsassistent {m}; Hilfsassistentin {f}

tutorial assistants Hilfsassistenten {pl}; Hilfsassistentinnen {pl}

industrial clerk; industrial management assistant Industriekaufmann {m}; Industriekauffrau {f}

industrial clerks; industrial management assistants Industriekaufmänner {pl}; Industriekauffrauen {pl}

lecturer [Br.]; assistant professor [Am.] [listen] Juniorprofessor {m} [Dt.]; Universitätsassistent {n} [Ös.] [stud.]

lecturers; assistant professors Juniorprofessoren {pl}; Universitätsassistenten {pl}

nursery assistant Kindergartenhelferin {f}; Kindergartenhelfer {m}

nursery assistants Kindergartenhelferinnen {pl}; Kindergartenhelfer {pl}

personal digital assistant /PDA/ Minicomputer {m}

notary's assistant [Br.] Notaritatsgehilfe {m}

notary's assistants Notariatsgehilfen {pl}

mine foreman; pit foreman; colliery overman; overman; assistant underground undermanager [Br.]; assistant underground foreman [Am.] Obersteiger {m} [min.]

mine foremen; pit foremen; colliery overmen; overmen; assistant underground undermanagers; assistant underground foremen Obersteiger {pl}

roadside assistant Pannenhelfer {m} [auto]

roadside assistants Pannenhelfer {pl}

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