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calling sequence (of computer programs) Aufruffolge {f} (von Computerprogrammen) [comp.]

tracing program; trace program; tracing routine; trace routine; tracer [listen] Ablaufverfolgungsprogramm {n}; Ablaufverfolger {m}; Ablaufüberwachungsprogramm {n}; Protokollprogramm {n} [comp.]

tracing programs; trace programs; tracing routines; trace routines; tracers Ablaufverfolgungsprogramme {pl}; Ablaufverfolger {pl}; Ablaufüberwachungsprogramme {pl}; Protokollprogramme {pl}

snapshot tracing program selektives Protokollprogramm

administrative program Administrationsprogramm {n}

administrative programs Administrationsprogramme {pl}

action program; action programme [Br.] Aktionsprogramm {n}; Handlungsprogramm {n}

action programs; action programmes Aktionsprogramme {pl}; Handlungsprogramme {pl}

environment action programme; environmental action program Umweltaktionsprogramm {n}

user-written program; user's program Anwenderprogramm {n}; vom Anwender geschriebenes Programm {n}; Benutzerprogramm {n} [comp.]

user-written programs; user's programs Anwenderprogramme {pl}; vom Anwender geschriebene Programme {pl}; Benutzerprogramme {pl}

application program; application software; application; end-user program [listen] Anwendungsprogramm {n} /AWP/; Anwendungssoftware {f}; Anwenderprogramm {n}; Anwendersoftware {f}; Benutzerprogramm {n}; Benutzersoftware {f} [comp.]

application programs; applications; end-user programs [listen] Anwendungsprogramme {pl}; Anwenderprogramme {pl}; Benutzerprogramme {pl}

mobile application program; mobile app mobiles Anwendungsprogramm; App {f}

potentially unwanted program /PUP/; potentially unwanted application /PUA/ möglicherweise unerwünschtes Programm /MUP/

sat-nav app [Br.]; GPS app [Am.] Navi-App {f}

work programme; work program Arbeitsprogramm {n}

work programmes; work programs Arbeitsprogramme {pl}

the strategic objectives of the work programme die strategischen Ziele des Arbeitsprogrammes

assembly program; assembler Assemblierprogramm {n}; Assemblierer {m} [comp.]

assembly programs; assemblers Assemblierprogramme {pl}; Assemblierer {pl}

call report (of computer programs) Aufrufverhältnis {n} (von Computerprogrammen) [comp.]

call reports Aufrufverhältnisse {pl}

spending program; expenditure program Ausgabenprogramm {n} [adm.]

spending programs; expenditure programs Ausgabenprogramme {pl}

exchange program; exchange programme [Br.] Austauschprogramm {n}

exchange programs; exchange programmes Austauschprogramme {pl}

student exchange program; student exchange programme Studienaustauschprogramm {n} [stud.]

analysis program Auswertungsprogramm {n}

analyses programs Auswertungsprogramme {pl}

editing program; editor [listen] Bearbeitungsprogramm {n}; Editor {m} [comp.]

editing programs; editors Bearbeitungsprogramme {pl}; Editoren {pl}

support scheme [Br.]; support program [Am.] (institutionelles) Betreuungsangebot {n} [soc.]

support schemes; support programs Betreuungsangebote {pl}

benchmark program Bewertungsprogramm {n}

benchmark programs Bewertungsprogramme {pl}

training programme [Br.]; training program [Am.] Bildungsprogramm {n}; Schulungsprogramm {n}

training programmes; training programs Bildungsprogramme {pl}; Schulungsprogramme {pl}

bonus program Bonusprogramm {n}

bonus programs Bonusprogramme {pl}

desktop program Desktop-Programm {n} [comp.]

desktop programs Desktop-Programme {pl}

dictation program Diktierprogramm {n} [comp.]

dictation programs Diktierprogramme {pl}

dividend reinvestment plan; dividend reinvestment program Dividendenwiederanlageplan {m} [fin.]

dividend reinvestment plans; dividend reinvestment programs Dividendenwiederanlagepläne {pl}

input/output control program; input/output executive; I/O control program; I/O executive [listen] [listen] Eingabe/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm {n}; Ein-/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm {n}; E/A-Steuerprogramm {n} [comp.]

input/output control programs; input/output executives; I/O control programs; I/O executives [listen] [listen] Eingabe/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramme {pl}; Ein-/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramme {pl}; E/A-Steuerprogramme {pl}

acquisition program Erfassungsprogramm {n}

acquisition programs Erfassungsprogramme {pl}

educational program; educational programme Erziehungsprogramm {n}

educational programs; educational programmes Erziehungsprogramme {pl}

diagnostic program; debug program Fehlersuchprogramm {n} [comp.]

diagnostic programs; debug programs Fehlersuchprogramme {pl}

TV program; television programme [Br.] Fernsehprogramm {n}

TV programs; television programmes Fernsehprogramme {pl}

TV programme [Br.]/program [Am.]; telecast; broadcast [listen] [listen] Fernsehsendung {f}; Sendung {f} (TV) [listen]

TV programmes/programs; telecasts; broadcasts [listen] Fernsehsendungen {pl}; Sendungen {pl}

children's programme; children's program Kindersendung {f}

matchmaking reality TV show; matchmaking reality show Kuppelsendung {f}

reality show Realitätssendung {f}

talent show Talentsuchsendung {f}; Casting-Show {f}

light entertainment programme [Br.]; light program [Am.]; entertainment show; show [listen] Unterhaltungssendung {f}

to introduce a programme [Br.] / program [Am.] eine Sendung anmoderieren

I'm not sure when this programme/program will be aired. Ich weiß nicht genau, wann diese Sendung ausgestrahlt wird.

fitness program Fitnessprogramm {n}; Eignungsprogramm {n}

fitness programs Fitnessprogramme {pl}; Eignungsprogramme {pl}

support programme; development program Förderprogramm {n}; Förderungsprogramm {n} [adm.] [fin.]

support programmes; development programs Förderprogramme {pl}; Förderungsprogramme {pl}

research programme [Br.]; research program [Am.] Forschungsprogramm {n}

research programmes; research programs Forschungsprogramme {pl}

fisheries research programme Fischereiforschungsprogramm {n}

photo-editing program; photo-processing software Fotobearbeitungsprogramm {n}; Fotobearbeitungssoftware {f} [comp.]

photo-editing programs Fotobearbeitungsprogramme {pl}

generator program Generatorprogramm {n}

generator programs Generatorprogramme {pl}

health promotion programme; health promotion program Gesundheitsförderungsprogramm {n}

health promotion programmes; health promotion programs Gesundheitsförderungsprogramme {pl}

aid program; aid programme Hilfsprogramm {n}

aid programs; aid programmes Hilfsprogramme {pl}

auxiliary program; auxiliary routine; tool [listen] Hilfsprogramm {n} [comp.]

auxiliary programs; auxiliary routines; tools [listen] Hilfsprogramme {pl}

background program Hintergrundprogramm {n}

background programs Hintergrundprogramme {pl}

informational programme [Br.]; informational program [Am.] Informationssendung {f} (Radio, TV)

informational programmes; informational programs Informationssendungen {pl}

installation program; set-up program; setup program [Am.]; set-up wizard; setup wizard [Am.] Installationsprogramm {n} [comp.]

installation programs; set-up programs; setup programs; set-up wizards; setup wizards Installationsprogramme {pl}

maintenance program Instandhaltungsprogramm {n}

maintenance programs Instandhaltungsprogramme {pl}

interpretative program; interpreter [listen] Interpretierprogramm {n}; Interpretierer {m}; Interpreter {m} [comp.]

interpretative programs; interpreters Interpretierprogramme {pl}; Interpretierer {pl}; Interpreter {pl}

command interpreter; command line interpreter /CLI/ Befehlsinterpretierer {m}; Kommandozeileninterpreter {m}

capital expenditure program; capital expenditure programme [Br.] Investitionsprogramm {n}

capital expenditure programs; capital expenditure programmes Investitionsprogramme {pl}

investment project; investment programme [Br.]; investment program [Am.]; capital expenditure project; investment plan Investitionsvorhaben {n}; Investitionsprojekt {n} [econ.]

investment projects; investment programmes; investment programs; capital expenditure projects; investment plans Investitionsvorhaben {pl}; Investitionsprojekte {pl}

a priority investment project ein vorrangiges Investitionsvorhaben

for the hedging of the potential investment volume zur Absicherung des möglichen Investitionsvorhabens

economic stimulus program; reflationary program Konjunkturprogramm {n} [pol.] [econ.]

economic stimulus programs; reflationary programs Konjunkturprogramme {pl}

convergence programme [Br.]; convergence program [Am.] Konvergenzprogramm {n}

convergence programmes; convergence programs Konvergenzprogramme {pl}

favourite programme [Br.]; favorite program [Am.] Lieblingssendung {f}

favourite programmes; favorite programs Lieblingssendungen {pl}

My favourite programme is ... Meine Lieblingssendung ist ...

delivery program Lieferprogramm {n}

delivery programs Lieferprogramme {pl}

clientele program Mandantenprogramm {n} [comp.]

clientele programs Mandantenprogramme {pl}

machine program Maschinenprogramm {n}

machine programs Maschinenprogramme {pl}

measuring program Messprogramm {n}

measuring programs Messprogramme {pl}

nuclear program; nuclear programme Nuklearprogramm {n}; Atomprogramm {n}

nuclear programs; nuclear programmes Nuklearprogramme {pl}; Atomprogramme {pl}

program; programme [Br.] [listen] [listen] Programm {n} [listen]

programs; programmes Programme {pl}

accompanying program/programme; supplementary program/programme; support(ing) program/programme [listen] [listen] [listen] Begleitprogramm {n}

individual programs/programmes; single programs/programmes [listen] Einzelprogramme {pl}

health program; health programme Gesundheitsprogramm {n}

children's program; programme for children Kinderprogramm {n}

concert program; concert programme Konzertprogramm {n}

mandatory program; compulsory programme; obligatory program Pflichtprogramm {n}

pilot program; pilot programme Pilotprogramm {n}; Modellprogramm {n}

special program; special programme Sonderprogramm {n}

publishing program; publishing programme Verlagsprogramm {n}

flagship program; flagship programme Vorzeigeprogramm {n}

to start / launch a new program ein neues Programm fahren

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