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contact-breaking cable (for trailers) Abreißseil {n} (bei Anhängern) [auto]

dolly/landing gear for semi-trailers Stützfuß {m} für Sattelschlepper

trailer [listen] Anhänger {m}; Hänger {m} [ugs.] [auto] [listen]

trailers Anhänger {pl}; Hänger {pl} [listen]

barrel trailer Fassanhänger {m}

dog trailer Hundeanhänger {m}

trailer [listen] Auflieger {m} [auto]

trailers Auflieger {pl}

bus trailer Autobusanhänger {m}; Busanhänger {m} [auto]

bus trailers Autobusanhänger {pl}; Busanhänger {pl}

bus semi-trailer Bus-Sattelanhänger {m} [auto]

bus semi-trailers Bus-Sattelanhänger {pl}

two-wheel trailer Einachsanhänger {m} [auto]

two-wheel trailers Einachsanhänger {pl}

bicycle trailer; bike trailer Fahrradanhänger {m}

bicycle trailers; bike trailers Fahrradanhänger {pl}

baby bike trailer Fahrradanhänger für Kinder

self-feed forage trailer Häckselwagen {m} mit Fressgitter [agr.]

self-feed forage trailers Häckselwagen {pl} mit Fressgitter

tipping trailer Kippanhänger {m}

tipping trailers Kippanhänger {pl}

closed box semi-trailer Kofferauflieger {m}; Koffersattelauflieger {m}; Kofferaufleger {m}; Koffersattelaufleger {m} [auto]

closed box semi-trailers Kofferauflieger {pl}; Koffersattelauflieger {pl}; Kofferaufleger {pl}; Koffersattelaufleger {pl}

refrigeration trailer; reefer trailer Kühlanhänger {m} [auto]

refrigeration trailers; reefer trailers Kühlanhänger {pl}

refrigeration semi-trailer Kühlauflieger {m}; Kühlaufleger {m} [auto]

refrigeration semi-trailers Kühlauflieger {pl}; Kühlaufleger {pl}

laboratory trailer Laboranhänger {m} [auto]

laboratory trailers Laboranhänger {pl}

horse box trailer [Br.]; horsebox [Br.]; horse trailer [Am.]; horse carrier (rare) Pferdeanhänger {m} [auto]

horse box trailers; horseboxes; horse trailers; horse carriers Pferdeanhänger {pl}

passenger car trailer Pkw-Anhänger {m}

passenger car trailers Pkw-Anhänger {pl}

flatbed trailer; flat-bed trailer [Am.] Pritschenanhänger {m} [auto]

flatbed trailers; flat-bed trailers Pritschenanhänger {pl}

crawler mounted trailer Raupenanhänger {m} [auto]

crawler mounted trailers Raupenanhänger {pl}

semitrailer; semi-trailer Sattelanhänger {m}; Sattelauflieger {n} [auto]

semitrailers; semi-trailers Sattelanhänger {pl}; Sattelauflieger {pl}

articulated vehicle; articulated lorry [Br.]; artic [Br.]; semi-trailer combination [Br.]; juggernaut [Br.]; tractor-trailer [Am.]; semi-trailer truck [Am.]; semitruck [Am.]; semi [Am.]; big rig [Am.]; truck and trailer [Am.]; transfer truck [Am.] [listen] Sattelzug {n}; Sattelkraftfahrzeug {n} [auto]

articulated vehicles; articulated lorries; artics; semi-trailer combinations; juggernauts; tractor-trailers; semi-trailer trucks; semitrucks; semis; big rigs; trucks and trailers; transfer trucks Sattelzüge {pl}; Sattelkraftfahrzeuge {pl}

bulk trailer Siloauflieger {m}; Auflieger {m} mit Siloaufbau [auto]

bulk trailers Siloauflieger {pl}; Auflieger {pl} mit Siloaufbau

low-loading trailer; low-loader; low-boy trailer; low-bed trailer; low-bed truck Tiefladeranhänger {m}; Tieflader {m} [auto]

low-loading trailers; low-loaders; low-boy trailers; low-bed trailers; low-bed trucks Tiefladeranhänger {pl}; Tieflader {pl}

toilet trailer Toilettenwagen {m} [auto]

toilet trailers Toilettenwagen {pl}

high-level delivery tipping trailer Umlade-Hochkipper {m} [agr.]

high-level delivery tipping trailers Umlade-Hochkipper {pl}

caravan [Br.]; van; trailer [Am.] [listen] [listen] Wohnwagen {m}; Wohnwagenanhänger {m} [auto]

caravans; vans; trailers Wohnwagen {pl}; Wohnwagenanhänger {pl}

camping trailer Wohnwagenanhänger {m}

camping trailers Wohnwagenanhänger {pl}

centre-axle trailer [Br.]; center-axle trailer [Am.] Zentralachsanhänger {n} [auto]

centre-axle trailers; center-axle trailers Zentralachsanhänger {pl}

portable building Baucontainer {m} [constr.]

portable buildings Baucontainer {pl}

Portakabin [Br.] ® (often used as a generic term) Baucontainer {m}

construction site trailer [Am.] Baucontainer {m}

construction site trailers [Am.] Baucontainer {pl}

engine tender; rider; nipper; trailer; motor brakeman [listen] Bremser {m}

engine tenders; riders; nippers; trailers; motor brakemans [listen] Bremser {pl}

skip trailer Absetzcontainer {m} [mach.] [techn.]

skip trailers Absetzcontainer {pl}
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