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construction; building (of sth.) [listen] [listen] Bau {m}; Errichtung {f} (von etw.) (Vorgang) [constr.] [listen]

under construction im Bau

pharmacy construction Apothekenbau {m}

structure; construction [listen] [listen] Bauwerk {n}; Bau {m}; Baute {f} [Schw.] [adm.] [constr.] [techn.] [listen] [listen]

structures; constructions; architecture [listen] Bauwerke {pl}; Bauten {pl}

anti-earthquake architecture erdbebensichere Bauten

timber structure; timber construction; wooden structure; wooden construction Holzbau {m}

columniation Säulenbauwerk {n}; Säulenbau {m}

steel structure; steel construction Stahlbau {m}

underwater structure/construction; subaqueous structure/construction Unterwasserbauwerk {n}; Unterwasserbau {m}

construction (of sth.) [listen] Anlegen {n}; Anlage {f}; Errichten {n}; Errichtung {f} (von etw.) [listen]

construction; design [listen] [listen] Gestaltung {f}; Konstruktion {f}; Bauweise {f}; Aufbau {m} [listen] [listen] [listen]

steel plate construction; steel plate work Blechbauweise {f}

lightweight construction; lightweight design Leichtbauweise {f}

structure; construction; work; design [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Aufbau {m}; Konstruktion {f} [constr.] [techn.] [listen] [listen]

fabricated steel sheet structure; steel sheet construction Blechkonstruktion {f}

roof structure; roof construction Dachkonstruktion {f}

timber roof construction Dachkonstruktion {f} aus Holz

steel structure; steel construction; structural steel work Stahlkonstruktion {f}

simple and safe design einfache und sichere Konstruktion

construction outlines; construction lines (blast furnace) (metallurgy) Profil {n} (Hochofen) (Metallurgie) [techn.] [listen]

residential construction; house building Wohnungsbau {m} [arch.] [constr.]

construction [listen] Ausführung {f} [listen]

reinforced construction verstärkte Ausführung {f}

bias construction (parachute) Schrägschnittausführung {f} (Fallschirm)

construction [listen] Konstruktion {f} [math.] [listen]

building site; construction site; site of works [listen] [listen] Baustelle {f} [constr.] [listen]

building sites; construction sites Baustellen {pl}

permanent building site; permanent construction site Dauerbaustelle {f}

road construction site Straßenbaustelle {f}

mobile construction site wandernde Baustelle

on site auf der Baustelle; bauseits

to set up a construction site eine Baustelle einrichten

to adapt at the building site auf der Baustelle anpassen

to shorten at the building site auf der Baustelle kürzen

roadworks site [Br.]; roadwork site [Am.]; construction work site [Am.] Straßenbaustelle {f}; Baustelle {f}; Arbeitsstelle {f} [Dt.] (an Straßen) [auto] [constr.] [listen]

roadworks sites; roadwork sites; construction work sites Straßenbaustellen {pl}; Baustellen {pl}; Arbeitsstellen {pl}

at the roadworks site; at the construction work site an/bei der Baustelle

Road work ahead!; Street work ahead!; Men at Work! [Br.]; Construction Work! [Am.] (warning sign) Achtung Baustelle! (Warnschild)

construction work Bauarbeiten {pl}

machine construction; machine-building Maschinenbau {m} [listen]

construction (of sth.) [listen] Auslegung {f} (von etw.) [jur.] [listen]

construction clause Auslegungsklausel {f}

construction of contracts Auslegung von Verträgen; Vertragsauslegung {f}

a narrow/liberal construction of sth. eine enge/weite Auslegung von etw.

the strict construction of sth. die strenge Auslegung von etw.

to put a different construction on sth. etw. anders auslegen

building industry; construction industry; building sector; construction sector Bauwirtschaft {f}; Baubranche {f}; Bausektor {m}; Bausparte {f} [econ.]

block construction; block building Blockwerkbau {m}; Blockbau {m}; Strickbau {m}; Gewättbau {m}; Flecken {m} [Schw.] [constr.] [listen]

construction materials tester; CMT technician Baustoffprüfer {m}; Baustoffprüferin {f}

construction materials testers; CMT technicians Baustoffprüfer {pl}; Baustoffprüferinnen {pl}

asphalt pavement tester Baustoffprüfer mit Schwerpunkt Asphalttechnik

geotechnical materials tester Baustoffprüfer mit Schwerpunkt Geotechnik

mortar and concrete materials tester Baustoffprüfer mit Schwerpunkt Mörtel- und Betontechnik

construction foam; expanding foam; filling foam; polyurethane foam; PU foam Bauschaum {m}; Füllschaum {m}; PU-Schaum {m} [constr.]

insulating foam Dämmschaum {m}; Isolierschaum {m}

adhesive foam; foam glue Klebeschaum {m}; Schaumkleber {m}

installation foam Montageschaum {m}

construction stage; stage of construction Baustadium {n} [constr.]

advanced construction stage fortgeschrittenes Baustadium

early construction stage frühes Baustadium

construction drawing Bauzeichnung {f}; Bauplan {m}

construction drawings Bauzeichnungen {pl}; Baupläne {pl}

building and civil engineering drawings Bauzeichnungen {pl} (als Kategorie)

construction joint Arbeitsfuge {f} [techn.]

construction joints Arbeitsfugen {pl}

construction time; assembly period Aufbauzeit {f}

construction progress Ausführungsfortschritt {m}

construction phasing Einteilung {f} in Bauabschnitte [constr.]

construction manual Bauanleitung {f}

construction manuals Bauanleitungen {pl}

construction type; building technique Bauart {f}

open type offene Bauart

construction code Bauartkode {m}

construction expert Baufachmann {m}; Baufachfrau {f}

construction experts Baufachmänner {pl}; Baufachfrauen {pl}

construction vehicle Baufahrzeug {n}

construction vehicles Baufahrzeuge {pl}

construction financing Baufinanzierung {f}

construction foil Baufolie {f} [constr.]

construction [listen] Bauform {f}

construction equipment operator Baugeräteführer {m}; Baugeräteführerin {f}

construction outlay Bauinvestitionen {pl} [econ.]

construction gravel Baukies {m} [constr.]

construction costs; building costs {pl} Baukosten {pl}; Erstellungskosten {pl}

construction cost index Baukostenindex {m}

construction noise Baulärm {m}

construction lot Baulos {n} [constr.] [adm.]

construction lots Baulose {pl}

construction defect; building defect Baumangel {m} [constr.]

construction defects; building defects Baumängel {pl}

construction machine; piece of construction machinery Baumaschine {f} [constr.] [mach.]

construction machines; construction machinery; construction site equipment Baumaschinen {pl}

construction demand Baunachfrage {f}

construction nail Baunagel {m} [constr.]

construction nails Baunägel {pl}

construction standard Baunorm {f} [constr.]

construction standards Baunormen {pl}

construction standardization; construction standardisation [Br.] Baunormung {f}

construction object Bauobjekt {n} [arch.]

construction objects Bauobjekte {pl}

construction phase Bauphase {f} [constr.]

construction phases Bauphasen {pl}

construction principle Bauprinzip {n} [arch.]

construction principles Bauprinzipien {pl}

construction process; construction phase Bauprozess {m}

construction processes; construction phases Bauprozesse {pl}

construction kit; self-assembly kit; kit [listen] Bausatz {m}

construction kits; self-assembly kits; kits Bausätze {pl}

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