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litophone; stone discs Litophon {n}; Steinspiel {n} [mus.]

litophones; stone discs Litophone {pl}; Steinspiele {pl}

axial buffer disc [Br.]; axial buffer disk [Am.] Anlaufplatte {f} [techn.]

axial buffer discs; axial buffer disks Anlaufplatten {pl}

stop disc [Br.]; stop disk [Am.]; thrust washer Anlaufscheibe {f}

stop discs; stop disks; thrust washers Anlaufscheiben {pl}

work disc [Br.]; work disk [Am.] Arbeitsplatte {f}

work discs; work disks Arbeitsplatten {pl}

support disc [Br.]; support disk [Am.] Auflagescheibe {f} [techn.]

support discs; support disks Auflagescheiben {pl}

intervertebral disc [Br.]; intervertebral disk [Am.]; spinal disc [Br.]; spinal disk [Am.] Bandscheibe {f}; Zwischenwirbelscheibe {f} [anat.]

intervertebral discs; intervertebral disks Bandscheiben {pl}; Zwischenwirbelscheiben {pl}

to slip a disc einen Bandscheibenschaden bekommen

rupture disc [Br.]/disk [Am.]; bursting disc/disk; burst disc/disk; burst diaphragm (pressure protection) Berstscheibe {f}; Berstplatte {f} (Drucksicherung) [techn.]

rupture discs/disks; bursting discs/disks; burst discs/disks; burst diaphragms Berstscheiben {pl}; Berstplatten {pl}

optical disc [Br.]; videodisc [Br.]; optical disk [Am.]; videodisk [Am.] Bildplatte {f}; optische Platte {f}; optischer Datenträger {m} [comp.]

optical discs; videodiscs; optical disks; videodisks Bildplatten {pl}; optische Platten {pl}; optische Datenträger {pl}

dummy disc [Br.]; dummy disk [Am.] Blindscheibe {f}

dummy discs; dummy disks Blindscheiben {pl}

flared disc [Br.]; flared disk [Am.] Bördelscheibe {m} [techn.]

flared discs; flared disks Bördelscheiben {pl}

brake disc [Br.]; brake disk [Am.]; rotor [Am.] Bremsscheibe {f}

brake discs; brake disks; rotors Bremsscheiben {pl}

cipher disc [Br.]; cipher disk [Am.] Chiffrierscheibe {f}

cipher discs; cipher disks Chiffrierscheiben {pl}

compact disc [Br.]; compact disk [Am.] /CD/ Compact Disk {f}; CD {f}; Kompaktplatte {f}

compact discs; compact disks; CDs Compact Disks {pl}; CDs {pl}; Kompaktplatten {pl}

damping disc [Br.]; damping disk [Am.] Dämpfungsscheibe {f}

damping discs; damping disks Dämpfungsscheiben {pl}

ceiling disc [Br.]; ceiling disk [Am.] Deckenscheibe {f}

ceiling discs; ceiling disks Deckenscheiben {pl}

cover disc [Br.]; cover disk [Am.] Deckscheibe {f}

cover discs; cover disks Deckscheiben {pl}

packing washer; sealing disc [Br.]; sealing disk [Am.] Dichtscheibe {f}

packing washers; sealing discs; sealing disks Dichtscheiben {pl}

peep sight disc [Br.]; peep sight disk [Am.] Diopterscheibe {f} [mil.]

peep sight discs; peep sight disks Diopterscheiben {pl}

floppy-disc [Br.]; floppy disk [Am.]; floppy Diskette {f} [comp.]

floppy-discs; floppy disks; floppies Disketten {pl}

double-sided disk doppelseitige Diskette

rotary disc [Br.]; rotary disk [Am.]; rotary table Drehteller {m}

rotary discs; rotary disks; rotary tables Drehteller {pl}

pressure disc [Br.]; pressure disk [Am.] Druckscheibe {f}

pressure discs; pressure disks Druckscheiben {pl}

identity disc [Br.]; identity disk [Am.]; identification tag [Am.]; dog tag [Am.] [coll.] Erkennungsmarke {f}; Hundemarke {f} [ugs.] [mil.]

identity discs; identity disks; identification tags; dog tags Erkennungsmarken {pl}; Hundemarken {pl}

fixed-head disc [Br.]; fixed-head disk [Am.] Festkopfplatte {f} [comp.]

fixed-head discs; fixed-head disks Festkopfplatten {pl}

hard disc [Br.]; hard disk [Am.]; fixed disc [Br.]; fixed disk [Am.] Festplatte {f} [comp.] [listen]

hard discs; hard disks; fixed discs; fixed disks Festplatten {pl}

mirror disc [Br.]; mirror disk [Am.] Spiegelplatte {f}

redundant array of independent (formerly: inexpensive) disks /RAID/ redundante Anordnung unabhängiger Festplatten

hard disk card; hard card; file card (fixed disc memory as plug-in module) Festplattenkarte {f} (Festplatte als PCMCIA-Karte)

adhesive pad; adhesive disc [Br.]; adhesive disk [Am.] (of tendril-climbing plants) Haftscheibe (bei Rankpflanzen) {f} [bot.]

adhesive pads; adhesive discs; adhesive disks Haftscheiben {pl}

stop signal disc (for shunting) (railway) Haltscheibe {f} (für das Rangieren) (Bahn)

stop signal discs Haltscheiben {pl}

dog licence disc [Br.]; dog tag [Am.] Hundemarke {f} [adm.]

dog licence discs; dog tags Hundemarken {pl}

germinal disc [Br.]; germinal disk [Am.] Keimscheibe {f}

germinal discs; germinal disks Keimscheiben {pl}

circular chainwheel disc [Br.]; circular chainwheel disk [Am.] Kettenschutzscheibe {f}

circular chainwheel discs; circular chainwheel disks Kettenschutzscheiben {pl}

motor vehicle tax disc [Br.]; car tax disc [Br.]; road tax disc [Br.] [coll.]; annual license tag [Am.]; annual license sticker [Am.] Kfz-Steuerplakette {f} [auto] [adm.]

motor vehicle tax discs; car tax discs; road tax discs; annual license tags; annual license stickers Kfz-Steuerplaketten {pl}

compact floppy disc [Br.]; compact floppy disk [Am.] Kompaktdiskette {f}; Mikrodiskette {f} [comp.]

compact floppy discs; compact floppy disks Kompaktdisketten {pl}; Mikrodisketten {pl}

disc [Br.]; disk [Am.] [listen] [listen] Kreisscheibe {f} [math.]

discs; disks Kreisscheiben {pl}

clutch disc [Br.]; clutch disk [Am.] Kupplungsscheibe {f} [techn.]

clutch discs; clutch disks Kupplungsscheiben {pl}

magnetic disc [Br.]; magnetic disk [Am.] Magnetplatte {f} [comp.]

magnetic discs; magnetic disks Magnetplatten {pl}

metal disc [Br.]; metal disk [Am.] Metallscheibe {f}

metal discs; metal disks Metallscheiben {pl}

planchet runde, flache Metallscheibe

hub disc [Br.]; hub disk [Am.] Nabenschere {f} [techn.]

hub discs; hub disks Nabenscheren {pl}

radial cam; plate cam; disc cam [Br.]; disk cam [Am.]; cam plate; cam disc [Br.]; cam disk [Am.] Nockenscheibe {f}; Nockenplatte {f}; Kurvenscheibe {f}; Scheibenkurve {f}; Flachkurve {f}; Steuerkurve {f} [techn.]

radial cams; plate cams; disc cams; disk cams; cam plates; cam discs; cam disks Nockenscheiben {pl}; Nockenplatten {pl}; Kurvenscheiben {pl}; Scheibenkurven {pl}; Flachkurven {pl}; Steuerkurven {pl}

plate cam with groove; cam plate with groove; disc/disk cam with groove; cam disc/disk with groove Nutkurvenscheibe {f}; Nutkurve {f}

parking disc [Br.]; parking disk [Am.] Parkscheibe {f} [auto]

parking discs; parking disks Parkscheiben {pl}

disc [Br.]; disk [Am.] [listen] [listen] Platte {f} [comp.] [listen]

discs; disks Platten {pl} [listen]

moving head disk Platte mit beweglichen Magnetköpfen

storage disc [Br.]; storage disk [Am.] Speicherplatte {f}

storage discs; storage disks Speicherplatten {pl}

perspex disc; perspex pane [Br.]; Plexiglas disk; Plexiglas pane [Am.] Plexiglasscheibe {f}

perspex discs; perspex panes; Plexiglas disks; Plexiglas panes Plexiglasscheiben {pl}

signalling disc [Br.]; signaling disk [Am.]; handheld signal Polizeikelle {f}; Signalkelle {f}; Anhaltekelle {f}; Winkerkelle {f}; Stop-Kelle {f}; Anhaltestab {m}

signalling discs; signaling disks; handheld signals Polizeikellen {pl}; Signalkellen {pl}; Anhaltekellen {pl}; Winkerkellen {pl}; Stop-Kellen {pl}; Anhaltestäbe {pl}

The police officer indicated the driver to pull over using a handheld signal. Der Polizist winkte den Fahrer mit der Kelle an den Straßenrand.

disc; wheel disc [Br.]; disk; wheel disk [Am.] [listen] [listen] Radschüssel {f}

discs; wheel discs; disks; wheel disks Radschüssel {pl}

tendril-climbing plant; tendril climber; climbing plant with tendrils; climbers using tendrils Rankenpflanze {f}; Rankpflanze {f}; Rankengewächs {n}; Rankenkletterer {m}; Ranker {m} [bot.]

tendril-climbing plants; tendril climbers; climbing plant with tendrilses; climbers using tendrilses Rankenpflanzen {pl}; Rankpflanzen {pl}; Rankengewächse {pl}; Rankenkletterer {pl}; Ranker {pl}

self-clinging vine with adhesive discs [Br.] / adhesive pads [Am.] Rankenpflanze mit Haftscheiben; Haftscheibenranker {m}

friction disc [Br.]; friction disk [Am.] Reibscheibe {f} [techn.]

friction discs; friction disks Reibscheiben {pl}

slipping clutch disc [Br.]; slipping clutch disk [Am.] Rutschkupplungsscheibe {f} [techn.]

slipping clutch discs; slipping clutch disks Rutschkupplungsscheiben {pl}

disc [Br.]; disk [Am.] [listen] [listen] Scheibe {f} [listen]

discs; disks Scheiben {pl} [listen]

disc [Br.]; disk [Am.]; plate [listen] [listen] [listen] Scheibe {f}; Platte {f}; Teller {m} [techn.] [listen] [listen] [listen]

discs; disks; plates [listen] Scheiben {pl}; Platten {pl}; Teller {pl} [listen] [listen] [listen]

grinding wheel; grinding disc [Br.]/disk [Am.] Schleifscheibe {f}; Schleifrad {n}; Schleifkörper {n} [techn.]

grinding wheels; grinding discs/disks Schleifscheiben {pl}; Schleifräder {pl}; Schleifkörper {pl}

grinding wheel structure Gefüge {n} in einem Schleifkörper

bonded grinding wheel Schleifscheibe aus gebundenem Schleifmittel

vitrified bonded grinding wheel Schleifscheibe mit keramischer Bindung

set angle of the grinding wheel Anstellwinkel der Schleifscheibe

wheel speed/surface speed/peripheral speed of the grinding wheel Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit/Umfangsgeschwindigkeit der Schleifscheibe

abrasive disc [Br.]; abrasive disk [Am.] Schleifscheibenvorsatz {m}; Schleifscheibe {m} (mit Schleifpapier) [techn.]

abrasive discs; abrasive disks Schleifscheibenvorsätze {pl}; Schleifscheiben {pl}

scratch disc [Br.]; scratch disk [Am.] Schmierplatte {f}

scratch discs; scratch disks Schmierplatten {pl}

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