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producer; manufacturer (of sth.) [listen] [listen] Hersteller {m}; Herstellerin {f}; Produzent {m}; Produzentin {f} (von etw.) [econ.] [listen]

producers; manufacturers Hersteller {pl}; Herstellerinnen {pl}; Produzenten {pl}; Produzentinnen {pl} [listen]

executive producer ausführender Produzent

ski producer; ski manufacturer Skihersteller {m}; Schihersteller {m}; Skiproduzent {m}; Schiproduzent {m}

software producer; software manufacturer Softwarehersteller {m}

games manufacturer; game producer Spielehersteller {m}

steel producer; steel manufacturer; steelmaker Stahlhersteller {m}; Stahlproduzent {m}; Stahlerzeuger {m}

manufacturer [listen] Handwerker {m} [listen]

manufacturers Handwerker {pl} [listen]

manufacturer; factory owner [listen] Fabrikant {m}

manufacturers; factory owners Fabrikanten {pl}

ski manufacturer Skifabrikant {m}; Schifabrikant {m}

manufacturer's plate Fabrikschild {n}

manufacturer's plates Fabrikschilder {pl}

manufacturer certification Herstellerbescheinigung {f} [econ.]

manufacturer certifications Herstellerbescheinigungen {pl}

manufacturer specifications; manufacturer's information Herstellerangaben {pl} [econ.]

manufacturer warranty Herstellergarantie {f}

sole manufacturer; sole producer Alleinhersteller {m}

pharmaceutical manufacturer Arzneimittelhersteller {m} [pharm.] [econ.]

pharmaceutical manufacturers Arzneimittelhersteller {pl}

car manufacturer; car maker; auto maker Autohersteller {m}; Automobilhersteller {m}; Autoproduzent {m}; Autoerzeuger {m}; Autobauer {m} [ugs.]

car manufacturers; car makers; auto makers Autohersteller {pl}; Automobilhersteller {pl}; Autoproduzenten {pl}; Autoerzeuger {pl}; Autobauer {pl}

industrial container and apparatus manufacturer Behälter- und Apparatebauer {m}

clothing manufacturer; apparel manufacturer [Am.]; garment manufacturer Bekleidungshersteller {m}; Konfektionär {m} [textil.] [econ.]

clothing manufacturers; apparel manufacturers; garment manufacturers Bekleidungshersteller {pl}; Konfektionäre {pl}

computer manufacturer Computerhersteller {m}

computer manufacturers Computerhersteller {pl}

original equipment manufacturer /OEM/ (manufacturer of components that are used in products sold by another company) Erstausrüster {m}; Hersteller {m} von Bauteilen (die eine andere Firma in ihren Produkten verbaut) [techn.] [comp.]

outlet store; factory outlet; manufacturer's outlet [rare]; outlet [listen] Fabrikverkauf {m}; Fabriksverkauf {m}; Fabrikladen {m}; Werksverkauf {m} [econ.]

outlet stores; factory outlets; manufacturer's outlets; outlets Fabrikverkäufe {pl}; Fabriksverkäufe {pl}; Fabrikläden {pl}; Werksverkäufe {pl}

motor vehicle manufacturer; vehicle manufacturer Fahrzeughersteller {m}

motor vehicle manufacturers; vehicle manufacturers Fahrzeughersteller {pl}

paint manufacturer Farbenhersteller {m}; Farbenproduzent {m}; Farbenfabrik {f}

paint manufacturers Farbenhersteller {pl}; Farbenproduzenten {pl}; Farbenfabriken {pl}

aircraft manufacturer Flugzeughersteller {m}

aircraft manufacturers Flugzeughersteller {pl}

mainframe manufacturer; mainframer Großrechnerhersteller {m} [comp.]

mainframe manufacturers; mainframers Großrechnerhersteller {pl}

large scale manufacturer Großunternehmer {m}

appliance manufacturer; white goods manufacturer Haushaltsgerätehersteller {m}

appliance manufacturers Haushaltsgerätehersteller {pl}

manufacturer's price; sticker price [Am.] Herstellerabgabepreis {m} /HAP/; Fabrikpreis {m} [econ.]

manufacturer's declaration Herstellererklärung {f} (→ Konformitätserklärung)

instrument maker; instrument manufacturer Instrumentenbauer {m}; Instrumentenmacher {m}

instrument makers; instrument manufacturers Instrumentenbauer {pl}; Instrumentenmacher {pl}

piano maker; piano manufacturer Klavierhersteller {m}

piano makers; piano manufacturers Klavierhersteller {pl}

automobile manufacturer Kraftfahrzeughersteller {m}

automobile manufacturers Kraftfahrzeughersteller {pl}

toll manufacturer Lohnfertiger {m}; Lohnhersteller {m}

toll manufacturers Lohnfertiger {pl}; Lohnhersteller {pl}

brand manufacturer Markenhersteller {m}

brand manufacturers Markenhersteller {pl}

OEM manufacturer (who integrates components from other companies in his products) OEM-Hersteller {m} (der Bauteile von Fremdherstellern verbaut) [techn.] [comp.]

furnace manufacturer Ofenbauer {m}; Kesselbauer {m}

furnace manufacturers Ofenbauer {pl}; Kesselbauer {pl}

tyre manufacturer Reifenhersteller {m}

tyre manufacturers Reifenhersteller {pl}

manufacturer/fitter of blinds, sun blinds, shutters and awnings Rollladen-, Jalousien- und Markisenbauer {m}

Speedo ® (swimsuit manufacturer) Speedo ® (Schwimmartikel-Hersteller)

sporting goods manufacturer; sporting goods maker Sportartikelhersteller {m}

sporting goods manufacturers; sporting goods makers Sportartikelhersteller {pl}

sportswear manufacturer; sportswear company Sportkleidungshersteller {m}; Sportbekleidungshersteller {m}

sportswear manufacturers; sportswear companies Sportkleidungshersteller {pl}; Sportbekleidungshersteller {pl}

producer of sports cars; manufacturer of sports cars Sportwagenhersteller {m}

producers of sports cars; manufacturers of sports cars Sportwagenhersteller {pl}

terrazzo manufacturer Terrazzomacher {m}

terrazzo manufacturers Terrazzomacher {pl}

textile manufacturer Textilfabrikant {m} [econ.]

textile manufacturers Textilfabrikanten {pl}

trainer manufacturer [Br.]; sneaker manufacturer [Am.] Turnschuhfirma {f}

trainer manufacturers; sneaker manufacturers Turnschuhfirmen {pl}

arms manufacturer; arms producer Waffenhersteller {m}; Waffenfabrikant {m}

arms manufacturers; arms producers Waffenhersteller {pl}; Waffenfabrikanten {pl}

whirlpool manufacturer Whirlpoolhersteller {m}

cigar-maker; cigarmaker; cigar roller; manufacturer of cigars Zigarrenmacher {m}; Zigarrenmacherin {f}

cigar-makers; cigarmakers; cigar rollers; manufacturers of cigars Zigarrenmacher {pl}; Zigarrenmacherinnen {pl}

manufacturer-specific herstellerspezifisch {adj}

Refer to manufacturer/supplier for information on recovery/recycling. (safety note) Information zur Wiederverwendung/Wiederverwertung beim Hersteller/Lieferanten erfragen. (Sicherheitshinweis)

building product manufacturer Bauprodukthersteller {m} [constr.] [techn.]

building product manufacturers Bauprodukthersteller {pl}

display manufacturer Displayhersteller {m}

electronics manufacturer Elektronikhersteller {m} [electr.]

system manufacturer Systemhersteller {m} [econ.]

system manufacturers Systemhersteller {pl}

car manufacturer Automobilhersteller {m} [auto]

catalogue; catalog [Am.] [listen] [listen] Katalog {m} [listen]

catalogues; catalogs [Am.] Kataloge {pl}

alphabetic catalog alphabetischer Katalog

printed catalogue gedruckter Katalog

fashion catalogue; fashion catalog Modekatalog {m}

classified catalogue systematischer Katalog

the official catalogue of the manufacturer der offizielle Katalog des Herstellers

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