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52 results for fittings
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fittings [Br.] (removable fixtures in a flat) [listen] Zubehör {n} (zu einer Wohnung) [listen]

bathroom fittings; bathroom brassware [Br.]; brassware [Br.] Badearmaturen {pl}; Badarmaturen {pl}; Armaturen {pl} [constr.]

corner castings; corner fittings (on containers) Eckbeschläge {pl} (an Containern)

top fitting oberer Eckbeschlag {m}

boiler drum internal fittings; boiler drum internals Kesseltrommeleinbauten {pl} [mach.]

clamping fittings Klemmbeschläge {pl} [techn.]

kitchen fittings; kitchen brassware [Br.]; brassware [Br.] Küchenarmaturen {pl}; Armaturen {pl} [constr.]

shop fittings Ladeneinrichtung {f}

diaphragm valves and fittings Membranarmaturen {pl}

taps and fittings Sanitärarmaturen {pl}; Entnahmearmaturen {pl} [constr.]

coffing fittings Sargbeschläge {pl}

rope end fittings Seilendbeschläge {pl} [techn.]

special window fittings Sonderbauteile {pl} für Fenster

door fittings Türbeschläge {pl}

detachable wagon fittings; removable wagon accessories (railway) lose Wagenbestandteile {pl}; auswechselbare Wagenzubehörteile {pl} (Bahn)

beer fittings Bierarmaturen {pl} [techn.]

arm-operated single-handle fittings Armhebelarmaturen {pl} [techn.]

exterior fittings Außenausstattungskomponenten {pl} [techn.]

appointment taps and fittings Ausstattungsarmaturen {pl} [techn.]

car fittings Autoarmaturen {pl} [auto]

automation fittings Automationsarmaturen {pl} [techn.]

superheated steam fittings Abdampfarmaturen {pl} [techn.]

under-pressure tappig fittings Anbohrarmaturen {pl} [techn.]

welding fittings Schweißfittings {pl} [mach.] [techn.]

fitting (of clothes) [listen] Anprobe {f} (von Kleidung)

fittings [listen] Anproben {pl}

fitting [listen] Anschlussnippel {n}

fittings [listen] Anschlussnippel {pl}

lighting fitting; lighting fixture; lighting gear; luminaire; lamp [listen] Beleuchtungskörper {m}; Leuchte {f} (samt Befestigung und Elektrik)

lighting fittings; lighting fixtures; lighting gears; luminaries; lamps Beleuchtungskörper {pl}; Leuchten {pl}

surface-mounted ceiling luminaire Deckenanbauleuchte {f}

lighting fitting for air supply and return Klimaleuchte {f}

pendant luminaire Pendelleuchte {f}

luminaire for road and street lighting Straßenleuchte {f}

flanged screw fitting Bördelverschraubung {f} [techn.]

flanged screw fittings Bördelverschraubungen {pl}

single-lever fitting Einhebelarmatur {f}

single-lever fittings Einhebelarmaturen {pl}

electrofusion sleeve; electrofusion fitting; electrofusion coupling; EF coupler Elektroschweißmuffe {f}; Elektromuffe {f}

electrofusion sleeves; electrofusion fittings; electrofusion couplings; EF couplers Elektroschweißmuffen {pl}; Elektromuffen {pl}

hot-blast cupola furnace (metallurgy) Heißwindkupolofen {m} (Metallurgie) [techn.]

cowper fittings Armaturen für den Heißwindkupolofen

fixture [listen] Inventarstück {n}; eingebautes Teil {n}

fixtures and fittings bewegliches und unbewegliches Inventar

to be a fixture (also [fig.]) zum Inventar gehören (auch [übtr.])

box fitting Kästchenbeschlag {m}

box fittings Kästchenbeschläge {pl}

spline fitting; spline (parallel-fitted splines) [listen] Keilwellenverbindung {f} [techn.]

spline fittings; splines Keilwellenverbindungen {pl}

flap covered lubricator; grease fitting Klappöler {m} [techn.]

flap covered lubricators; grease fittings Klappöler {pl}

clamp fitting; segment fitting (hose) Klemmarmatur {f} (Schlauch)

clamp fittings; segment fittings Klemmarmaturen {pl}

compression fitting Klemmringverschraubung {f}

compression fittings Klemmringverschraubungen {pl}

lamp fitting Lampenarmatur {f} [constr.] [electr.]

lamp fittings Lampenarmaturen {pl}

furniture fitting; furniture mounting Möbelbeschlag {m}

furniture fittings; furniture mountings Möbelbeschläge {pl}

fitting [listen] Muffe {f}

fittings [listen] Muffen {pl}

compression fitting Quetschverschraubung {f} [techn.]

compression fittings Quetschverschraubungen {pl}

pipe fitting; valve (for flow control in pipelines) [listen] Rohrarmatur {f}; Armatur {f} (zur Durchflussregelung in Rohrleitungen) [constr.]

pipe fittings; valves [listen] Rohrarmaturen {pl}; Armaturen {pl}

shut-off valve Absperrarmatur {f}

gate valve; stop valve Absperrschieber {m}; Schieber {m}

valve with screwed socket Armatur mit Innengewindeanschluss

oval-type wedge gate valve Keilovalschieber {m}

pipe fitting (for connecting lengths of pipes) Rohrformstück {n}; Formstück {n}; Anschlussstück {n} (Rohrleitung)

pipe fittings Rohrformstücke {pl}; Formstücke {pl}; Anschlussstücke {pl}

sanitary fitting Sanitäreinrichtung {f} [techn.]

sanitary fittings Sanitäreinrichtungen {pl}

barbed hose fitting Schlauchtülle {f}

barbed hose fittings Schlauchtüllen {pl}

inner tube valve fitting; valve pad; valve patch (tyre) Schlauchventilbrücke {f} (Reifen) [auto]

inner tube valve fittings; valve pads; valve patches Schlauchventilbrücken {pl}

cutting ring fitting Schneidringverschraubung {f} [techn.]

cutting ring fittings Schneidringverschraubungen {pl}

bulkhead pipe fitting Schottdurchführung {f} [naut.]

bulkhead pipe fittings Schottdurchführungen {pl}

flare fitting Stülpverbindung {f} [constr.]

flare fittings Stülpverbindungen {pl}

retaining screw; male fitting for pipes Überwurfschraube {f} [techn.]

retaining screws; male fittings for pipes Überwurfschrauben {pl}

screw/screwed joint/connection/union; screw fitting; screwing Verschraubung {f}; Schraubverbindung {f} [techn.]

screw/screwed joints/connections/unions; screw fittings; screwings Verschraubungen {pl}; Schraubverbindungen {pl}

union piece Verschraubung für Rohre

bolted joint/connection Verschraubung mit Durchsteckschrauben

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