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battery-operated hand lamp Batteriehandleuchte {f} [electr.]

battery-operated hand lamps Batteriehandleuchten {pl}

battery [listen] Batterie {f} [electr.]

batteries Batterien {pl}

group battery Gruppenbatterie {f}

hearing aid battery Hörgerätebatterie {f}

discharged battery entladene Batterie

rechargeable battery wiederaufladbare Batterie

recombination battery Batterie mit gebundenem Elektrolyten

battery of sb./sth. ganze Serie {f}; ganze Batterie {f} von etw.; ganze Armada {f} von jdm./etw. (große Zahl von Gleichartigem)

a battery of tests eine ganze Serie von Tests

a battery of questions eine ganze Latte von Fragen; eine Unmenge an Fragen

a battery of reporters eine ganze Armada von Reportern

a battery of criticism eine Flut von Kritik

battery clock Batterieuhr {f} [electr.]

battery clocks Batterieuhren {pl}

battery watch Batterieuhr {f} (Armbanduhr)

battery watches Batterieuhren {pl} (Armbanduhren)

battery [listen] Batterie {f} [mil.]

batteries Batterien {pl}

coastal battery Küstenbatterie {f}

battery charging station; charging station (for electrical devices) Akkuladestation {f}; Batterieladestation {f}; Ladestation {f} (für Elektrogeräte) [electr.]

battery charging stations; charging stations Akkuladestationen {pl}; Batterieladestationen {pl}; Ladestationen {pl}

battery life Akkulaufzeit {f}

battery limit Anlagengrenze {f} [techn.]

battery recharge time Batterieaufladezeit {f}

battery receiver Batterie-Empfänger {m}

battery receivers Batterie-Empfänger {pl}

battery ignition system Batterie-Zündanlage {f}

battery cover Batteriedeckel {m}

battery covers Batteriedeckel {pl}

battery set Batteriegerät {n}

battery sets Batteriegeräte {pl}

battery switch Batteriehauptschalter {m}

battery switches Batteriehauptschalter {pl}

battery cage (poultry rearing) Batteriekäfig {m} (Geflügelhaltung) [agr.]

battery cages Batteriekäfige {pl}

battery box Batteriekasten {m}

battery boxes Batteriekästen {pl}

battery terminal Batterieklemme {f} (für mehrzellige Batterien) [electr.]

battery terminals Batterieklemmen {pl}

battery check Batteriekontrolle {f}

battery checks Batteriekontrollen {pl}

battery charger; charging device; charger Batterieladegerät {n}; Akkuladegerät {n}; Ladegerät {n} [electr.]

battery chargers; charging devices; chargers Batterieladegeräte {pl}; Akkuladegeräte {pl}; Ladegeräte {pl}

battery level; battery charge Batterieladung {f}

battery tester Batterieprüfgerät {n}

battery testers Batterieprüfgeräte {pl}

battery acid Batteriesäure {f}

battery voltage; battery charge Batteriespannung {f} [electr.]

battery power Batteriestrom {m} [electr.]

to take up battery power; to use up battery power Batteriestrom verbrauchen

battery tester Batterietester {m}

battery testers Batterietester {pl}

battery cell Batteriezelle {f}

battery cells Batteriezellen {pl}

battery ignition Batteriezündung {f} [auto]

battery eliminated circuit Huckepack-Stromversorgung ohne eigene Stromquelle [electr.]

battery hen Käfighuhn {n} [agr.]

battery hens Käfighühner {pl}

battery backup Notstromversorgung {f} mit Batterien

battery system Batterieanlage {f}

battery operation Batteriebetrieb {m} [electr.]

battery discharge indicator Batterieentladeanzeiger {m} [electr.]

battery discharge indicators Batterieentladeanzeiger {pl}

battery spring Batteriefeder {f} [electr.]

battery springs Batteriefedern {pl}

battery mould Batterieform {f} [electr.]

battery moulds Batterieformen {pl}

battery powered batteriegespeist {adj} [electr.]

battery holder Batteriehalter {m} [electr.]

battery holders Batteriehalter {pl}

battery trade Batteriehandel {m} [econ.]

battery heating Batterieheizung {f} [electr.]

battery heatings Batterieheizungen {pl}

battery contact Batteriekontakt {m} [electr.]

battery contacts Batteriekontakte {pl}

battery charging regulator Batterieladeregler {m}

battery lamp; battery-lamp Batterielampe {f} [electr.]

battery lamps; battery-lamps Batterielampen {pl}

battery management system Batteriemanagementsystem {n} [electr.]

battery management systems Batteriemanagementsysteme {pl}

battery recycling Batterierecycling {n} [chem.]

battery headlight Batteriescheinwerfer {m} [electr.]

battery headlights Batteriescheinwerfer {pl}

battery simulator Batteriesimulator {m} [electr.]

battery simulators Batteriesimulatoren {pl}

battery power supply system Stromversorgungsanlage für Batterien {f} [mach.]

battery power supply systems Stromversorgungsanlagen für Batterien {pl}

battery system Batteriesystem {n}

battery technology Batterietechnik {f} [electr.]

battery testing system Batterietestsystem {n} [electr.]

battery testing systems Batterietestsysteme {pl}

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