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measuring device; measuring instrument; measuring system; meter; gauge [listen] [listen] Messgerät {n}; Messinstrument {n}; Messer {m} [techn.] [listen]

measuring devices; measuring instruments; measuring systems; meters; gauges; measuring equipment Messgeräte {pl}; Messinstrumente {pl}; Messer {pl} [listen]

measuring device for bores Bohrungsmessgerät {n}

distance measuring device; distance measuring instrument Distanzmessgerät {n}

slant range measuring instrument Schrägentfernungsmessgerät {n}

measuring; measurement [listen] [listen] Ausmessung {f}

measuring element; sensing element; sensor; measuring transducer [listen] Messfühler {m}; Fühler {m}; Messglied {n}; Messwertgeber {m}; Messgeber {m}; Geber {m}; Messwertaufnehmer {m}; Messgrößenaufnehmer {m}; Aufnehmer {m}; Messsensor {m}; Sensor {m}; Detektor {m} [techn.]

measuring elements; sensing elements; sensors; measuring transducers Messfühler {pl}; Fühler {pl}; Messglieder {pl}; Messwertgeber {pl}; Messgeber {pl}; Geber {pl}; Messwertaufnehmer {pl}; Messgrößenaufnehmer {pl}; Aufnehmer {pl}; Messsensoren {pl}; Sensoren {pl}; Detektoren {pl}

infrared sensor Infrarotsensor {m}

interferometrical sensor interferometrischer Sensor

fibre sensor faseroptischer Sensor

inductive sensor induktiver Sensor

force sensor Kraftsensor {m}

position sensor Lagesensor {m}

process variable set-point sensing element Messfühler zum Vergleich der Prozessgröße mit dem Sollwert

measuring head; sensing head Messkopf {m}

measuring heads; sensing heads Messköpfe {pl}

emittance head Messkopf für spezifische Ausstrahlung

measuring probe; probe [listen] Messsonde {f}; Meßsonde {f} [alt] [techn.]

measuring probes; probes Messsonden {pl}; Meßsonden {pl}

oxygen probe; oxygen sensor Sauerstoff-Messsonde {f}

measuring apparatus Messapparatur {f}

measuring apparatuses Messapparaturen {pl}

measuring device (in pipelines) Messarmatur {f} (in Rohrleitungen)

measuring equipment Messaurüstung {f}

measuring tape Messband {n}; Meßband {n} [alt]

measuring tapes Messbänder {pl}; Meßbänder {pl}

measuring cup; measuring jug Messbecher {m}

measuring cups; measuring jugs Messbecher {pl}

measuring jug scale Messbecherwaage {f} [cook.]

measuring jug scales Messbecherwaagen {pl}

measuring stability (of a mesuring device) Messbeständigkeit {f} (eines Messgeräts) [techn.]

measuring container; surveillance container Messcontainer {m} [constr.]

measuring containers; surveillance containers Messcontainer {pl}

measuring period Messdauer {f}

measuring nozzle Messdüse {f}

measuring nozzles Messdüsen {pl}

measuring platform Messfloß {n}

measuring glass Messglas {n}

measuring instrument; meter; measuring device [listen] Messinstrument {n}; Meßinstrument {n} [alt]

measuring instruments; meters; measuring devices Messinstrumente {pl}; Meßinstrumente {pl}

measuring cable Messkabel {n}

measuring cables Messkabel {pl}

measuring cabin Messkabine {f}

measuring cabins Messkabinen {pl}

measuring line Messleitung {f} [electr.]

measuring lines Messleitungen {pl}

measuring spoon Messlöffel {m}

measuring spoons Messlöffel {pl}

measuring block Messleiste {f}

measuring blocks Messleisten {pl}

measuring machine Messmaschine {f}

measuring machines Messmaschinen {pl}

measuring equipment Messmittel {n} [techn.]

measuring station Messplatz {m}

measuring stations Messplätze {pl}

measuring position Messposition {f}

measuring positions Messpositionen {pl}

measuring program Messprogramm {n}

measuring programs Messprogramme {pl}

measuring point; station; exposure site [listen] Messpunkt {m}; Meßpunkt {m} [alt]; Messstelle {f}

measuring points; stations; exposure sites Messpunkte {pl}; Meßpunkte {pl}; Messstellen {pl}

measuring point name Messstellenbezeichnung {f}

measuring point names Messstellenbezeichnungen {pl}

measuring probe; touch probe Messtaster {m}

measuring probes; touch probe Messtaster {pl}

measuring technique Messtechnik {f}; Messverfahren {n}

non-contact measuring technique; contact-free measuring technique berührungslose Messtechnik

measuring tolerance Messtoleranz {f} [techn.]

measuring transmitter; transmitter [listen] Messumformer {m}; Umformer {m} [techn.]

measuring transmitters; transmitters Messumformer {pl}; Umformer {pl}

measuring amplifier; measurement amplifier Messverstärker {m} (für dieselbe physikalische Größe mit Hilfsenergie) [electr.] [phys.]

measuring amplifiers; measurement amplifiers Messverstärker {pl}

measuring device; measuring system Messvorrichtung {f}; Messeinrichtung {f}

measuring devices; measuring systems Messvorrichtungen {pl}; Messeinrichtungen {pl}

measuring tool; measuring instrument Messwerkzeug {n}

measuring tools; measuring instruments Messwerkzeuge {pl}

measuring transducer Messwertgeber {m}

measuring transducers Messwertgeber {pl}

measuring cylinder; graduated cylinder (laboratory) Messzylinder {m}; Mensur {f} (Labor) [chem.] [med.]

measuring cylinders; graduated cylinders Messzylinder {pl}; Mensuren {pl}

measuring triangle for expansion joints (railway) Stoßlückenmesser {m}; Dehnungsfugenmesser {m} (Bahn)

measuring transmitter; transmitter [listen] Tastersender {m}; Gebeapparat {m}; Geber {m} (für eine Anzeige) [techn.]

measuring transmitters; transmitters Tastersender {pl}; Gebeapparate {pl}; Geber {pl}

measuring principle Messprinzip {n}

principle of measurement Messprinzip {n}

measuring room; testing room Messraum {m} [techn.] [mus.]

measuring cycle Messzyklus {m} [techn.]

measuring point Messort {m} [techn.] [meteo.]

measuring cross Messkreuz {n}

measuring crosses Messkreuze {pl}

measuring cell Messzelle {f} [techn.]

interference measuring device; interferometer Interferenzmessgerät {n}; Interferometer {n} [phys.]

interference measuring devices; interferometers Interferenzmessgeräte {pl}; Interferometer {pl}

Fabry-Pérot interferometer Fabry-Pérot-Interferometer {n}

length-measuring interferometer; gauge-block interferometer; end-gauge interferometer Interferenzkomparator {m}

quantum interferometer Quanteninterferometer {n}

very-long-baseline interferometer /VLBI/ Radiointerferometer {n} mit Radioteleskopen in großem Abstand [astron.]

acoustic interferometer Schallinterferometer {n}; akustisches Interferometer

stellar interferometer Sterninterferometer {n}; Stellarinterferometer {n}; Phasen-Interferometer {n} [astron.]

method of measurement; measurement method; measuring method Messverfahren {n}; Messmethode {f}; Messsystem {n} [techn.]

methods of measurement; measurement methods; measuring methods Messverfahren {pl}; Messmethoden {pl}; Messsysteme {pl}

incident light method Auflichtverfahren {n}

transmitted light method Durchlichtverfahren {n}

photoelectric measuring method fotoelektrisches / photoelektrisches Messverfahren

yardstick; staff; measuring rod; measuring staff; surveyor's rod; ranging rod; range pole [listen] Messlatte {f}; Meßlatte {f} [alt]

yardsticks; staffs; measuring rods; measuring staffs; surveyor's rods; ranging rods; range poles Messlatten {pl}; Meßlatten {pl}

folding measuring rod Reisemesslatte {f}

to raise the bar [fig.] die Messlatte höher legen [übtr.]

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