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timber-framed; half-timbered Fachwerk... [constr.]

half-timbered wall Fachwerkwand {f}

timber-frame building; half-timbered building; half-timbered construction Fachwerkbau {m} [arch.] [hist.]

timber-frame buildings; half-timbered buildings; half-timbered constructions Fachwerkbauten {pl}

timber-frame house; half-timbered house; half-timber house; tudor house [Br.] Fachwerkhaus {n}; Riegelhaus {n} [Schw.]; Rieghaus {n} [Schw.] [arch.]

timber-frame houses; half-timbered houses; half-timber houses; tudor houses Fachwerkhäuser {pl}; Riegelhäuser {pl}; Rieghäuser {pl}

timber; construction timber; structural timber [Am.] [listen] Nutzholz {n}; Bauholz {n} [agr.]

He shouted 'Timber!' as the spruce began to fall. Er rief "Baum fällt", als sich die Fichte zu Boden neigte.

to timber sth. etw. zimmern {vt} (mit Hilfe von Bauholz anfertigen) [constr.]

timbering zimmernd

timbered gezimmert

timbers zimmert

timberrd zimmerte

timber [listen] (bearbeiteter) Holzbalken {m}; Balken {m} [constr.] [listen]

timbers Holzbalken {pl}; Balken {pl} [listen]

half-timber Halbholzbalken {m}; Halbbalken {m}; Halbholz {n}

round timber Rundholzbalken {m}; Rundbalken {m}; Baurundholz {n}; Rundholz {n}

timber cladding; wooden cladding Holzverkleidung {f}; Holzfassade {f} [constr.]

timber claddings Holzverkleidungen {pl}; Holzfassaden {pl}

board and batten cladding; board-on-board cladding Boden-Deckel-Verkleidung {f}

timber bonding; timber gluing Bauholzverleimung {f} [constr.]

timber framing; frame of joists (in a room/building) Deckengebälk {n}; Deckenlage {f} (in einem Raum/Gebäude) [constr.]

timber framing; half-timbering Fachwerkbauweise {f}; Holzfachwerkbau {m}; Fachwerkbau {m} [constr.] [hist.]

timber harvesting; timber logging Holzernte {f}

timber harvester Holzerntemaschine {f}; Holzvollernter {m} [agr.]

timber harvesters Holzerntemaschinen {pl}; Holzvollernter {pl}

timber trade [Br.]; lumber trade [Am.]; trade in forest products Holzhandel {m}

timber trader [Br.]; lumber trader [Am.] Holzhändler {m}; Holzhandlung {f}

timber traders; lumber traders Holzhändler {pl}; Holzhandlungen {pl}

timber house [Br.]; lumber house [Am.] Holzhaus {n} [arch.]

timber houses; lumber houses Holzhäuser {pl}

timber [Br.]/ lumber [Am.] impregnating/preservating plant Holzimprägnieranlage {f}

timber preservation; timber creosoting Holzimprägnierung {f}

timber yard Holzlagerplatz {m}

timber yards Holzlagerplätze {pl}

timber producer Holzproduzent {m}

timber producers Holzproduzenten {pl}

timber framework; post-and-beam construction; post-and-lintel construction; beam-and-column construction Holzrahmenbau {m}; Holzfachwerk {n}

timber framing Holzrahmenbauweise {f}; Holzrahmenbau {m}; Holzfachwerkbau {m} [constr.]

timber boarding Holzriemenboden {m}

timber carcass; timber carcase Holztragwerk {n}; Traggerüst {n}; Tragskelett {n} [constr.]

timber carcasses; timber carcases Holztragwerke {pl}; Traggerüste {pl}; Tragskelette {pl}

timber carrier [Br.]; lumber carrier [Am.] Holztransportschiff {n} [naut.]

timber wagon [Br.]; lumber car [Am.] (railway) Langholzwagen {m} (Bahn)

timber withdrawing device Raubvorrichtung {f} [min.]

timber withdrawing devices Raubvorrichtungen {pl}

timber fork [Br.]; lumber fork [Am.] Schnittholzgabel {f}

timber forks; lumber forks Schnittholzgabeln {pl}

timber sports Sportholzfällen {n} [sport]

timber processing holzverarbeitend {adj}

timber processing industry holzverarbeitende Industrie

timber production Holzproduktion {f}

the wilds; the backwoods; the backland(s); the backcountry [Am.]; the boondocks [Am.] [coll.]; the boonies [Am.] [coll.]; the tall timber(s) [Am.] [coll.]; the backblocks [Austr.] [NZ]; the booay [NZ]; the boohai [NZ]; black stump country [Austr.] [NZ] [coll.]; the black stump [Austr.] [NZ] [coll.]; the backveld [South Africa] die Einöde {f}; die Einöd {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; die Einschicht {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; die Wildnis {f}; die entlegensten Winkel {pl} [geogr.]

in the wilds of Alaska in den entlegensten Winkeln von Alaska

in the boonies [coll.] in der Pampa [ugs.]

to live in the wilds in der Einöde/Einschicht leben

wooden sill; timber sill (water engineering) Holzschwelle {f} (Wasserbau)

wooden sills; timber sills Holzschwellen {pl}

log sill Rundholzschwelle {f}

cut timber [Br.]; cut lumber [Am.]; sawn wood [rare] Schnittholz {n}; geschnittenes Nutzholz {n} [agr.]

hardwood timber [Br.]; hardwood lumber [Am.] Schnittholz von Laubbäumen

to extract timber; to remove timber Holz entnehmen

abachi; obeche; samba; ayous (species of timber) Abachi {n}; Samba; Ayous (Holzart) [agr.]

Timber! Baum fällt!

tree population; stock of trees; growing timber; growing stock; forest stocking (forestry) Baumbestand {m}; stehender Bestand {m}; stehendes Holz {n}; Bestandsmasse {f}; Waldbestockung {f} (Forstwesen) [agr.]

streamside trees Uferbestockung {f}; Ufergehölz {n}

walling timber (water engineering) Bohlwand {f}; Schalung {f} (Wasserbau)

glued laminated timber Brettschichtholz {n}; Leimholz {n} [ugs.]

cross-laminated timber /CLT/ Brettsperrholz {n}; Kreuzlagenholz {n}; Dickholz {n}

ash timber frame Eschenholzrahmen {m}

forestry road; logging road; timber access road (forestry) Forststraße {f}; Forstabfuhrstraße {f}; Holzabfuhrstraße {f} (Forstwesen) [auto]

forestry roads; logging roads; timber access roads Forststraßen {pl}; Forstabfuhrstraßen {pl}; Holzabfuhrstraßen {pl}

laminated veneer lumber /LVL/; veneer timber Furnierschichtholz {n}

logging; hauling of timber [listen] Holzabfuhr {f}; Holzbringung {f}; Bringen/Rücken {n} des Holzes

building in timber Holzbau {m} (Tätigkeit)

constructional timber works Holzbauarbeiten {pl} [constr.]

wood property; timber property Holzeigenschaft {f}

wood properties; timber properties Holzeigenschaften {pl}

timber-yard Holzlager {n}

woodworking industry; wood industry; timber industry [Br.]; lumber industry [Am.]; forest industry Holzwirtschaft {f}; Holzverarbeitungsbranche {f}; Holzbranche {f}

squared timber; scantling; balk; plank; chock block; chock lump; rectangular timber Kantholz {n}; Kantel {f}

two-by-four Kantholz 5 auf 10 cm (Balkenmaß)

pine timber Kiefernholz {n} [agr.]

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