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sleeve; bushing [listen] [listen] Hülse {f}; Büchse {f} [techn.] [listen]

sleeves; bushings [listen] Hülsen {pl}; Büchsen {pl}

positioning sleeve Positionierhülse {f}

centring sleeve; centering sleeve Zentrierhülse {f}

sleeve-type suppressor Entstörmuffe {f} [electr.]

sleeve-type suppressors Entstörmuffen {pl}

sleeve [listen] Muffe {f}; Hülse {f}; Manschette {f} [listen]

sleeves [listen] Muffen {pl}; Hülsen {pl}; Manschetten {pl}

sliding sleeve Schiebemuffe {f}

chafing sleeve Schutzmuffe gegen Abrieb

twisting sleeve Würgehülse {f}

sleeve [listen] Ärmel {m}

sleeves [listen] Ärmel {pl}

sleeved mit Ärmeln

to roll up one's sleeves (take action) die Ärmel hochkrempeln; in die Hände spucken; in die Hosen steigen [Schw.] (aktiv werden)

sleeve tab Ärmelspange {f} [textil.]

sleeve tabs Ärmelspangen {pl}

sleeve length Armlänge {f}

sleeve lengths Armlängen {pl}

sleeve joint Einsteckstoß {m}

sleeve notes; cover notes (vinyl record) Hüllentext {m} (Schallplatte)

sleeve coupling Hülsenkupplung {f} [techn.]

sleeve couplings Hülsenkupplungen {pl}

sleeve packing Manschettenpackung {f} [techn.]

sleeve joint; bell-and-spigot joint Muffenverbindung {f} [techn.]

sleeve joints; bell-and-spigot joints Muffenverbindungen {pl}

sleeve packing; sleeve (pump) [listen] Stulpmanschette {f}; Stulpe {f}; Stulp {m} (Pumpe)

sleeve packings; sleeves [listen] Stulpmanschetten {pl}; Stulpen {pl}

cable end piece; cable end sleeve; cable end connector; cable head; cable terminal; cable pothead Kabelendverschluss {m}; Kabelmuffe {f} [electr.]

cable end pieces; cable end sleeves; cable end connectors; cable heads; cable terminals; cable potheads Kabelendverschlüsse {pl}; Kabelmuffen {pl}

cable terminal box kastenförmiger Kabelendverschluss; Kabelverteilungskasten {m}

dividing cable box Kabelendverschluss für eine Verzweigung; Kabelverzweiger {m}; Kabelendverteiler {m}

bifurcated box; bifurcate box doppelter Kabelendverschluss; Hosenmuffe {f}

flush folder; plastic pocket; plastic sleeve Sichthülle {f}; Dokumentenhülle {f}; Prospekthülle {f}; Sichttasche {f}

flush folders; plastic pockets; plastic sleeves Sichthüllen {pl}; Dokumentenhüllen {pl}; Prospekthüllen {pl}; Sichttaschen {pl}

clear plastic pocket transparente Dokumentenhülle

punched pocket; punched sleeve Aktenhülle; Prospekthülle mit Lochung / zum Abheften

pipe collar; pipe coupling; pipe socket; pipe sleeve Rohrmuffe {f}; Muffe {f}

pipe collars; pipe couplings; pipe sockets; pipe sleeves Rohrmuffen {pl}; Muffen {pl}

solvent-cement socket Klebemuffe {f}

splicing sleeve Verbindungsmuffe {f}; Kabelmuffe {f} [electr.]

splicing sleeves Verbindungsmuffen {pl}; Kabelmuffen {pl}

splicing sleeve for soldering Lötverbindungsmuffe {f}

coupling sleeve; sleeve [listen] Verbindungsmuffe {f} [techn.]

coupling sleeves; sleeves [listen] Verbindungsmuffen {pl}

crewed conduit coupling sleeve Verbindungsmuffe für Rohrverschraubungen

terminal sleeve Abschlusshülse {f}

terminal sleeves Abschlusshülsen {pl}

distance sleeve Abstandhülse {f}

distance sleeves Abstandhülsen {pl}

protective sleeve Ärmelschoner {m}

protective sleeves Ärmelschoner {pl}

pipe boring box; tapping sleeve Anbohrschelle {f} (Rohrleger); Anbohrapparat {m}

pipe boring boxes; tapping sleeves Anbohrschellen {pl}; Anbohrapparate {pl}

connection; connecting branch; connection sleeve; connection pipe [listen] Anschlussstutzen {m}

connections; connecting branches; connection sleeves; connection pipes Anschlussstutzen {pl}

bag sleeve; bishop sleeve (traditional custumes) Bauschärmel {m} (Trachtenmode) [textil.]

bag sleeves; bishop sleeves Bauschärmel {pl}

brake lever sleeve Bremshebelüberzug {m}

flange sleeve; collar sleeve Bundbuchse {f}

flange sleeves; collar sleeves Bundbuchsen {pl}

crimp sleeve Crimphülse {f} [electr.]

crimp sleeves Crimphülsen {pl}

roof sleeve Dachhülse {f} [constr.]

roof sleeves Dachhülsen {pl}

expansion sleeve Dehnhülse {f} [techn.]

expansion sleeves Dehnhülsen {pl}

expansion sleeve Dehnungshülse {f} [mach.]

expansion sleeves Dehnungshülsen {pl}

spacer sleeve; distance bush; spacer tube Distanzhülse {f}; Abstandhalterhülse {f} [techn.]

spacer sleeves; distance bushes; spacer tubes Distanzhülsen {pl}; Abstandhalterhülsen {pl}

pressure sleeve Druckring {m}

pressure sleeves Druckringe {pl}

welding sleeve Einschweißmuffe {f} [techn.]

welding sleeves Einschweißmuffen {pl}

adjusting sleeve Einstellhülse {f}

adjusting sleeves Einstellhülsen {pl}

electrofusion sleeve; electrofusion fitting; electrofusion coupling; EF coupler Elektroschweißmuffe {f}; Elektromuffe {f}

electrofusion sleeves; electrofusion fittings; electrofusion couplings; EF couplers Elektroschweißmuffen {pl}; Elektromuffen {pl}

grounding sleeve Erdungshülse {f}

grounding sleeves Erdungshülsen {pl}

braided sleeve Geflechtschlauch {m}

plain bearing; slide bearing; sliding contact bearing; sleeve bearing; friction bearing Gleitlager {n} [techn.]

plain bearings; slide bearings; sliding contact bearings; sleeve bearings; friction bearings Gleitlager {pl}

to have sth. up one's sleeve; to have sth. up in reserve etw. in der Hinterhand haben; etw. in petto haben {v}

He always has something up his sleeve. Er hat immer etwas in petto.

cable sleeve support Kabelknickschutz {m}

cable support sleeve Kabeltülle {f}

taper sleeve Kegelhülse {f}

taper sleeves Kegelhülsen {pl}

split tubular clip; clamp sleeve Klemmhülse {f}

split tubular clips; clamp sleeves Klemmhülsen {pl}

bend relief sleeve; anti-kink sleeve; sleeved grommet (cable) Knickschutztülle {f} (Kabel)

bend relief sleeves; anti-kink sleeves; sleeved grommets Knickschutztüllen {pl}

expansion joint sleeve Kompensatorschutzrohr {n} [mach.]

expansion joint sleeves Kompensatorschutzrohre {pl}

crank handle sleeve Kurbelgriffhülse {f} [techn.]

crank handle sleeves Kurbelgriffhülsen {pl}

air-spring bellows; air-spring bag; air bellows; air sleeve; suspension bag Luftfeder-Rollbalg {m}; Luftfederbalg {m} [auto]

air-spring bellows; air-spring bags; air bellows; air sleeves; suspension bags Luftfeder-Rollbälge {pl}; Luftfederbälge {pl}

wall sleeve Mauerkasten {m} [constr.]

wall sleeves Mauerkästen {pl}

threaded sleeve joint Muffenverschraubung {f} [techn.]

threaded sleeve joints Muffenverschraubungen {pl}

high-strength plastic sleeve conduit Panzersteckrohr {n}

high-strength plastic sleeve conduits Panzersteckrohre {pl}

record sleeve; cover [listen] Plattenhülle {f}

record sleeves; covers [listen] Plattenhüllen {pl}

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