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lamp; light (in compounds) [listen] [listen] Leuchte {f}; Lampe {f}; Licht {n} (in Zusammensetzungen) [listen] [listen]

lamps; lights Leuchten {pl}; Lampen {pl}; Lichter {pl}

kitchen lamp Küchenleuchte {f}; Küchenlampe {f}

crime scene lamp Tatortleuchte {f}

ultraviolet lamp UV-Lampe {f}

lamp socket; bulb socket; lamp holder Lampenfassung {f}; Birnenfassung {f}; Fassung {f} [electr.] [listen]

lamp sockets; bulb sockets; lamp holders Lampenfassungen {pl}; Birnenfassungen {pl}; Fassungen {pl}

moisture-proof lamp holder Feuchtraumfassung

inclined wall lamp holder schräge Wandfassung

the skirt of a socket der Kragen einer Fassung

lamp; light [listen] [listen] Lampe {f}; Lämpchen {n} [electr.] [listen]

lamps Lampen {pl}

oven lamp; oven light bulb Backofenlampe {f}

infrared lamp Infrarotlampe {f}

fridge lamp; fridge light bulb Kühlschranklampe {f}

arc lamp Lichtbogenlampe {f}

retroreflective lamp; reflector bulb Reflektorlampe {f}

the green/red light das grüne/rote Lämpchen

lamp; mine lamp; miner's lamp [listen] Geleucht {n} [min.]

lamp shells; brachiopods (zoological phylum) Armfüßer {pl}; Brachiopoden {pl} (Brachiopoda) (zoologischer Stamm) [zool.]

lamp charging rack Ladestation {f} für Lampen [min.]

lamp fitting Lampenarmatur {f} [constr.] [electr.]

lamp fittings Lampenarmaturen {pl}

lamp body Lampengehäuse {n}

lamp voltage Lampenspannung {f} [electr.]

lamp post; lamp-post; lamppost Laternenmast {m}; Laternenpfahl {m}

lamp posts; lamp-posts; lampposts Laternenmasten {pl}; Laternenpfähle {pl}

to lamp sb. [Br.] jdn. heftig schlagen {vt}

lamp socket; bulb socket Lampensockel {m} [techn.]

lamp cleaner; lamp keeper; lamp repairer; lamp(-house) man; safety-lamp keeper Lampenwärter {m} [min.]

hanging lamp Ampel {f} [listen]

hanging lamps Ampeln {pl}

street lamp; street-lamp; street light; street lantern Straßenlampe {f}; Straßenlaterne {f}

street lamps; street-lamps; street lights; street lanterns Straßenlampen {pl}; Straßenlaternen {pl}

branched street lamp mehrarmige Straßenlaterne; Kandelaber {m} [Schw.]

canopy of a street lamp Lampengehäuse einer Straßenlampe

lighting fitting; lighting fixture; lighting gear; lamp [listen] Beleuchtungskörper {m}; Leuchte {f}

lighting fittings; lighting fixtures; lighting gears; lamps Beleuchtungskörper {pl}; Leuchten {pl}

lighting fitting for air supply and return Klimaleuchte {f} [electr.]

incandescent lamp; incandescent globe lamp; globe lamp; incandescent globe light; globe light; incandescent light bulb Glühfadenlampe {f}; Glühlampe {f} [electr.]

incandescent lamps; incandescent globe lamps; globe lamps; incandescent globe lights; globe lights; incandescent light bulbs Glühfadenlampen {pl}; Glühlampen {pl}

tuff-skin lamp Tuff-Skin-Glühlampe {f}

miner's lamp; mine lamp; pit lamp; pit light; safety lamp; Davy lamp Grubenlampe {f}

miner's lamps; mine lamps; pit lamps; pit lights; safety lamps; Davy lamps Grubenlampen {pl}

to relight a mine lamp eine Grubenlampe wieder anzünden

halogen lamp; halogen bulb Halogenlampe {f}; Halogenbirne {f} [electr.]

halogen lamps; halogen bulbs Halogenlampen {pl}; Halogenbirnen {pl}

halogen decorative candle dekorierte Halogenkerzenlampe

miner's safety lamp Sicherheitsgrubenlampe {f}; Wetterlampe {f} [min.] [hist.]

miner's safety lamps Sicherheitsgrubenlampen {pl}; Wetterlampen {pl}

Davy lamp (with a mesh screen) Davy-Lampe {f} (mit Flammsieb)

signal lamp; Aldis lamp Signallampe {f}; Meldeleuchte {f}

signal lamps; Aldis lamps Signallampen {pl}; Meldeleuchten {pl}

signal lamp red/green/yellow Meldeleuchte rot/grün/gelb

cornering lamp Abbiegescheinwerfer {m} [auto]

cornering lamps Abbiegescheinwerfer {pl}

indicator lamp Anzeigelampe {f}; Anzeigenleuchte {f}

indicator lamps Anzeigelampen {pl}; Anzeigenleuchten {pl}

acetylene lamp Azetylenlampe {f}

acetylene lamps Azetylenlampen {pl}

side lamp; side marker lamp [Br.]; mudguard lamp [Br.]; fender lamp [Am.] Begrenzungsleuchte {f}; Begrenzungslampe {f}; Kotflügelleuchte {f} [hist.]; Koftlügellampe {f} [hist.] [auto]

side lamps; side marker lamps; mudguard lamps; fender lamps Begrenzungsleuchten {pl}; Begrenzungslampen {pl}; Kotflügelleuchten {pl}; Koftlügellampen {pl}

exposure lamp Belichtungslampe {f} (Tiefdruck) [print]

exposure lamps Belichtungslampen {pl}

radiation apparatus; radiation lamp Bestrahlungsapparat {m} [med.]

radiation apparatuses; radiation lamps Bestrahlungsapparate {pl}

stroboscopic lamp; stroboscope; strobe Blitzleuchte {f}; Stroboskop {n}

stroboscopic lamps; stroboscopes; strobes Blitzleuchten {pl}; Stroboskope {pl}

flashgun; photoflash lamp; (electronic) flash lamp; camera flash unit; photoflash; flashlight; flash [listen] [listen] Blitzlichtgerät {n}; Elektronenblitzgerät {n}; Blitzgerät {n}; (elektronischer) Blitz {m} [ugs.] [photo.]

flashguns; photoflash lamps; flash lamps; camera flash units; photoflashs; flashlights; flashes Blitzlichtgeräte {pl}; Elektronenblitzgeräte {pl}; Blitzgeräte {pl}; Blitze {pl}

arclamp lamp> Bogenlampe {f}

arclamps Bogenlampen {pl}

gooseneck lamp Bogenleuchte {f}; Lampe mit biegsamer Halterung

tanning lamp; tanning bulb; sunray lamp; sun lamp Bräunungslampe {f}; Höhensonne {f}

tanning lamps; tanning bulbs; sunray lamps; sun lamps Bräunungslampen {pl}; Höhensonnen {pl}

brake light; stop light; brake lamp; stop lamp Bremslicht {n}; Bremsleuchte {f} [auto]

brake lights; stop lights; brake lamps; stop lamps Bremslichter {pl}; Bremsleuchten {pl}

brake lamp switch Bremslichtschalter {m}

brake lamp switches Bremslichtschalter {pl}

paraffin [Br.]; kerosine [Am.] [Austr.]; kerosene [Am.] [Austr.]; lamp oil Brennpetroleum {n}; Leuchtpetroleum {n}; Petroleum {n}; Leuchtöl {n}; Kerosin {n}

butter lamp Butterlampe {f}

butter lamps Butterlampen {pl}

camping lamp; camping light; camping lantern Campingleuchte {f}; Campinglampe {f}; Campinglaterne {f}

camping lamps; camping lights; camping lanterns Campingleuchten {pl}; Campinglampen {pl}; Campinglaternen {pl}

energy saving lamp; energy-saving lamp Energiesparlampe {f}; Energiesparleuchte {f} [electr.]

energy saving lamps; energy-saving lamps Energiesparlampen {pl}; Energiesparleuchten {pl}

discharge lamp Entladungslampe {f}

discharge lamps Entladungslampen {pl}

direction indicator; indicator; indicator light; flasher lamp; flasher [listen] Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger {m}; Blinkleuchte {f}; Blinker {m} [ugs.] [auto]

direction indicators; indicators; indicator lights; flasher lamps; flashers Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger {pl}; Blinkleuchten {pl}; Blinker {pl}

hard disc [Br.]/disk [Am.] drive lamp Festplattenlämpchen {n} [comp.]

hard disc/disk drive lamps Festplattenlämpchen {pl}

moisture-proof lamp; damp-proof luminaire; luminaire for damp interiors Feuchtraumleuchte {f} [electr.]

moisture-proof lamps; damp-proof luminaires; luminaires for damp interiors Feuchtraumleuchten {pl}

flickering flame lamp; flicker flame lamp Flackerlicht {n} [electr.]

flickering flame lamps; flicker flame lamps Flackerlichter {pl}

dull lamp; poor/sad apology for a lamp [Br.]; sad/sorry excuse for a lamp [Am.] [coll.] Funzel {f} [ugs.] [pej.]

dull lamps; poor/sad apologies for a lamp; sad/sorry excuses for a lamp Funzeln {pl}

glow-discharge lamp Gasentladungsglimmlampe {f}; Gasentladungslampe {f}

glow-discharge lamps Gasentladungsglimmlampen {pl}; Gasentladungslampen {pl}

anglepoise lamp; anglepoise Gelenklampe {f}; Gelenkleuchte {f}

anglepoise lamps; anglepoises Gelenklampen {pl}; Gelenkleuchten {pl}

glow lamp Glimmlampe {f}

glow lamps Glimmlampen {pl}

preheat lamp Glühstartlampe {f}; Warmstartlampe {f} [electr.]

preheat lamps Glühstartlampen {pl}; Warmstartlampen {pl}

suspended lamp; pendant lamp Hängelampe {f}; Pendel {n}

suspended lamps; pendant lamps Hängelampen {pl}; Pendel {pl}

recovery collar; cone collar; buster collar; Elizabethan collar; E-collar; pet cone; pet lamp-shade [humor.]; pet radar dish [humor.]; cone of shame [humor.] (veterinary medicine) Halskragen {m}; Schutzkragen {m}; Halskrause {f}; Leckschutz {m} (Veterinärmedizin) [med.] [zool.] [listen]

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