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casting mould [Br.]; mould [Br.]; casting mold [Am.]; mold [Am.] [listen] [listen] Gussform {f}; Gießform {f}; Form {f} (zur Herstellung von Gussstücken) (Gießerei) [listen]

casting moulds; moulds; casting molds; molds Gussformen {pl}; Gießformen {pl}; Formen {pl}

permanent mould / mold; die-set [Br.] Dauerform {f}; Kokille {f}

to blacken the mould/mold die Form anschwärzen

to mould [Br.]; to mold [Am.] sth. (out of; into sth.) [listen] etw. formen; gestalten; bilden {vt} (aus; zu etw.) [listen] [listen]

moulding; molding [listen] [listen] formend; gestaltend; bildend

moulded; molded geformt; gestaltet; gebildet [listen]

to mould sb./sth. [Br.]; to mold sb./sth. [Am.] [fig.] [listen] [listen] jdn./etw. formen {vt} [listen]

moulding; molding [listen] [listen] formend

moulded; molded geformt

to mould children into responsible adults Kinder zu verantwortungsbewussten Erwachsenen formen

He has moulded the struggling company into a global group. Er hat das angeschlagene Unternehmen zu einem Weltkonzern geformt.

to mould [Br.]; to mold [Am.] [listen] [listen] gießen; eingießen {vt} [listen]

moulding; molding [listen] [listen] gießend

moulded; molded gegossen; eingegossen

to mould [Br.]; to mold [Am.] (restoration, foundry) [listen] [listen] eine Form herstellen; abformen {v} (Restaurierung, Gießerei) [techn.]

moulding; molding [listen] [listen] eine Form herstellend; abformend

moulded; molded eine Form hergestellt; abgeformt

to mould [Br.]; to mold [Am.] sth. [listen] etw. modellieren {vt} (mit Ton usw.)

moulding; molding [listen] [listen] modellierend

moulded; molded modelliert

mould gating [Br.]; mold gating [Am.]; gating (foundry) Anschnitttechnik {f}; Steigertechnik {f} (Gießerei) [techn.]

mould lubricant [Br.]; mold lubricant [Am.] Formentrennmittel {n} [techn.]

mould lubricants; mold lubricants Formentrennmittel {pl}

mould parting line [Br.]; mold parting line [Am.] Formenzusammenschluss {m}; Formtrennung {f} [techn.]

mould slide Formschieber {m} [techn.]

mould slides Formschieber {pl}

mould parting surface (foundry) Formtrennebene {f} (Gießerei) [techn.]

mould parting surfaces Formtrennebenen {pl}

mould releasing agent; mould release agent; mould release (foundry) Formtrennmittel {n}; Gleitmittel {n} für Formen (Gießerei) [techn.]

mould release [Br.]; mold release [Am.] Formtrennung {f} [techn.]

mould release effect (foundry) Formtrennwirkung {f} (Gießerei) [techn.]

mould drying stove (foundry) Formtrockenofen {m} (Gießerei) [techn.]

mould drying stoves Formtrockenöfen {pl}

mould level Gießspiegel {m}

mould [listen] Humus {m}; Humusboden {m}; Humuserde {f}

mould starter [Br.]; mold starter [Am.] (cheesemaking) Kulturschimmel {m} (Käseherstellung) [agr.]

mould beetles (zoological family) Moderkäfer {pl}; Lathridiidae {pl} (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

mould [Br.]; mold [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schimmel {m}; Moder {m} (im Haus und auf Nahrungsmitteln) [listen]

bread mould Brotschimmel {m}

mould and mildew remover [Br.]; mold and mildew remover [Am.]; mould stain remover [Br.]; mold stain remover [Am.]; mould killer [Br.]; mold killer [Am.]; mould cleaner [Br.]; mold cleaner [Am.] Schimmelentferner {m}; Schimmelvernichter {m}

mould and mildew removers; mold and mildew removers; mould stain removers; mold stain removers; mould killers; mold killers; mould cleaners; mold cleaners Schimmelentferner {pl}; Schimmelvernichter {pl}

mould [Br.]; mold [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schimmelpilz {m} [myc.]

mould stain [Br.]; mold stain [Am.] (on textiles or walls) Stockfleck {m} (auf Textilien, Wänden)

mould stains; mold stains Stockflecken {pl}

mould [listen] Versteinerung {f} (Abdruck) [geol.]

ingot mould [Br.]; ingot mold [Am.] (foundry) Blockkokille {f}; Blockform {f} (Gießerei)

ingot moulds; ingot molds Blockkokillen {pl}; Blockformen {pl}

centrifugal ingot mould / mold Schleudergussblockkokille {f}

parison; blank mould (glassmaking) Külbel {n} (vorgeformter Hohlkörper bei der Glaserzeugung)

parisons; blank moulds Külbel {pl}

reheating of the parison Rückerwärmung des Külbels

to demould; to remove from the mould [Br.]; to demold; to remove from the mold [Am.] entformen {vt}

demoulding; demolding entformend

demoulded; demolded entformt

cast; mould [listen] [listen] Abguss {m}

cast-in relief; relief mould erhabener Abguss

blue mould [Br.]; blue mold [Am.] (cheesemaking) Blauschimmel {m} (Käseherstellung) [agr.]

edible mould (in cheese) Edelschimmel {m} (beim Käse) [cook.]

blow mould machine Extrusionsblasmaschine {f} [mach.]

blow mould machines Extrusionsblasmaschinen {pl}

misrun (casting which has solidified before entirely filling the mould) (foundry) Fehlguss {m} (Gießerei) [techn.]

button mould; moul [Sc.] Form {f} für Knöpfe; Knopfform {f}

mold and die production; mould and die production; mould design and construction; mold making Formenbau {m}

(mould) release agent; mould release; releasing agent Formentrennmittel {n}; Trennmittel {n}; Gleitmittel {n} (für Formen) [techn.]

moulding material [Br.]; mould material [Br.]; molding material [Am.]; mold material [Am.] (foundry) Formstoff {m} (Gießerei) [techn.]

garden mould Gartenerde {f}

bullet mould [Br.]; bullet mold [Am.] Geschossgießform {f}; Geschoßgießform {f} [Ös.] [mil.]

bullet moulds; bullet molds Geschossgießformen {pl}; Geschoßgießformen {pl}

stack mould; nest of mould (foundry) Gießtraube {f} (Gießerei) [techn.]

plaster mould [Br.]; plaster mold [Am.] Gipsform {f}

grey mould [Br.]; gray mold [Am.] grey mould blight [Br.]; gray mold blight [Am.] (plant disease) Grauschimmelfäule {f}; Grauschimmel {m}; Graufäule {f}; Stielfäule {f}; Sauerfäule {f} (Pflanzenkrankheit) [agr.] [bot.]

grey mould of vine; botrytis bunch rot; botrytis rot; botrytis blight; botrytis disease Grauschimmel beim Wein

green mould [Br.]; green mold [Am.] (plant disease) Grünschimmelfäule {f}; Grünschimmel {m} (Pflanzenkrankheit) [bot.] [agr.]

mold [Am.]; mould [listen] [listen] Heizform {f}

humus; ulmin; vegetable mould Humus {m} [agr.]

mor humus Auflagehumus {m}

cheese mould Käseform {f} [agr.]

cheese moulds Käseformen {pl}

cellar mould [Br.]; basement mildew Kellerschimmel {m}

folding mould; book mould Klappform {f}; Klappkokille {f}; aufklappbare Form {f} [techn.]

folding moulds; book moulds Klappformen {pl}; Klappkokillen {pl}; aufklappbare Formen {pl}

tomato leaf mould (plant disease) Krautfäule {f}; Braunfleckigkeit {f} der Tomate (Pflanzenkrankheit) [bot.] [agr.]

leaf soil; leaf-mould [Br.]; leaf mold [Am.] Lauberde {f} [agr.]

male mould [Br.]; male mold [Am.] Prägestock {m}; Patrize {f} [print]

male moulds; male molds Prägestöcke {pl}; Patrizen {pl}

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