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34 results for chemistry
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chemistry [listen] Chemie {f} [chem.] [listen]

analytical chemistry analytische Chemie

inorganic chemistry anorganische Chemie

chemistry of aromatic compounds Aromatenchemie {f}

biochemistry Biochemie {f} [biochem.]

isotope chemistry Isotopenchemie {f}

coordination chemistry Koordinationschemie {f}; Komplexchemie {f}

organic chemistry organische Chemie

physical chemistry physikalische Chemie

pharmaceutical chemistry; pharmacochemistry Pharmakochemie {f}

quantum chemistry Quantenchemie {f}

sonochemistry Sonochemie {f}

stereochemistry Stereochemie {f}

technical chemistry technische Chemie

water chemistry; aquatic chemistry; hydrochemistry Wasserchemie {f}

hot atom chemistry; recoil chemistry Chemie der heißen Atome; Recoil-Chemie {f}

atmochemistry Chemie der Atmosphäre

chemistry [listen] (geistige) Anziehungskraft {f}; Chemie {f} [ugs.] [listen]

The chemistry is right between them. Die Chemie stimmt zwischen den beiden.

chemistry of rocks; lithochemistry Gesteinschemie {f} [chem.] [geol.]

chemistry technician; chemical technician chemisch-technischer Assistent {m}

chemistry of building materials Bauchemie {f} [constr.]

blood chemistry Blutchemie {f}

hot atom chemistry; recoil chemistry Chemie heißer Atome; Rückstoßchemie {f} [chem.]

assistant chemist; chemistry laboratory assistant/operator [Am.] Chemielaborant {m}; Chemielaborantin {f} [chem.]

assistant chemists; chemistry laboratory assistants/operators Chemielaboranten {pl}; Chemielaborantinnen {pl}

density functional (quantum chemistry) Dichtefunktional {n} (Quantenchemie) [chem.] [phys.]

density functional theory (quantum chemistry) Dichtefunktionaltheorie {f} (Quantenchemie) [chem.] [phys.]

fermentation chemistry; zymology; zymurgy Gärungschemie {f}; Zymologie {f} [chem.]

gas chemistry Gaschemie {f} [chem.]

glaze chemistry Glasurchemie {f}

nuclear chemistry Kernchemie {f} [chem.]

food chemistry Lebensmittelchemie {f}

food chemistry foodstuff chemistry Nahrungsmittelchemie {f}

petrochemistry; petrol chemistry Petrochemie {f}; Petrolchemie {f} [chem.]

trace chemistry; microchemistry Spurenchemie {f} [chem.]

biogenic (used in chemistry, pharmacology and environmental sciences); biogenous (used in geology, palaeontology) biogen {adj}

clinical chemistry; clinical biochemistry; chemical pathology klinische Chemie {f}; Laboratoriumsmedizin {f}; medizinische und chemische Labordiagnostik {f} [med.]

ozone chemistry of the stratosphere Ozonchemie {f} der Stratosphäre [chem.]

ozone chemistry of the troposphere Ozonchemie {f} der Troposphäre [chem.]

concrete chemistry Betonchemie {f}

computational chemistry Computerchemie {f} [chem.]

crystal chemistry Kristallchemie {f} [min.] [chem.]

bungler; dabbler; duffer; incompetent; amateur; jackleg [Am.] [coll.] [listen] Dilettant {m}; Stümper {m}; Pfuscher {m}; Amateur {m}

bunglers; dabblers; duffers; incompetents; amateurs; jacklegs Dilettanten {pl}; Stümper {pl}; Pfuscher {pl}; Amateure {pl}

to be a duffer at chemistry eine Niete in Chemie sein

to be a dabbler in sth. etw. dilettantisch tun

specialized language; specialised language [Br.]; special language; technical language Fachsprache {f} [ling.]

in specialized language in der Fachsprache

the special language of chemistry die chemische Fachsprache

fullerene Fulleren {n} [chem.]

fullerenes Fullerene {pl}

fullerene chemistry Chemie der Fullerene

Nobel Prize Nobelpreis {m}

Nobel Peace Prize Friedensnobelpreis {m}

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Nobelpreis für Chemie

Nobel Prize in Literature Nobelpreis für Literatur; Literaturnobelpreis {m}

Nobel Prize in Physics Nobelpreis für Physik

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Nobelpreis für Physiologie oder Medizin

In 1979, Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize. 1979 erhielt Mutter Teresa den Friedensnobelpreis.

professorship; chair (of; in) [listen] Professur {f}; Ordinariat {n}; Lehrstuhl {m}; Lehrkanzel {f} [Ös.] [veraltet] [stud.] (für)

professorships; chairs Professuren {pl}; Lehrstühle {pl}; Lehrkanzeln {pl}

Chair of Geography Professur für Geografie; Lehrstuhl für Geografie

professorship of/for singing; chair of singing Gesangsprofessur {f}

to apply for a professorship sich um eine Professur bewerben

to hold the chair in chemistry eine Professur für Chemie haben / innehaben

He occupies the Chair of French at the Graz University.; He occupies the University of Graz's Chair of French. Er hat den Lehrstuhl für Französisch an der Universität Graz inne.

recoil [listen] Rückstoß {m} [chem.] [phys.]

recoil chemistry; hot atom chemistry Rückstoßchemie {f}; Chemie heißer Atome

recoil principle Rückstoßprinzip {n}

separator (chemistry, TV) Trenner {m}; Separator {m} (Chemie, TV)

separators Trenner {pl}; Separatoren {pl}

related; connected; cognate [formal] [listen] [listen] verwandt {adj} (mit ähnlichen Merkmalen) [listen]

cognate subjects such as physics and chemistry verwandte Fachgebiete wie Physik und Chemie

cognate machines verwandte Maschinen; artverwandte Maschinen

chemical laboratory; chemical lab Chemielabor {n} [chem.]

chemistry laboratory; chemistry lab Chemielabor {pl}
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