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cylinder; barrel [listen] [listen] Trommel {f} [techn.] [listen]

cylinders; barrels Trommeln {pl}

cylinder-head bolt Zylinderkopfschraube {f} [auto]

cylinder-head bolts Zylinderkopfschrauben {pl}

cylinder /cyl./ Zylinder {m} [math.] [listen]

cylinders Zylinder {pl} [listen]

frustum of a cylinder schief abgeschnittener Zylinder

cylinder mill Walzenstuhl {m} (Mühle)

cylinder extraction tool; cylinder cam turner; bell puller; lock puller; barrel popper [Irl.] (for locks) Ziehwerkzeug; Ziehfix ®; Schlosszieher {m} (für Schlosszylinder)

cylinder address Zylinderadresse {f} [comp.]

cylinder addresses Zylinderadressen {pl}

cylinder arrangement Zylinderanordnung {f} [auto]

cylinder arrangements Zylinderanordnungen {pl}

cylinder block Zylinderblock {m}

cylinder blocks Zylinderblöcke {pl}

cylinder bore diameter; bore diameter; diameter of bore; bore size; bore [Br.]; gauge [Am.]; gage [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Zylinderbohrungsdurchmesser {m}; Bohrungsdurchmesser {m}; Bohrung {f}; Innendurchmesser {m} eines Zylinders; Zylinderkaliber {n}; lichte Zylinderweite {f} [techn.] [listen]

cylinder cover Zylinderdeckel {m}

cylinder covers Zylinderdeckel {pl}

cylinder strength (in compression) Zylinderdruckfestigkeit {f}

cylinder assembly measurement Zylindereinbaumaß {n}

cylinder barrel Zylinderfuß {m} [mach.]

cylinder barrels Zylinderfüße {pl}

cylinder honing tool Zylinderhoner {m} [mach.]

cylinder capacity; piston capacity/displacement; piston-swept volume [listen] Zylinderhubraum {m}; Hubvolumen {n} eines Zylinders

cylinder concept Zylinderkonzept {n}

cylinder head Zylinderkopf {m} [mach.]

cylinder heads Zylinderköpfe {pl}

cylinder head cover Zylinderkopfdeckel {m} [techn.]

cylinder head covers Zylinderkopfdeckel {pl}

cylinder head gasket Zylinderkopfdichtung {f} [auto]

cylinder head gaskets Zylinderkopfdichtungen {pl}

cylinder head face Zylinderkopffläche {f} [auto]

cylinder crankcase Zylinder-Kurbelgehäuse {n} [techn.]

cylinder liner; liner; cylinder sleeve (piston engine) [listen] Zylinderlaufbuchse {f}; Laufbuchse {f} (Kolbenmotor) [techn.]

cylinder liners; liners; cylinder sleeves Zylinderlaufbuchsen {pl}; Laufbuchsen {pl}

cylinder bank Zylinderreihe {f}

cylinder banks Zylinderreihen {pl}

cylinder liner Zylinderrohr {n}

cylinder liners Zylinderrohre {pl}

cylinder key Zylinderschlüssel {m}

cylinder keys Zylinderschlüssel {pl}

cylinder wall Zylinderwand {f}

key cylinder; locking cylinder; lock cylinder; lock barrel Türschlosszylinder {m}; Schlosszylinder {m}; Schließzylinder {m}

key cylinders; locking cylinders; lock cylinders; lock barrels Türschlosszylinder {pl}; Schlosszylinder {pl}; Schließzylinder {pl}

single cylinder Halbzylinder {m}

double cylinder Doppelzylinder {m}

gas bottle; gas cylinder Gasflasche {f}

gas bottles; gas cylinders Gasflaschen {pl}

compressed gas cyclinder Druckgasflasche {f}

pipe wrench; cylinder wrench; pipe tongs Rohrzange {f}

gas tube tongs; gas tube pliers; gas wrench Gasrohrzange {f}

pipe chain wrench; chain wrench Kettenrohrzange {f}

acetylene cylinder Acetylenflasche {f}

eight-cylinder V-engine Achtzylinder-V-Motor {m} [auto]

eight-cylinder Achtzylinder {m}

working cylinder Arbeitszylinder {m}

working cylinders Arbeitszylinder {pl}

opening roller; opening cylinder Auflösewalze {f}; Nasentrommel {f} [textil.]

opening rollers; opening cylinders Auflösewalzen {pl}; Nasentrommeln {pl}

kickback cylinder Ausdrückvorrichtung {f}; Abdrücker {m}; Rücker {m} [min.]

kickback cylinders Ausdrückvorrichtungen {pl}; Abdrücker {pl}; Rücker {pl}

taking-away cylinder Auslegestern {m} [print]

delivery cylinder Auslegetrommel {f} [print]

delivery cylinders Auslegetrommeln {pl}

actuating cylinder Betätigungszylinder {m}

actuating cylinders Betätigungszylinder {pl}

opposed cylinder engine; engine with pistons reciprocating Boxermotor {m}

opposed cylinder engines; engines with pistons reciprocating Boxermotoren {pl}

brake cylinder Bremszylinder {m} [techn.]

brake cylinders Bremszylinder {pl}

differential cylinder Differentialzylinder {m} [techn.]

differential cylinders Differentialzylinder {pl}

rotary cylinder conveyor Drehrohrförderer {m} [mach.]

rotary cylinder conveyors Drehrohrförderer {pl}

rotary cylinder feeder Drehrohrzuteiler {m} [mach.]

rotary cylinder feeders Drehrohrzuteiler {pl}

threshing cylinder; threshing drum (combine harvester) Dreschtrommel {f} (Mähdrescher) [agr.]

threshing cylinders; threshing drums Dreschtrommeln {pl}

impression cylinder; pressure cylinder Druckzylinder {m} [techn.]

impression cylinders; pressure cylinders Druckzylinder {pl}

single-cylinder engine Einzylindermotor {m}

single-cylinder engines Einzylindermotoren {pl}

(gas) cylinder rack Flaschenhalterung {f} (Zündgas) [mach.]

cylinder racks Flaschenhalterungen {pl}

rubber roll; rubber cylinder Gummiwalze {f} [techn.]

rubber rolls; rubber cylinders Gummiwalzen {pl}

main brake cylinder; brake master cylinder Hauptbremszylinder {m} [techn.]

main brake cylinders; brake master cylinders Hauptbremszylinder {pl}

master cylinder; main cylinder Hauptzylinder {m} [techn.]

master cylinders; main cylinders Hauptzylinder {pl}

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