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27 results for couplings
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leaf spring coupling Blattfederkupplung {f} [techn.]

leaf spring couplings Blattfederkupplungen {pl}

geared coupling Bogenzahnkupplung {f} [mach.]

geared couplings Bogenzahnkupplungen {pl}

pin coupling Bolzenkupplung {f} [mach.]

pin couplings Bolzenkupplungen {pl}

diazo coupling Diazokupplung {f} [chem.]

diazo couplings Diazokupplungen {pl}

electrofusion sleeve; electrofusion fitting; electrofusion coupling; EF coupler Elektroschweißmuffe {f}; Elektromuffe {f}

electrofusion sleeves; electrofusion fittings; electrofusion couplings; EF couplers Elektroschweißmuffen {pl}; Elektromuffen {pl}

ball joint coupling; joint coupling; flexible coupling Gelenkkupplung {f} [techn.]

ball joint couplings; joint couplings; flexible couplings Gelenkkupplungen {pl}

link coupling (pipeline etc.) Gelenkkupplung {f} (Rohrleitung usw.)

link couplings Gelenkkupplungen {pl}

cardan shaft coupling Gelenkwellenkupplung {f} [techn.]

cardan shaft couplings Gelenkwellenkupplungen {pl}

thread coupling Gewindekupplung {f}; Schraubkupplung {f}

thread couplings Gewindekupplungen {pl}; Schraubkupplungen {pl}

sleeve coupling Hülsenkupplung {f} [techn.]

sleeve couplings Hülsenkupplungen {pl}

cardan joint; universal joint; Hooke's joint; universal coupling Kardangelenk {n}; Kreuzgelenk {n}; Hooke-Gelenk {n} [techn.]

cardan joints; universal joints; Hooke's joints; universal couplings Kardangelenke {pl}; Kreuzgelenke {pl}; Hooke-Gelenke {pl}

universal joint; U-joint Kardangelenk mit Innen- und Außenvierkant

ball-and-socket coupling (insulator unit) Klöppel- und Pfannenverbindung {f}; Klöppelpfannenverbindung {f} (Isolator) [electr.]

ball-and-socket couplings Klöppel- und Pfannenverbindungen {pl}; Klöppelpfannenverbindungen {pl}

ball coupling (insulator unit) Klöppelverbindung {f} (Isolator) [electr.]

ball couplings Klöppelverbindungen {pl}

half-coupling Kupplungsflansch {m} [techn.]

half-couplings Kupplungsflansche {pl}

magnetic coupling; magnetic clutch Magnetkupplung {f} [techn.]

magnetic couplings; magnetic clutches Magnetkupplungen {pl}

muff coupling; butt coupling Muffenkupplung {f} [techn.]

muff couplings; butt couplings Muffenkupplungen {pl}

ring-eye coupling Ringlochkupplung {f} [techn.]

ring-eye couplings Ringlochkupplungen {pl}

pipe collar; pipe coupling; pipe socket; pipe sleeve Rohrmuffe {f}; Muffe {f}

pipe collars; pipe couplings; pipe sockets; pipe sleeves Rohrmuffen {pl}; Muffen {pl}

solvent-cement socket Klebemuffe {f}

pipe coupling Rohrverbinder {m}

pipe couplings Rohrverbinder {pl}

box coupling Schalenkupplung {f} [techn.]

box couplings Schalenkupplungen {pl}

disc clutch [Br.]; disk clutch [Am.]; plate c; flange coupling Scheibenkupplung {f} [techn.]

disc clutches; disk clutchs; flange couplings Scheibenkupplungen {pl}

hose coupling Schlauchkupplung {f}

hose couplings Schlauchkupplungen {pl}

screw coupling Schraubkupplung {f} [techn.]

screw couplings Schraubkupplungen {pl}

coupler; coupling [listen] Verbindungsstück {n}

couplers; couplings Verbindungsstücke {pl}

train coupling Bahnkupplung {f} [mach.]

train couplings Bahnkupplungen {pl}

bellows coupling Balgkupplung {f} [mach.]

bellows couplings Balgkupplungen {pl}

plug coupling Steckerkupplung {f} [electr.]

plug couplings Steckerkupplungen {pl}
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