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bicycle; pedal cycle; cycle [coll.]; bike [coll.]; pushbike [Austr.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Fahrrad {n}; Rad {n}; Radl {n} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; Velo {n} [Schw.]; Stahlross {n} [humor.] [listen] [listen]

bicycles; pedal cycles; cycles; bikes; pushbikes Fahrräder {pl}; Räder {pl}; Radl {pl}; Velos {pl}; Stahlrösser {pl}

ladies' bicycle Damenrad {n}; Damenfahrrad {n}; Frauenrad {n}

electric bicycle; e-bike; pedelec (pedal electric cycle) Elektrofahrrad {n}; Elektrorad {n}; E-Bike {n}; Pedelec

folding bicycle; folding bike; foldaway bike Faltrad {n}

man's bicycle Herrenrad {n}; Herrenfahrrad {n}

recumbent bicycle; recumbent bike Liegefahrrad {n}; Liegerad {n}

multi-person bicycle Mehrpersonenfahrrad {n}

motor-assisted pedal cycle [Br.] Fahrrad {n} mit Hilfsmotor

to hop on your bicycle sich auf sein Fahrrad schwingen

bicycle/cycle ergometer; cycloergometer; ergometer bicycle Fahrradergometer {n}; Ergonmeterrad {n}; Fahrradtrainer {m}; Velotrainer {m} [Schw.] [sport]

bicycle/cycle ergometers; cycloergometers; ergometer bicycles Fahrradergometer {pl}; Ergonmeterräder {pl}; Fahrradtrainer {pl}; Velotrainer {pl}

bicycle frame Fahrradrahmen {m}

bicycle frames Fahrradrahmen {pl}

ladies' frame Damenrahmen {m}

men's frame Herrenrahmen {m}

bicycle handlebar; handlebar; bicycle handlebars; handelbars Lenkstange {f}; Fahrradlenker {m}; Lenker {m} [ugs.] (Fahrrad)

bicycle handlebars; handlebars Lenkstangen {pl}; Fahrradlenker {pl}; Lenker {pl}

flat handlebars flacher Lenker

high-rise handlebars nach oben gezogener Lenker

bicycle trailer; bike trailer Fahrradanhänger {m}

bicycle trailers; bike trailers Fahrradanhänger {pl}

baby bike trailer Fahrradanhänger für Kinder

bicycle storage Fahrradaufbewahrung {f}

bicycle messenger; bike courier; cycle courier Fahrradbote {m}; Fahrradkurier {m}; Velokurier {m} [Schw.] [transp.]

bicycle messengers; bike couriers; cycle couriers Fahrradboten {pl}; Fahrradkuriere {pl}; Velokuriere {pl}

bicycle forks; bicycle fork [rare] Fahrradgabel {f}; Gabel {f} [listen]

bicycle helmet Fahrradhelm {m}

bicycle helmets Fahrradhelme {pl}

bicycle bell Fahrradklingel {f}; Radklingel {f}; Fahrradglocke {f}

bicycle bells Fahrradklingeln {pl}; Radklingeln {pl}; Fahrradglocken {pl}

bicycle pump; cycle pump Fahrradluftpumpe {f}; Fahrradpumpe {f}; Velopumpe {f} [Schw.]

bicycle pumps; cycle pumps Fahrradluftpumpen {pl}; Fahrradpumpen {pl}; Velopumpen {pl}

bicycle mechanic Fahrradmechaniker {m}; Velomechaniker {m} [Schw.]; Velomech {m} [ugs.] [Schw.]

bicycle mechanics Fahrradmechaniker {pl}; Velomechaniker {pl}; Velomechs {pl}

bicycle saddle-bag Fahrradpacktasche {f}

bicycle saddle-bags Fahrradpacktaschen {pl}

bicycle tyre; cycle tyre; bicycle tire [Am.]; cycle tire [Am.] Fahrradreifen {m}; Fahhradmantel {m}

bicycle tyres; cycle tyres; bicycle tires; cycle tires Fahrradreifen {pl}; Fahhradmäntel {pl}

bicycle saddle Fahrradsattel {m}

bicycle saddles Fahrradsättel {pl}

bicycle stand Fahrradständer {m}

bicycle stands Fahrradständer {pl}

bicycle part; bike component Fahrradteil {n}

bicycle parts; bike components Fahrradteile {pl}

bicycle car rack; bike carrier (for car) Fahrradträger {m} (fürs Auto)

bicycle car racks; bike carriers Fahrradträger {pl}

bicycle shed Fahrradunterstand {m}; gedeckter Fahrradstand {m}; Velounterstand {m} [Schw.]

bicycle sheds Fahrradunterstände {pl}; gedeckte Fahrradstände {pl}; Velounterstände {pl}

bicycle hire service [Br.]; bike hire service [Br.]; bicycle rental service [Am.]; bike rental service [Am.] Fahrradverleih {m}; Radverleih {m}; Veloverleih {m} [Schw.] (Betrieb)

bicycle hire [Br.]; bike hire [Br.]; bicycle rental [Am.]; bike rental [Am.] Fahrradverleih {m}; Radverleih {m}; Veloverleih {m} [Schw.]

bicycle rental; bike rental Fahrradvermietung {f}

bicycle accessories Fahrradzubehör {n}

bicycle handlebar grip; handlebar grip Lenkstangengriff {m}; Lenkergriff {m} [ugs.] (Fahrrad)

bicycle handlebar grips; handlebar grips Lenkstangengriffe {pl}; Lenkergriffe {pl}

bicycle handlebar plug; handlebar plug Lenkstangenstopfen {m}; Lenkerstopfen {m} (Fahrrad)

bicycle handlebar plugs; handlebar plugs Lenkstangenstopfen {pl}; Lenkerstopfen {pl}

bicycle handlebar bag; handelbar bag Lenkstangentasche {m}; Lenkertasche {f} (Fahrrad)

bicycle handlebar bags; handelbar bags Lenkstangentaschen {pl}; Lenkertaschen {pl}

bicycle crossbar; crossbar (men's bicycle) Mittelstange {f} (Herrenfahrrad)

bicycle crossbars; crossbars Mittelstangen {pl}

bicycle racing; bike racing; cycle racing der Radrennsport {m} [sport]

bicycle lamp; bike lamp Fahrradlampe {f}

bicycle tour; bike tour Fahrradtour {f}; Radtour {f}

bicycle cellar Fahrradkeller {m}

bicycle accident; cycling accident Fahrradunfall {m}

bicycle accidents; cycling accidents Fahrradunfälle {pl}

bicycle headlight; bike headlight Fahrradvorderlicht {n}

to go by bicycle; to ride a bicycle/bike; to cycle [coll.]; to bike [coll.] [listen] [listen] Fahrrad fahren; Rad fahren; radfahren [alt]; radeln [Süddt.] [Ös.] [ugs.]; Velo fahren [Schw.]; pedalen [Schw.] [humor.] {v}

going by bicycle; riding a bicycle; cycling; biking [listen] Fahrrad fahrend; Rad fahrend; radfahrend; radelnd; Velo fahrend

gone by bicycle; ridden a bicycle; cycled; biked Fahrrad gefahren; Rad gefahren; radgefahren; geradelt; Velo gefahren

he/she goes by bicycle er/sie fährt Fahrrad; er/sie radelt

I/he/she went by bicycle ich/er/sie fuhr Fahrrad; ich/er/sie radelte

he/she has/had gone by bicycle er/sie ist/war Fahrrad gefahren; er/sie ist/war geradelt

Bowden spiral (motor vehicle, bicycle) Bowdenspirale {f} (Kfz, Fahrrad) [auto]

Bowden wire lever (motor vehicle, bicycle) Bowdenzughebel {m} (Kfz, Fahrrad) [auto]

frame-mounted double derailleur control (bicycle) Doppelschalthebel {m} (Fahrrad)

Dunlop valve; Woods valve; English valve (bicycle) Dunlopventil {n}; Blitzventil {n} (Fahrrad)

loose boot [Am.] (bicycle tire) Einlegepflaster {n} (Fahrradreifen)

cyclocomputer; bike computer; bicycle computer Fahrradcomputer {m}

cyclocomputers; bike computers; bicycle computers Fahrradcomputer {pl}

network of bicycle paths Fahrradwegenetz {n}; Radwegenetz {n}

networks of bicycle paths Fahrradwegenetze {pl}; Radwegenetze {pl}

falling overhead kick; bicycle kick; scissors kic Fallrückzieher {m} [sport]

falling overhead kicks; bicycle kicks; scissors kics Fallrückzieher {pl}

spring seat post (bicycle) Federsattelstütze {f} (Fahrrad)

fixed-gear bicycle; fixie bicycle; fixie bike; fixie (one-gear bike without brakes) Festgangrad {n}; Fixie-Rad {n} (Eingangrad ohne Bremse)

five-speed bicycle Fünfgangrad {n}

exercise bicycle/bike; stationary bicycle; exercycle [listen] Heimrad {n}; Fahrrad-Hometrainer {m} [sport]

exercise bicycles/bikes; stationary bicycles; exercycles [listen] Heimräder {pl}; Fahrrad-Hometrainer {pl}

bullhorn handelbars (bicycle) Hörnchenlenker {pl} (Fahrrad)

hybrid bicycle Hybridfahrrad {n}

hybrid bicycles Hybridfahrräder {pl}

juvenile bicycle Jugendfahrrad {n}

juvenile bicycles Jugendfahrräder {pl}

derailleur gears; derailleur; derailer (bicycle) Kettenschaltung {f} (Fahrrad)

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