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car pool; motor pool; vehicle fleet; fleet of cars (and vans) Fuhrpark {m}; Wagenpark {m}; Fahrzeugflotte {f}; Kraftfahrzeugflotte {f} [auto] [transp.]

car pools; motor pools; vehicle fleets; fleets of cars Fuhrparks {pl}; Wagenparks {pl}; Fahrzeugflotten {pl}; Kraftfahrzeugflotten {pl}

refrigerated vehicle fleet; refrigerated transport fleet; refrigerated cargo fleet Kühlflotte {f}

train set; set of carriages [Br.]/coaches [Br.]; rake of carriages [Br.]/coaches [Br.]; rake of cars [Am.] Zuggarnitur {f}; Zugsgarnitur {f}; Wagenzug {m}; Wagengruppe {f} (Bahn)

set of wagons [Br.]; rake of wagons [Br.] Güterzuggarnitur {f}

marshalling group Verschiebegarnitur {f}; Verschubgarnitur {f} [Ös.]; Rangiergarnitur {f}

line of cars Autokolonne {f}

lines of cars Autokolonnen {pl}

line of cars; line of vehicles Autokolonne {f}; Wagenkolonne {f}

lines of cars; lines of vehicles Autokolonnen {pl}; Wagenkolonnen {pl}

line of cars Autoschlange {f}

lines of cars Autoschlangen {pl}

ban on cars Autosperre {f}

solid line of cars Blechlawine {f} [übtr.]

solid lines of cars Blechlawinen {pl}

automobile fleet; fleet (of cars) [listen] Fahrzeugpark {m}

a string of cars eine Reihe Wagen

producer of sports cars; manufacturer of sports cars Sportwagenhersteller {m}

producers of sports cars; manufacturers of sports cars Sportwagenhersteller {pl}

runway on a wagon for cars (railway) Tragmulde {f} im Autotransportwagen (Bahn)

sheeting of goods wagons [Br.] / freight cars [Am.] (railway) Wagenabdeckung {f}; Bedeckung {f} von Güterwaggons (Bahn)

mechanical sheeting mechanische Wagenabdeckung

labelling of carriages [Br.]; labelling of railroad cars [Am.] (railway) Waggonbeschilderung {f}; Wagenbeschilderung {f} (Bahn)

decorative equipment for motor cars Autodekore {pl} [auto]

scrap car; old car; end-of-life vehicle Altauto {n}

scrap cars; old cars; end-of-life vehicles Altautos {pl}

ambulance car Ambulanzfahrzeug {n}; Ambulanzwagen {m}

ambulance cars Ambulanzfahrzeuge {pl}; Ambulanzwagen {pl}

showy car; flashy car; flash car; bling car [Br.] [coll.]; bling bling car [Br.] [coll.] Angeberauto {n}; Angeberwagen {m} [ugs.]; Protzkarre {f} [Dt.] [slang]; Potenzkrücke {f} [humor.]

showy cars; flashy cars; flash cars; bling cars; bling bling cars Angeberautos {pl}; Angeberwagen {pl}; Protzkarren {pl}; Potenzkrücken {pl}

lift car [Br.]; elevator cab [Am.] Aufzugkabine {f}

list cabs; elevator cars Aufzugkabinen {pl}

car; automobile [Am.] [listen] [listen] Auto {n}; Wagen {m}; Automobil {n} [geh.] (in Zusammensetzungen, sonst veraltet) [auto] [listen]

cars; automobiles Autos {pl}; Wagen {pl}; Automobile {pl}

funeral car; hearse [listen] Bestattungswagen {m}; Leichenwagen {m}

used car; second-hand car; pre-owned car [Am.]; pre-owned automobile [Am.] Gebrauchtwagen {m}; Occasionswagen {m} [Schw.]; Occasion {f} [Schw.]

used cars; second-hand cars; pre-owned cars; pre-owned automobiles Gebrauchtwagen {pl}; Occasionswagen {pl}; Occasionen {pl}

one year-old car Jahreswagen {m}

one year-old cars Jahreswagen {pl}

self-driving car; self-driven car [rare]; robot car selbstfahrendes Auto; Roboterauto

touring car Tourenwagen {m}

a car with a capital C ein richtiges Auto

to go by car; to travel by car mit dem Auto fahren; mit dem Wagen fahren

I'm going by car. Ich fahre mit dem Auto.

maintenance car Bahndienstwagen {m}

maintenance cars Bahndienstwagen {pl}

mining car Bergwerksfahrzeug {n}

mining cars Bergwerksfahrzeuge {pl}

loot Beute {f}; Ausbeute {n} [übtr.]

The attackers got a lot of loot in the robbery. Die Täter haben bei dem Raubüberfall große Beute gemacht.

The intruders were disturbed and fled without stealing anything / taking any property. Die Eindringlinge wurden gestört und flüchteten ohne Beute.

She showed me the loot from her shopping trip. Sie zeigte mir die Ausbeute ihrer Einkaufstour.

He made a lot of loot selling cars. Mit dem Verkauf von Autos hat er ordentlich Reibach gemacht.

camping car Campingwagen {m}

camping cars Campingwagen {pl}

container car Containerwagen {m} [transp.]

container cars Containerwagen {pl}

official vehicle; office car; company vehicle; company car; business car Dienstfahrzeug {n}; Dienstwagen {m}; Dienstauto {n}; Firmenwagen {m}; Firmenauto {n}; Geschäftswagen {m}

official vehicles; office cars; company vehicles; company cars; business cars Dienstfahrzeuge {pl}; Dienstwagen {pl}; Dienstautos {pl}; Firmenwagen {pl}; Firmenautos {pl}; Geschäftswagen {pl}

bogie wagon [Br.]; bogie car [Am.] (railway) Drehgestellwagen {m} (Bahn)

bogie wagons; bogie cars Drehgestellwagen {pl}

follow-me car Einweisungsfahrzeug {n}; Einweisungswagen {m} [aviat.]

follow-me cars Einweisungsfahrzeuge {pl}; Einweisungswagen {pl}

electric car; electrically powered car; e-car; battery electric vehicle /BEV/ [rare] Elektroauto {n}; Elektromobil {n} [humor.]; akkubetriebenes Fahrzeug {n} [selten] [auto]

electric cars; electrically powered cars; e-cars; battery electric vehicles Elektroautos {pl}; Elektromobile {pl}; akkubetriebene Fahrzeuge {pl}

replacement car Ersatzauto {n}

replacement cars Ersatzautos {pl}

car [listen] Fahrkorb {m}

cars Fahrkörbe {pl}

driving ban; ban on driving Fahrverbot {n} [adm.]

ban on diesel-powered cars in the city; city ban on diesel cars/vehicles Dieselfahrverbot {n} in der Stadt

ban on night-time driving Nachtfahrverbot {n}

driving ban on Sundays; ban on Sunday driving Sonntagsfahrverbot {n}

rolling stock fleet; rolling stock strength; fleet strength (railway) Fahrzeugbestand {m}; Fahrzeugpark {m} (Bahn)

service stock fleet; service stock Bahndienstwagenbestand {m}; Dienstwagenbestand {m}; Bahndienstwagenpark {m}; Dienstwagenpark {m}

stock of goods wagons [Br.] / freight cars [Am.]; goods rolling stock [Br.]; goods stock [Br.]; freight rolling stock [Am.]; freight stock [Am.] Güterwagenbestand {m}; Güterwagenpark {m}

passenger rolling stock; passenger stock Reisezugwagenbestand {m}; Reisezugwagenpark {m}

company car Firmenwagen {m}; Firmenauto {n}; Firmenfahrzeug {n}

company cars Firmenwagen {pl}; Firmenautos {pl}; Firmenfahrzeuge {pl}

getaway car; getaway vehicle Fluchtwagen {m}; Fluchtfahrzeug {n}; Fluchtauto {n} [ugs.]

getaway cars; getaway vehicles Fluchtwagen {pl}; Fluchtfahrzeuge {pl}; Fluchtautos {pl}

getaway driver Fahrer/Lenker [Ös.] des Fluchtwagens

gull-wing car Flügeltürer {m} [auto]

gull-wing cars Flügeltürer {pl}

mine car; mine hutch; mine tub; tub; mine truck; mine tram; corf [Br.]; cocoa pan [coll.] [listen] Förderwagen {m}; Grubenwagen {m}; Wagen {m}; Grubenhund {m}; Hund {m}; Hunt {m} [min.] [listen]

mine cars; mine hutches; mine tubs; tubs; mine trucks; mine trams; corfs; cocoa pans Förderwagen {pl}; Förderwägen {pl} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]; Grubenwagen {pl}; Grubenwägen {pl} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]; Wagen {pl}; Wägen {pl} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]; Grubenhunde {pl}; Hunde {pl}; Hunte {pl}

rolley flacher Förderwagen

to unhook the tub den Wagen abschlagen

all-terrain vehicle /ATV/; off-road vehicle/car; cross country vehicle; offroader; Jeep ® Geländefahrzeug {n}; Geländewagen {m}; geländegängiges Fahrzeug {n}; Offroader {m} [auto]

all-terrain vehicles; off-road vehicle/cars; sport utility vehicles; cross country vehicles; offroaders; Jeeps Geländefahrzeuge {pl}; Geländewagen {pl}; geländegängige Fahrzeuge {pl}; Offroader {pl}

rock crawler felsgängiges Geländefahrzeug

sport utility vehicle /SUV/; Chelsea tractor [Br.] [humor.] Stadtgeländewagen {m}; SUV {m}

gun rack Gewehrhalter {m} [mil.]

gun racks Gewehrhalter {pl}

gun rack for passenger cars PKW-Gewehrhalter

track motor car; track car; gang car [Am.]; (railway) jigger [Can.] [NZ] (railway) Gleiskraftwagen {m}; Draisine {f} (Bahn)

track motor cars; track cars; gang cars; (railway) jiggers Gleiskraftwagen {pl}; Draisinen {pl}

golf car (often wrongly: golf cart) Golfplatzfahrzeug {n}; Golfwagen {m}; Golfmobil {n}

golf cars Golfplatzfahrzeuge {pl}; Golfwagen {pl}; Golfmobile {pl}

high-capacity bogie wagon [Br.] / freight car [Am.] (railway) Großraumgüterwagen {m} (Bahn)

high-capacity bogie wagons / freight cars Großraumgüterwagen {pl}

goods wagon [Br.]; goods waggon [Br.]; wagon [Br.]; waggon [Br.]; freight car [Am.] (railway) [listen] [listen] Güterwaggon {m}; Waggon {m}; Güterwagen {m}; Wagen {m} (Bahn) [listen]

goods wagons; goods waggons; wagons; waggons; freight cars Güterwaggons {pl}; Waggons {pl}; Güterwagen {pl}; Güterwägen {pl} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]; Wagen {pl}; Wägen {pl} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]

sheeted wagon [Br.]; sheeted car [Am.] abgedeckter Güterwaggon; Güterwagen mit Wagendecke

detached wagon [Br.]; detached car [Am.] ausgesetzter Güterwaggon

car-carrier wagon [Br.]; car-carrier car [Am.]; car-carrier Autotransportwaggon {m}; Autotransportwagen {m}

railway-owned wagon [Br.]; railroad-owned car [Am.] bahneigener Güterwaggon

wagon [Br.] / car [Am.] for internal yard use Bahnhofswaggon {m}; Bahnhofswagen {m}

loaded goods wagon [Br.]; loaded freight car [Am.] beladener Güterwaggon

damaged wagon [Br.]; damaged car [Am.] beschädigter Güterwaggon; Schadwagen {m}

container coach [Br.]; container car [Am.] Containerwagen {m}

service wagon [Br.]; service car [Am.] Dienstgüterwaggon {m}; Dienstgüterwagen {m}; Bahndienstwaggon {m}; Mannschaftswagen {m}

double-deck car-carrying wagon [Br.]; double-deck car-carrying car [Am.]; double-deck car-carrier doppelstöckiger Autotransportwagen; Doppelstockautotransportwagen {m}

bogie wagon [Br.]; bogie car [Am.] Drehgestellgüterwaggon {m}

three-axled wagon [Br.]; three-axled car [Am.] dreiachsiger Güterwaggon; Güterwagen mit drei Achsen / Radsätzen

flat wagon [Br.] / car [Am.] with mechanical sheeting flacher Güterwaggon / Flachwagen mit beweglicher Abdeckung

braked wagon [Br.]; braked car [Am.] gebremster Güterwaggon; gebremster Güterwagen

goods van [Br.]; boxcar [Am.] gedeckter Güterwagen; G-Wagen

high-sided goods waggon; freight car with high sides hochbordiger Güterwaggon

tank wagon [Br.]; tank car [Am.] Kesselwaggon {m}; Behälterwagen {m}

tip-up wagon [Br.]; tipping wagon [Br.]; tip-up car [Am.]; tipping car [Am.] kippfähiger Güterwaggon

returned empty wagon [Br.]; returned empty car [Am.]; returned empty Leergüterwagen {m} im Rücklauf; Leerwagen {m} im Rücklauf; leer zurückrollender Güterwagen [Schw.]

truck [Br.]; open-top car [Am.] [listen] offener Güterwagen

flat wagon [Br.]; flatcar [Am.] offener flacher Güterwagen; Plattformwagen {m}

low-sided open wagon [Br.]; gondola car [Am.]; gondola [Am.] offener Niederflur-Güterwagen

open wagon [Br.] / car [Am.] with mechanical sheeting offener Güterwagen mit mechanischer Abdeckung

mail wagon [Br.] mail car [Am.] Postwaggon {m}; Postwagen {m}; Bahnpostwagen {m}

spare wagon [Br.]; spare car [Am.] Reservegüterwaggon {m}; Reservewagen {m}; Bereitschaftsgüterwaggon {m}; Bereitschaftswagen {m}; Vorratsgüterwagen {m}; Vorratswagen {m}

acid jar wagon; jar wagon Säuretopfwaggon {m}; Topfwaggon {m}; Säuretopfwagen {m}; Topfwagen {m} [hist.]

silo wagon [Br.]; silo car [Am.] Silowaggon {m}; Behälterwagen {m}

regular part-load wagon Stückgutkurswagen {m}

part-load pickup wagon Stückgutsammelkurswagen {m}

empty wagon [Br.] / car [Am.] forwarded for loading; empty forwarded for loading verfügter Güterwaggon; zur Wiederbeladung verfügter Güterwagen; zum Wiederbelad anrollender Leerwagen [Schw.]

normal-type waggon [Br.] / freight car [Am.] Güterwagen in Regelbauart

non-bogie wagon [Br.]; non-bogie car [Am.] Güterwaggon mit Einzelachsen; Einzelachswagen {m}; Achsenwagen {m}

tower wagon [Br.]; overhead inspection car [Am.] Güterwaggon mit Hebebühne; Wagen mit Hebebühne

wagon [Br.] / car [Am.] with mechanical sheeting Güterwagen mit mechanischer Wagenabdeckung

wagon [Br.] / car [Am.] with opening roof; opening-roof wagon [Br.]; opening-roof car [Am.] Güterwaggon mit öffnungsfähigem Dach

wagon with opening roof consisting of sliding panels Güterwaggon mit übereinanderschiebbarem / öffnungsfähigem Dach

(flat) wagon [Br.] / railroad car [Am.] for the transport of semi-trailers Waggon für Sattelaufliegertransporte; Wagen zur Beförderung von Sattelaufliegern

leading wagon [Br.]; leading car [Am.] an der Zugspitze laufender Güterwaggon

wagon suitable for British loading gauge Güterwaggon mit Begrenzungslinie der British Rail

bonnet [listen] Haube {f}; Häubchen {n} [listen]

bonnets Hauben {pl}; Häubchen {pl}

That has put a bee in my bonnet. Das geht mir nicht mehr aus dem Kopf.; Das will mir nicht mehr aus dem Kopf.

My uncle has got a bee in his bonnet about saving electricity. Stromsparen ist bei meinem Onkel eine fixe Idee.

Our neighbour always has a bee in his bonnet about cars. Unser Nachbar hat einen Autofimmel.

piggyback car (railways) Huckepackwagen {m}; Niederflurwagen {m} für Huckepackverkehr (Bahn) [transp.]

piggyback cars Huckepackwagen {pl}; Niederflurwagen {pl} für Huckepackverkehr

bubble car Kabinenfahrzeug {n} [auto]

bubble cars Kabinenfahrzeuge {pl}

tank car; tank wagon Kesselwagen {m}

tank cars; tank wagons Kesselwagen {pl}

flap-hinge car Klappkübelwagen {m} [techn.]

flap-hinge cars Klappkübelwagen {pl}

subcompact car Kleinwagen {m} [auto]

subcompact cars Kleinwagen {pl}

estate car [Br.]; utility wagon; station wagon [Am.]; wagon [Am.] [listen] Kombiwagen {m}; Kombi {m}; Kombinationskraftwagen {m} [geh.] [auto]

estate cars; utility wagons; station wagons; wagons Kombiwagen {pl}; Kombis {pl}; Kombinationskraftwagen {pl}

compact car; compact vehicle Kompaktwagen {m}; Kompaktauto {n}; Pkw der Kompaktklasse

compact cars; compact vehicles Kompaktwagen {pl}; Kompaktautos {pl}; Pkws der Kompaktklasse

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