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124 results for installation | installation
Word division: In·stal·la·ti·on
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installation [listen] Anlage {f} [listen]

installations Anlagen {pl} [listen]

electrical installations elektrische Anlagen

nuclear installations kerntechnische Anlagen

installations that are operated on a seasonal schedule Saisonanlagen {pl}

technical installations technische Anlagen

water installations Wasserversorgungsanlagen {pl}

scientific research installations wissenschaftliche Forschungsanlagen

installation [listen] Einrichtung {f} [listen]

installation (system) [listen] Installation {f} (Anlage, System) [comp.] [techn.]

installations Installationen {pl}

automated installation and diagnostic service automatisches Installations- und Diagnosesystem

installation [listen] Installation {f} [art]

video installation Videoinstallation {f}

installing; installation (of a system) [listen] Installieren {n}; Installierung {f}; Installation {f} (einer Anlage / eines Systems) [techn.]

installing; installation; setting-up; set-up; setup [Am.] (of a program or system) [listen] [listen] Installieren {n}; Installation {f}; Aufsetzen {n} (eines Programms/Systems) [comp.]

installation; fitting [listen] [listen] Verlegen {n}; Verlegung {f}; Montage {f}; Einbau {m} [listen] [listen]

surface installation; surface wiring Aufputzverlegung {f}; Aufputzmontage {f}; Oberfächenmontage {f}

installation on wall Wandverlegung {f}

installation; induction into office [listen] Amtseinführung {f}; Einsetzung {f} in sein Amt [adm.]

installation medium; set-up medium; setup medium [Am.] Installationsmedium {n} [comp.]

installation media; set-up media; setup media Installationsmedien {pl}

installation CD; set-up CD; setup CD [Am.] Installations-CD {f}

installation disc [Br.]; installation disk [Am.] set-up disc [Br.]; setup disk [Am.] Installationsdiskette {f} [hist.]

to boot from the installation medium vom Installationsmedium (aus) hochstarten

installation surface Aufstellfläche {f}

installation surfaces Aufstellflächen {pl}

installation space Bauraum {m}

installation depth Einbautiefe {f}

installation dimensions Einbauverhältnisse {pl}

installation for the removal of sediment from sparkling wine Enthefungsanlage {f}; Degorgieranlage {f} (Sektherstellung) [agr.]

installations for the removal of sediment from sparkling wine Enthefungsanlagen {pl}; Degorgieranlagen {pl}

installation costs Installationskosten {pl}

installation material; installation accessories Installationsmaterial {n}; Installationszubehör {n} [techn.]

installation options; set-up options; setup options [Am.] Installationsoptionen {pl} [comp.]

installation program; set-up program; setup program [Am.]; set-up wizard; setup wizard [Am.] Installationsprogramm {n} [comp.]

installation programs; set-up programs; setup programs; set-up wizards; setup wizards Installationsprogramme {pl}

installation qualification /IQ/ Installationsqualifizierung {f}

installation engineering Installationstechnik {f}

installation part Installationsteil {n}

installation parts Installationsteile {pl}

installation summary Installationsübersicht {f}

installation start Montagebeginn {m}

installation information Montagehinweis {m}; Montagehinweise {pl}

installation department Montageleitung {f}

installation plan; set-up diagram Montageplan {m}

installation plans; set-up diagrams Montagepläne {pl}

installation fitting Montageverschraubung {f} [techn.]

installation zones (for conduits in a building) Verlegezonen {pl}; Installationszonen {pl} (für Leitungen in einem Gebäude) [constr.]

installation location Aufstellort {m}

installation situation Einbausituation {f}

installation conditions Einbausituation {f}

installation kit Einbausatz {m}; Montagesatz {m}

installation kits Einbausätze {m}; Montagesätze {pl}

installation point; installation location Einbaustelle {f}

installation work; installation works; plumbing work Installationsarbeiten {pl}

installation conditions; mounting conditions; fitting conditions Einbaubedingungen {pl}

installation identifier Anlagenkennnummer {f} [comp.]

installation bus Installationsbus {m} [comp.]

installation bus system Installationsbussystem {n} [comp.]

solar thermal installation; solar thermal system; solar heating system Solarwärmeanlage {f}; Solarthermieanlage {f} [electr.]

solar thermal installations; solar thermal systems; solar heating systems Solarwärmeanlagen {pl}; Solarthermieanlagen {pl}

drainback system Solarwärmeanlage mit interner Kollektorentleerung

solar thermal installation with back-up heating Solarwärmeanlage mit Zusatzheizung/Nachheizung

solar-only system Solarwärmeanlage ohne Zusatzheizung

solar space heating support Solaranlage zur Heizungsunterstützung

solar water heating system Solaranlage zur Warmwasserbereitung

alarm equipment; alarm device; alarm installation; alarm system Alarmanlage {f}; Alarmeinrichtung {f}; Alarmsystem {n}

alarm devices; alarm installations; alarm systems Alarmanlagen {pl}; Alarmeinrichtungen {pl}; Alarmsysteme {pl}

car alarm device; car alarm system Autoalarmanlage {f} [auto]

point source alarm system Punktquellen-Alarmsystem {n}

heating installation; heating unit; heating system Heizungsanlage {f}; Heizanlage {f}; Heizung {f} [listen]

heating installations; heating units; heating systems Heizungsanlagen {pl}; Heizanlagen {pl}; Heizungen {pl}

to have a floor heating unit eine Bodenheizung haben

solar installation; solar system; solar plant Solaranlage {f} [electr.]

solar installations; solar systems; solar plants Solaranlagen {pl}

off-grid solar system Solarinselanlage {f}; Solarinsel {f}

to trip an electric installation eine Elektroinstallation (ungewollt) auslösen; betätigen {vt} [electr.]

to trip the light switch versehentlich den Lichtschalter betätigen/das Licht einschalten

Someone tripped the alarm. Jemand hat die Alarmanlage/den Alarm ausgelöst.

mounting location; installation location Einbauort {m}

location of installation Einbauort {m}

place of installation Einbauort {m}

plant section; system section; installation section Anlagenteil {m}

plant sections; system sections; installation sections Anlagenteile {pl}

fall-back feed-in tariff (solar installation) Ausfallvergütung {f} (Solaranlage) [fin.]

lighting installation; lighting plant Beleuchtungsanlage {f}

lighting installations; lighting plants Beleuchtungsanlagen {pl}

effective operating time /EOT/; effective running time (of a power plant or technical installation) Betriebsdauer {f} am Stück; Reisezeit {f} (eines Kraftwerks / einer techischen Anlage) [techn.]

mounting position; installation position Einbaulage {f}

mounting frame; installation frame Einbaurahmen {m}

mounting frames; installation frames Einbaurahmen {pl}

electrical installation company Elektrofirma {f}; Elektrounternehmen {n}

electrical installation companies Elektrofirmen {pl}; Elektrounternehmen {pl}

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