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Products like these don't come cheap. Produkte wie diese sind nicht billig.

ejected material; fragmental ejecta; ejecta; fragmental products Auswurfmaterial {n}; Auswürflinge {pl}; Ejekta {pl} [geh.] [astron.] [geol.]

allothigenic ejecta; allothigenic products allotigenes Auswurfmaterial; allotigene Auswürflinge

incandescent ejecta glühendes Auswurfmaterial

volcanic ejecta; erupted blocks; pyroclastic materials; pyroclastics; tephra vulkanisches Auswurfmaterial; Kraterauswurf {m}; Vulkanauswürflinge {pl}; Kraterauswürflinge {pl}; vulkanische Lockermasse {f}; vulkanisches Lockerprodukt {n}; Pyroklastika {f}; Tephra {f}

wrought products (metal working) Halbzeug {n} (Metallverarbeitung) [techn.]

wrought coppers Kupfer-Halbzeug

wrought nickels Nickel-Halbzeug

semifinished products made from acrylic glass Acrylglashalbzeug {n} [chem.] [techn.]

semi-finished acrylic glass products Acrylglashalbzeuge {pl} [chem.] [techn.]

agricultural commodity market; farm products market Agrarmarkt {m}

agricultural commodity markets; farm products markets Agrarmärkte {pl}

marketing authorization for medicinal products Arzneimittelzulassung {f}; Medikamentenzulassung {f} [adm.]

baked goods; bakery products Backware {f}; Backwaren {pl}; Backwerk {n} [cook.]

Building Products Act Bauproduktengesetz {n}

Building Products Guideline Bauproduktenrichtlinie {f}

line of products Baureihe {f} [techn.]

lines of products Baureihen {pl}

educational products Bildungsprodukte {pl}; Lernprodukte {pl}

office products; office supplies; office requisites Büroartikel {pl}

feminine hygiene products; feminine hygiene articles; feminine hygiene items Damenhygieneprodukte {pl}; Damenhygieneartikel {pl}

import tax; tax on imported products Einfuhrsteuer {f}; Importsteuer {f}

original equipment manufacturer /OEM/ (manufacturer of components that are used in products sold by another company) Erstausrüster {m}; Hersteller {m} von Bauteilen (die eine andere Firma in ihren Produkten verbaut) [techn.] [comp.]

flat products Flachzeug {n} [techn.]

healthcare products Gesundheitsfürsorgeartikel {m}

timber trade [Br.]; lumber trade [Am.]; trade in forest products Holzhandel {m}

snacking products Imbisswaren {pl} [cook.]

incidental articles; incidentals; ancillary articles; ancillary items; ancillary products Kleinmaterial {n}

handicraft articles; handicraft products; handicraft(s); handcraft(s); craft [listen] Kunsthandwerk {n}; kunsthandwerkliche Produkte {pl}; kunsthandwerkliche Arbeiten {pl}

counterfeiting of medicines; counterfeiting of medicinal products Medikamentenfälschung {f}; Arzeimittelfälschung {f} [pharm.]

by-product; spin-off products Nebenprodukt {n}; Nebenerzeugnis {n}

by-products; spin-off products Nebenprodukte {pl}; Nebenerzeugnisse {pl}

OEM manufacturer (who integrates components from other companies in his products) OEM-Hersteller {m} (der Bauteile von Fremdherstellern verbaut) [techn.] [comp.]

product range; range of products; product portfolio Produktionsprogramm {n}; Poduktprogramm {n}; Produktpalette {f}; Leistungsprogramm {n}

product ranges; ranges of products; product portfolios Produktionsprogramme {pl}; Poduktprogramme {pl}; Produktpaletten {pl}; Leistungsprogramme {pl}

array of products Produktpalette {f}; Produktangebot {n}

tobaccos; tobacco products Rauchwaren {pl}

sensory analysis; sensory evaluation (of products, e.g. food) Sensorik {f} (von Produkten, z. B. Lebensmittels)

extrusion (of metal to form long products) [listen] Strangpressen {n} (von Metall) [techn.]

tobacco goods; tobacco products Tabakwaren {pl}

to perch textile products Textilprodukte besehen; optisch prüfen {vt} [textil.]

product group; category of products Warengruppe {f} [econ.]

product groups; categories of products Warengruppen {pl}

forest products area [Am.] forstwirtschaftliche Nutzfläche

over-the-counter products [Am.] im Handel frei erhältliche Produkte {pl} [econ.]

agricultural products landwirtschaftliche Produkte {pl}; Ackerbauerzeugnisse {pl}

across a range of products produktübergreifend {adj} [econ.]

across a range of products and services produkt- und angebotsübergreifend

technological products technische Produkte {pl}

Our products meet with a ready market. Unsere Produkte finden guten Absatz.

concrete products industry Betonwarenindustrie {f}

concrete products manufacture Betonwarenproduktion {f}

fire protection products Brandschutzartikel {pl} [techn.]

fire protection products Brandschutzprodukte {f} [techn.]

range of products; product range Produktauswahl {f}

sausage products; sausages Wurstwaren {pl}

product introduction; introduction of products Produktvorstellung {f}

presentation of products; product presentation Produktvorstellung {f}

dairy products {pl} Molkereiprodukte {pl}

pharmaceutical products {pl} Arzneiwaren {pl} [med.]

colourway [Br.]; colorway [Am.] (of products) Farbkombination {f} (von Produkten)

product choice; choice of products Produktauswahl {f}

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