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address table; table of addresses Adressbuch {n}

address tables; tables of addresses Adressbücher {pl}

collection address (location from where an item is collected) Abholadresse {f}

collection addresses Abholadressen {pl}

address [listen] Adresse {f} /Adr./; Anschrift {f} [listen]

addresses Adressen {pl}; Anschriften {pl}

company address; company's address Firmenadresse {f}; Firmenanschrift {f}

care of (c/o) per Adresse /p. A.; p. Adr./; bei; wohnhaft bei [listen]

address for service of a summons; address where a summons may be served ladungsfähige Anschrift/Adresse [jur.]

the last known address of/for the suspect die letzte bekannte Anschrift des Verdächtigen

There is not a MACKENZIE associated to the address of 15 Parkfield Road. An der Anschrift 15 Parkfield Road gibt es keinen MACKENZIE.

address [listen] Adresse {f} [comp.] [listen]

addresses Adressen {pl}

actual address; absolute address; machine address; physical address; real address absolute Adresse; echte Adresse; Maschinenadresse; physische Adresse; physikalische Adresse; reale Adresse; tatsächliche Adresse

alphanumeric address alphanumerische Adresse

direct address; explicit address; immediate address direkte Adresse; Direktadresse; explizite Adresse; unmittelbare Adresse

bias address; displacement address; displacement; offset value [listen] Distanzadresse {f}

basic address; base address; referential address; reference address Grundadresse {f}; Bezugsadresse {f}; Referenzadresse {f}

implicit address implizite Adresse

logical address; virtual address logische Adresse; virtuelle Adresse

floating address; relative address relative Adresse

symbolic address; mnemotechnic address; mnemonic address symbolische Adresse; mnemotechnische Adresse; mnemonische Adresse (mit Namen)

immediate address; literal address unmittelbare Adresse

inaugural speech; inaugural address; inaugural [listen] Antrittsrede {f}; Eröffnungsansprache {f}

inaugural speeches; inaugural addresses; inaugurals Antrittsreden {pl}; Eröffnungsansprachen {pl}

home address Ausgangsadresse {f}; Sprungadresse {f} [comp.]

home addresses Ausgangsadressen {pl}; Sprungadressen {pl}

base address; basic address Basisadresse {f} [comp.]

base addresses; basic addresses Basisadressen {pl}

area address Bereichsadresse {f}

area addresses Bereichsadressen {pl}

office address Büroadresse {f}; Büroanschrift {f}; Dienstadresse {f}; Dienstanschrift {f} [adm.]

office addresses Büroadressen {pl}; Büroanschriften {pl}; Dienstadressen {pl}; Dienstanschriften {pl}

cover address; accommodation address [Br.] Deckadresse {f}; Tarnadresse {f}; Briefkastenadresse {f}

cover addresses; accommodation addresses Deckadressen {pl}; Tarnadressen {pl}; Briefkastenadressen {pl}

cover address Deckadresse {f}

cover addresses Deckadressen {pl}

email address; e-mail address E-Mail-Adresse {f}

email addresses; e-mail addresses E-Mail-Adressen {pl}

to spoof another person's e-mail address eine fremde E-Mail-Adresse für Fakemails missbrauchen

opening address Eröffnungsansprache {f}

opening addresses Eröffnungsansprachen {pl}

teleprinter exchange address; telex address Fernschreibadresse {f}; Fernschreibanschrift {f} [adm.]; Telexadresse {f}; Telexanschrift {f} [adm.] [telco.]

teleprinter exchange addresses; telex addresses Fernschreibadressen {pl}; Fernschreibanschriften {pl}; Telexadressen {pl}; Telexanschriften {pl}

commemorative address Gedenkrede {f}

commemorative addresses Gedenkreden {pl}

device address Geräteadresse {f} [comp.]

device addresses Geräteadressen {pl}

funeral address; funeral sermon (by a priest); eulogy Grabrede {f}

funeral addresses; funeral sermons; eulogies Grabreden {pl}

keynote address; keynote speech Grundsatzrede {f}; programmatische Rede {f} [pol.]

keynote addresses; keynote speeches Grundsatzreden {pl}; programmatische Reden {pl}

home address; address in (one's/their) home country Heimatadresse {f}

home addresses; addresses in (one's/their) home country Heimatadressen {pl}

They gave us their home/home-country/home-town addresses. Sie gaben uns ihre Heimatadressen.

internet address; web address; uniform resource locator /URL/ Internetadresse {f}; Webadresse {f}; URL {f} [comp.]

internet addresses; web addresses; uniform resource locators Internetadressen {pl}; Webadressen {pl}; URLs {pl}

bogus internet address; bogon Internet-Scheinadresse; nicht zugewiesene Internetadresse {f}

stray letter; misdirected mail; letter delivered to the wrong address Irrläufer {m}; falsch zugestellter Brief

stray letters; misdirected mails; letters delivered to the wrong addresses Irrläufer {pl}; falsch zugestellte Briefe

contact address Kontaktadresse {f}

contact addresses Kontaktadressen {pl}

abbreviated address Kurzadresse {f}

abbreviated addresses Kurzadressen {pl}

abbreviated address Kurzanschrift {f}

abbreviated addresses Kurzanschriften {pl}

blank address Leeradresse {f} [comp.]

blank addresses Leeradressen {pl}

funeral sermon; funeral oration; funeral address Leichenrede {f}

funeral sermons; funeral orations; funeral addresses Leichenreden {pl}

shipping address; delivery address Lieferadresse {f}; Lieferanschrift {f} [listen]

shipping addresses; delivery addresses Lieferadressen {pl}; Lieferanschriften {pl}

machine address Maschinenadresse {f} [comp.]

machine addresses Maschinenadressen {pl}

address of residence Meldeanschrift {f}; Meldeadresse {f} [adm.]

addresses of residence Meldeanschriften {pl}; Meldeadressen {pl}

officially registered address amtliche Meldeanschrift

multicast address Multicast-Adresse {f}; Gruppenadresse {f}

multicast addresses Multicast-Adressen {pl}; Gruppenadressen {pl}

accommodation address; forwarding address Nachsendeadresse {f}; Domiziladresse {f} [adm.]

accommodation addresses; forwarding addresses Nachsendeadressen {pl}; Domiziladressen {pl}

postal address; post address; mailing address [Am.] Postanschrift {f}; Postadresse {f}

postal addresses; post addresses; mailing addresses Postanschriften {pl}; Postadressen {pl}

pseudo address Pseudoadresse {f}

pseudo addresses Pseudoadressen {pl}

billing address; invoice address Rechnungsanschrift {f}; Rechnungsadresse {f}

billing addresses; invoice addresses Rechnungsanschriften {pl}; Rechnungsadressen {pl}

speech; address [listen] [listen] Rede {f}; Ansprache {f}

speeches; addresses Reden {pl}; Ansprachen {pl}

farewell speech; farewell address; valedictory speech; valedictory address; valedictory Abschiedsrede {f}; Abschiedsansprache {f}

closing speech Abschlussrede {f}

speech of welcome; welcoming speech; welcoming address Begrüßungsrede {f}; Begrüßungsansprache {f}

speechs of welcome; welcoming speeches; welcoming addresses Begrüßungsreden {pl}; Begrüßungsansprachen {pl}

acceptance speech (given by sb. receiving an award/prize) Dankesrede {f} (bei einer Preisverleihung)

television address Fernsehansprache {f}

television addresses Fernsehansprachen {pl}

official speech Festrede {f}; Festansprache {f}

marathon speech Marathonrede {f}

ministerial speech; ministerial address Ministerrede {f}

nominating speech Nominierungsrede {f} [pol.]

after-dinner speech Tischrede {f}

campaign speech; stump speech [Am.] Wahlrede {f} [pol.]

to give a formal address die Festrede halten

the President's speech; the speech given by the President die Rede des Präsidenten

an excellent speech; a stem-winder [Am.] [coll.] eine hervorragende Rede

to give a speech; to make a speech; to deliver a speech; to give/deliver an address (about/on sth.) eine Rede halten; eine Ansprache halten (über/zu etw.)

return address Rückkehradresse {f} [comp.]

return addresses Rückkehradressen {pl}

cover address Scheinadresse {f}

cover addresses Scheinadressen {pl}

memory address; storage address Speicheradresse {f} [comp.]

memory addresses; storage addresses Speicheradressen {pl}

absolute storage address absolute Speicheradresse {f}

no-station address; loopback address (network engineering) Sperradresse {f} (Netzwerktechnik) [comp.]

no-station addresses; loopback addresses Sperradressen {pl}

branch address; jump address Sprungadresse {f} [comp.]

branch addresses; jump addresses Sprungadressen {pl}

track address Spuradresse {f}

track addresses Spuradressen {pl}

start address Startadresse {f} [comp.]

start addresses Startadressen {pl}

telegraphic address Telegrammanschrift {f}

telegraphic addresses Telegrammanschriften {pl}

address for dispatch Versandadresse {f}

addresses for dispatch Versandadressen {pl}

residential address Wohnanschrift {f}; Wohnadresse {f} [adm.]

residential addresses Wohnanschriften {pl}; Wohnadressen {pl}

home address Wohnanschrift {f}; Privatadresse {f}; Privatanschrift {f}; Wohnadresse {f}; Wohnsitzadresse {f}; Wohnungsadresse {f}

home addresses Wohnanschriften {pl}; Privatadressen {pl}; Wohnadressen {pl}; Wohnsitzadressen {pl}; Wohnungsadressen {pl}

web address WWW-Adresse {f}

web addresses WWW-Adressen {pl}

destination address Zieladresse {f}

destination addresses Zieladressen {pl}

resolution (of domain names to IP addresses) [listen] Zuordnung {f} (von Domainnamen zu IP Adressen) [comp.] [listen]

IP address resolution IP-Adressenfeststellung {f}

address for service Zustellungsadresse {f}; Zustelladresse {f} [adm.]

addresses for service Zustellungsadressen {pl}; Zustelladressen {pl}

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