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isotope Isotop {n} [phys.]

isotopes Isotope {pl}

activating isotope aktivierendes Isotop

stable isotop stabiles Isotop

radioactive isotope; radioisotope radioaktives Isotop

man-made radioisotope; artificially produced radioisotope künstliches radioaktives Isotop

isotope-production reactor (nuclear engineering) Nukliderzeugungsreaktor {m} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

isotope-production reactors Nukliderzeugungsreaktoren {pl}

isotope mixing (isotope separation) (nuclear engineering) Homogenisierung {f} des Rückstands (Isotopentrennung) (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

isotope exchange Isotopenaustausch {m} [chem.]

isotope geochemistry Isotopengeochemie {f} [chem.] [geol.]

isotope abundance; isotopic abundance Isotopenhäufigkeit {f} [phys.]

isotope laboratory (nuclear engineering) Isotopenlabor {n} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

isotope laboratories Isotopenlabore {pl}

isotope separation; isotopic separation (nuclear engineering) Isotopentrennung {f} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

isotope propulsion unit (astronautics) Isotopentriebwerk {n} (Raumfahrt) [techn.]

isotope propulsion units Isotopentriebwerke {pl}

isotope dilution analysis; isotopic dilution analysis (nuclear engineering) Isotopenverdünnungsanalyse {f} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

isotope shift Isotopenverschiebung {f} [phys.]

isotope shifts Isotopenverschiebungen {pl}

isotope pattern Isotopenverteilung {f} [phys.]

isotope Brayton system radioisotopes Brayton-System {n} [phys.]

decay product; daughter product; daughter isotope; daughter nuclide; daughter nucleus; residual nucleus (reactor technology) Zerfallsprodukt {n}; Tochterkern {m}; Restkern {m} (Reaktortechnik)

decay products; daughter products; daughter isotopes; daughter nuclides; daughter nuclei; residual nuclei Zerfallsprodukte {pl}; Tochterkerne {pl}; Restkerne {pl}

decay processes; processes of disintegration Zerfallsprozesse {pl}; Zerfallsvorgänge {pl}; Verfallsprozesse {pl}

indicator isotope; isotopic indicator; isotopic tracer; isotopic label Leitisotop {n}; Indikatorisotop {n}; Isotopenindikator {m}; Isotopentracer {m} [chem.] [phys.] [techn.]

indicator isotopes; isotopic indicators; isotopic tracers; isotopic labels Leitisotopen {pl}; Indikatorisotopen {pl}; Isotopenindikatoren {pl}; Isotopentracer {pl}

chemistry [listen] Chemie {f} [chem.] [listen]

analytical chemistry analytische Chemie

inorganic chemistry anorganische Chemie

chemistry of aromatic compounds Aromatenchemie {f}

biochemistry Biochemie {f} [biochem.]

computational chemistry Computerchemie {f}

electrochemistry Elektrochemie {f}

oleochemistry Fettchemie {f}; Oleochemie {f}

isotope chemistry Isotopenchemie {f}

coordination chemistry Koordinationschemie {f}; Komplexchemie {f}

organic chemistry organische Chemie

physical chemistry physikalische Chemie; Physikochemie {f}

pharmaceutical chemistry; pharmacochemistry Pharmakochemie {f}

quantum chemistry Quantenchemie {f}

sonochemistry Sonochemie {f}

stereochemistry Stereochemie {f}

technical chemistry technische Chemie

water chemistry; aquatic chemistry; hydrochemistry Wasserchemie {f}

hot atom chemistry; recoil chemistry Chemie der heißen Atome; Recoil-Chemie {f}

atmochemistry Chemie der Atmosphäre

isotron (an isotope separator) (nuclear engineering) Isotron {n} (ein elektromagnetischer Isotopentrenner) (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

isotrons Isotronen {pl}

investigation; analysis [listen] [listen] Untersuchung {f} [geol.] [listen]

investigation of the facies and ecology faziell-ökologische Untersuchung

investigation of fabrics gefügekundliche Untersuchung

statistical boulder analysis statistische Gerölluntersuchung; geröllstatistische Untersuchung

isotope geochemical study isotopengeochemische Untersuchung

tectonic investigation of deposits lagerstättenkundliche Untersuchung

deep seismic sounding tiefseismische Untersuchung
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