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specification item; item in the tender specifications Leistungsposition {f}; Position {f} im Leistungsverzeichnis [econ.]

specification items; item in the tender specificationses Leistungspositionen {pl}; Positionen {pl} im Leistungsverzeichnis

optional specification item; provisional specification item; provisional item Bedarfsposition {f}; Eventualposition {f}

basic specification item: basic specification clause [Br.] Grundposition {f}; Hauptposition {f}

alternate specification item; alternate item Wahlposition {f}; Alternativposition {f}

add-on specification item; add-on item Zulageposition {f}

proposal of work; specifications document Pflichtenheft {n} (Beschreibung des Auftragnehmers) [econ.] [listen]

functional specifications document; functional specifications funktionales Pflichtenheft

technical specifications document; technical specifications technisches Pflichtenheft

client specifications Kundenspezifikation {f}

client specifications Kundenspezifikationen {pl}

tender specifications; specifications for tenders; tender document [Br.]; bid document [Am.] Leistungsverzeichnis {n} /LV/ (bei Ausschreibungen) [econ.]

bill of quantities /BOQ/ Leistungsverzeichnis für eine Bauausschreibung

technical specifications Technische Daten

general technical specifications Allgemeine Technische Vorschriften /ATV/

manufacturer specifications; manufacturer's information Herstellerangaben {pl} [econ.]

requirements catalogue; requirements document; requirements list; requirements specification Anforderungskatalog {m}; Anforderungsliste {f}; Bedarfsaufstellung {f}; Lastenheft {n} [econ.]

requirements catalogues; requirements documents; requirements lists; requirements specifications Anforderungskataloge {pl}; Anforderungslisten {pl}; Bedarfsaufstellungen {pl}; Lastenhefte {pl}

product requirements document Produktbeschreibung {f}

job specification Arbeitsanforderung {f}

job specifications Arbeitsanforderungen {pl}

job description; job specification; job profile; job outline Arbeitsplatzbeschreibung {f}; Stellenbeschreibung {f} [adm.]

job descriptions; job specifications; job profiles; job outlines Arbeitsplatzbeschreibungen {pl}; Stellenbeschreibungen {pl}

process specification; manufacturing specification Arbeitsvorschrift {f}

process specifications; manufacturing specifications Arbeitsvorschriften {pl}

design specification Auslegungsvorschrift {f} [mach.]

design specifications Auslegungsvorschriften {pl}

requirement request; demand request Bedarfsanforderung {f}

requirement requests; demand requests Bedarfsanforderungen {pl}

requirements lists; lists of requirements; requirement specifications Bedarfsaufstellungen {pl}; Anforderungslisten {pl}

area specification Bereichsangabe {f}

area specifications Bereichsangaben {pl}

specification [listen] Beschreibung {f} [listen]

specifications Beschreibungen {pl}

width specification Breitenangabe {f}

width specifications Breitenangaben {pl}

relevant specification Einzelbestimmung {f}

relevant specifications Einzelbestimmungen {pl}

specification of the chemical composition; stated chemical composition Gehaltsangabe {f}; Gehaltsgröße {f} [chem.]

specifications of the chemical composition Gehaltsangaben {pl}; Gehaltsgrößen {pl}

weight indication; weight specification; weight information; declaration of weight Gewichtsangabe {f}

weight indications; weight specifications; weight information; declarations of weight Gewichtsangaben {pl}

height specification Höhenangabe {f}

height specifications Höhenangaben {pl}

customer specification Kundenvorgabe {f}

according to customer specifications nach Kundenvorgaben

length specification Längenangabe {f}

length specifications Längenangaben {pl}

patent specification Patentschrift {f}

patent specifications Patentschriften {pl}

product dimension; product specification; product measurement Produktabmessung {f}

product dimensions; product specifications Produktabmessungen {pl}

product description; product specification Produktbeschreibung {f}; Produktspezifikation {f}

product descriptions; product specifications Produktbeschreibungen {pl}; Produktspezifikationen {pl}

product specification sheet Produktblatt {n}

calculation specification Rechenvorschrift {f}

calculation specifications Rechenvorschriften {pl}

specification; spec [coll.] [listen] Spezifikation {f}; Spezifizierung {f}

specifications; specs [coll.] Spezifikationen {pl}; Spezifizierungen {pl}

test specification Testmethode {f}

test specifications Testmethoden {pl}

packaging regulation; packaging instruction; packing instruction; packaging specification Verpackungsvorschrift {f}

packaging regulations; packaging instructions; packing instructions; packaging specifications Verpackungsvorschriften {pl}

test specification; test requirement; inspection requirement Prüfvorschrift {f}

test specifications; test requirements; inspection requirements Prüfvorschriften {pl}
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