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to buffer; to cache sth. [listen] etw. zwischenspeichern; puffern; cachen {vt} [comp.]

buffering; caching zwischenspeichernd; puffernd

buffered; cached zwischengespeichert; puffern

buffer-bar (railway) Stoßstange {f} (Bahn)

buffer-bars Stoßstangen {pl}

buffer stop; buffer; bumper [Am.] (railway) [listen] [listen] Prellbock {m} (Bahn) [transp.]

buffer stops; buffers; bumpers Prellböcke {pl}

buffer stop block; bumper block [Am.] Bremsprellbock {m}

to buffer sth. etw. abpuffern; etw. puffern {vt} [chem.]

buffering abpuffernd; puffernd

buffered abgepuffert; gepuffert

buffer stock Ausgleichslager {n}

buffer [listen] Puffer {m}; Stoßdämpfer {m}

buffers Puffer {pl}

buffer distance Pufferabstand {m}

buffer analysis Pufferanalyse {f} [geogr.]

buffer analyses Pufferanalysen {pl}

buffer stop Pufferanschlag {m}

buffer stops Pufferanschläge {pl}

buffer battery Pufferbatterie {f}

buffer batteries Pufferbatterien {pl}

buffer stock Pufferbestand {m}

buffer linkage Puffergestänge {n}

buffer capacity Pufferkapazität {f}

buffer support Pufferlager {n}

buffer solution Pufferlösung {f} [chem.]

buffer acid Puffersäure {f} [chem.]

buffer washer Pufferscheibe {f} [techn.]

buffer washers Pufferscheiben {pl}

buffer storage system; redundancy storage system; back-up unit (heat pump) Pufferspeicher {m} (Wärmepumpe)

buffer storage systems; redundancy storage systems; back-up units Pufferspeicher {pl}

buffer state Pufferstaat {m}

buffer action Pufferwirkung {f} [chem.]

buffer zone Pufferzone {f} [mil.] [techn.]

buffer zones Pufferzonen {pl}

buffer [listen] Zwischenbereich {m}

buffers Zwischenbereiche {pl}

buffer memory; buffer [listen] Zwischenspeicher {m}; Pufferspeicher {m} [comp.]

cache memory schneller Pufferspeicher

buffer range Pufferbereich {m} [biochem.]

buffer ranges Pufferbereiche {pl}

buffer time Zeitpuffer {m}; (zeitlicher) Puffer {m}

buffer profiles Anschlagsprofile {pl} [constr.] [techn.]

axial buffer disc [Br.]; axial buffer disk [Am.] Anlaufplatte {f} [techn.]

axial buffer discs; axial buffer disks Anlaufplatten {pl}

floor buffer Bohnermaschine {f} [electr.]

floor buffers Bohnermaschinen {pl}

data buffer Datenpuffer {m} [comp.]

input/output buffer store; input/output buffer; I/O buffer [listen] [listen] Ein-/Ausgabe-Pufferspeicher {m}; Ein-/Ausgabe-Puffer {m}; E/A-Puffer {m} [comp.]

protection buffer Einsteckpuffer {m}

graphics memory; video memory; frame buffer Grafikspeicher {m} [comp.]

rubber buffer Gummipuffer {m}

rubber buffers Gummipuffer {pl}

channel buffer Kanalspeicher {m}

capital conservation buffer (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) Kapitalerhaltungspolster {n}; Kapitalerhaltungspolster {m} [Ös.] (Basler Ausschuss für Bankenaufsicht) [econ.]

countercyclical capital buffer (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) antizyklisches Kapitalpolster {n}; antizyklischer Kapitalpolster {m} [Ös.] (Basler Ausschuss für Bankenaufsicht) [econ.]

air cushion; air buffer Luftkissen {n}; Luftpolster {n}

air cushions; air buffers Luftkissen {pl}; Luftpolster {pl}

buffersize; buffer size Puffergröße {f}

systemic risk buffer (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) systemischer Risikopuffer {m} (Basler Ausschuss für Bankenaufsicht) [econ.]

recoil brake; recoil buffer Rückstoßbremse {f}; Schussbremse {f} [ugs.] [mil.]

recoil brakes; recoil buffers Rückstoßbremsen {pl}; Schussbremsen {pl}

unity gain buffer Spannungsfolger {m} [electr.]

unity gain buffers Spannungsfolger {pl}

to re-buffer; to rebuffer sth. to/into sth. etw. zu etw. umpuffern {vt} [chem.]

elastic buffer Elastikpuffer {m} [techn.]

bumper buffer devices Anfahrschutz {m} [techn.]

impact [listen] Stoß {m} [phys.] [listen]

impacts Stöße {pl}

elastic impact elastischer Stoß

inelastic impact plastischer Stoß

oblique impact schiefer Stoß

to buffer impacts Stöße abpuffern/dämpfen
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