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swamp wood; fen woodland; forest mire; carr [Br.] Bruchwald {m}; Waldmoor {n}; Bruchmoor {n}; Bruch {m,n} [geogr.] [listen]

swamp woods; fen woodlands; forest mires; carrs Bruchwälder {pl}; Waldmoore {pl}; Bruchmoore {pl}; Brüche {pl}

forest [listen] (großer) Wald {m} [bot.] [geogr.]; Waldfläche {f} [geogr.]; Forst {m} [agr.] [listen]

forests Wälder {pl}; Waldflächen {pl}; Forste {pl}

ancient oak forest alter Eichenwald

primeval beech forest Buchenurwald {m}

city forest; municipal forest Stadtwald {m}

industrial forest Wirtschaftswald {m}

old-growth forest altbestehender Wald

tropical cloud forest tropischer Nebelwald

in deep forests im tiefen Wald

forest falcons (zoological genus) Waldfalken {pl} (Micrastur) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

plumbeous forest falcon; Sclater's forest falcon Grauer Waldfalke {m}; Bleiwaldfalke {m}; Einbindenwaldfalke {m} (Micrastur plumbeus)

slaty-backed forest falcon; Mirandolle's forest falcon Graurückenwaldfalke {m} (Micrastur mirandollei)

collared forest falcon Kappenwaldfalke {m} (Micrastur semitorquatus)

cryptic forest falcon Mintonwaldfalke {m} (Micrastur mintoni)

barred forest falcon Sperberwaldfalke {m}; Rotkehlwaldfalke {m} (Micrastur ruficollis)

lesser collared falcon; Buckley's forest falcon; Traylor's forest falcon Traylorwaldfalke {m} (Micrastur buckleyi)

lined forest falcon Zweibindenwaldfalke {m} (Micrastur gilvicollis)

forest clearing Waldlichtung {f}

forest clearings Waldlichtungen {pl}

in a forest clearing auf einer Waldlichtung

forest area; forest tract; woodland Waldgebiet {n}; Waldung {f}

forest areas; forest tracts Waldgebiete {pl}; Waldungen {pl}

Germany's largest contiguous forest area Deutschlands größtes zusammenhängendes Waldgebiet

forest cover; stocking [listen] Bestockung {f} [bot.]

forest cover type Bestockungstyp {m} [bot.]

forest warden; forest ranger [Am.] [listen] [listen] Förster {m}; Waldhüter {m} [adm.] [listen]

forest wardens; forest rangers Förster {pl}; Waldhüter {pl} [listen]

forest warden's lodge; forest ranger's lodge [Am.] Försterei {f}

forest warden's lodges; forest ranger's lodges Förstereien {pl}

forest office Forstamt {n} [adm.]

forest offices Forstämter {pl}

forest worker; forest labourer [Br.]; forest laborer [Am.] Forstarbeiter {m}

forest workers; forest labourers; forest laborers Forstarbeiter {pl}

forest officer Forstbeamte {m}

forest officers Forstbeamten {pl}

forest stand; timber stand [Am.] Forstbestand {m}; Waldbestand {m}

forest entomology Forstentomologie {f}

forest botany Forstbotanik {f}

forest crop Forstertrag {m}

Forest Act Forstgesetz {n}

forest utilization; forest utilisation [Br.] Forstnutzung {f}

forest pathology Forstpathologie {f}

forest tree seedling; forest tree liner Forstpflanze {f} [agr.]

forest tree seedlings; forest tree liners Forstpflanzen {pl}

forest plants Forstpflanzen {pl} [bot.]

forest management Forstpflegewirtschaft {f}

forest policy Forstpolitik {f}

forest law Forstrecht {n}

forest district Forstrevier {n}

forest districts Forstreviere {pl}

forest protection Forstschutz {m}

forest administration Forstverwaltung {f}

forest stewardship plan Forstverwaltungsplan {m}

forest zoology Forstzoologie {f}

forest burial ground Friedewald {m}

forest industry Holzverarbeitungsindustrie {f}

forest poppy; Japanese wood poppy; Japanese poppy Japanischer Waldmohn {m}; Japanischer Mohn {m} (Hylomecon japonica / Hylomecon vernalis) [bot.]

forest land; forested land forstliche Landfläche [agr.]

forest ranger [listen] Revierleiter {m}

forest rangers Revierleiter {pl}

forest clearing area Rodungsfläche {f}

forest clearing areas Rodungsflächen {pl}

forest aisle Schneise {f}; Waldschneise {f}

forest aisles Schneisen {pl}; Waldschneisen {pl}

forest plantation area Schonung {f}; Waldpflanzgebiet {n}

forest plantation areas Schonungen {pl}; Waldpflanzgebiete {pl}

forest goblin; wood gnome Schrat {m}; Waldschrat {m}

forest reproductive material forstliches Vermehrungsgut {n} [agr.]

forest floor; forest soil; wooded soil Waldboden {m}

forest wildfire risk; forest fire risk Waldbrandgefahr {f}

forest wildfire risks; forest fire risks Waldbrandgefahren {pl}

forest fire danger level; forest fire risk level; forest fire threat level; forest fire warning level Waldbrandgefahrenstufe {f}; Waldbrandwarnstufe {f} [envir.]

forest fire danger levels; forest fire risk levels; forest fire threat levels; forest fire warning levels Waldbrandgefahrenstufen {pl}; Waldbrandwarnstufen {pl}

forest conservation Walderhaltung {f}

forest area Waldfläche {f}

forest areas Waldflächen {pl}

forest community; forest ecosystem Waldgesellschaft {f}

forest glass; potash glass Waldglas {n}

forest boundary; forest limit Waldgrenze {f}

forest estate Waldgut {n}; Waldbesitz {m}

forest estates Waldgüter {pl}

forest herbs Waldkräuter {f} [bot.]

forest shrews (zoological genus) Wald-Moschusspitzmäuse {pl} (Sylvisorex) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

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