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magnetic field Magnetfeld {n} [phys.] [techn.]

magnetic fields Magnetfelder {pl}

residual magnetic field; residual field Restmagnetfeld {n}; Restfeld {n}

ambient magnetic field magnetisches Umfeld

low-intensity magnetic field schwaches Magnetfeld

magnetic tape Magnetband {n}; Magnettonband {n}

magnetic tapes Magnetbänder {pl}; Magnettonbänder {pl}

to bias a magnetic tape ein Magnetband vormagnetisieren

magnetic field meter; magnetometer Magnetfeldstärkenmessgerät {n}; Magnetometer {n}

magnetic field meters; magnetometers Magnetfeldstärkenmessgeräte {pl}; Magnetometer {pl}

flux-gate magnetometer; saturable-core magnetometer Fluxgate-Magnetometer {n}

magnetic head Magnetkopf {m}

magnetic heads Magnetköpfe {pl}

floating head; flying head fliegender Magnetkopf

magnetic valve Magnetventil {n} [techn.]

magnetic valves Magnetventile {pl}

magnetic valve without voltage spannungsloses Magnetventil

magnetic magnetisch {adj}; Magnet...

nonmagnetic nicht magnetisch

magnetic storm; magnetic disturbance magnetischer Sturm

magnetic shielding; magnetic screening Abschirmeffekt {m} [techn.]

magnetic thickness tester (electroplating) Dickenmessgerät {n} (Galvanisieren) [chem.] [techn.]

magnetic film memory Dünnschichtspeicher {m}

magnetic flaw detection (magnetische) Durchflutungsprüfung {f}

magnetic flaw detections Durchflutungsprüfungen {pl}

magnetic flux control Durchflutungssteuerung {f} [electr.]

magnetic separator Eisenabscheider {m}; Magnetabscheider {m} [mach.]

magnetic separators Eisenabscheider {pl}; Magnetabscheider {pl}

magnetic clamp Haftmagnet {m}

magnetic clamps Haftmagnete {pl}

magnetic particle examination / testing; magnetic particle flaw detection Magnafluxprüfung {f}

magnetic anomaly Magnetanomalie {f} [geol.]

magnetic anomalies Magnetanomalien {pl}

magnetic tape-to-punch-card converter Magnetband-Lochkartenumsetzer {m} [comp.] [hist.]

magnetic tape-to-punch-card converters Magnetband-Lochkartenumsetzer {pl}

magnetic videodisk Magnetbildplatte {f}

magnetic videodisks Magnetbildplatten {pl}

magnetic bubble Magnetblase {f}

magnetic bubbles Magnetblasen {pl}

magnetic brake Magnetbremse {f}

magnetic brakes Magnetbremsen {pl}

magnetic seal Magnetdichtung {f}

magnetic seals Magnetdichtungen {pl}

magnetic wire Magnetdraht {m}; Magnetdrahtspeicher {m}

magnetic core; core [listen] Magnetkern {m}

magnetic cores; cores Magnetkerne {pl}

magnetic core memory; ferrite-core memory Magnetkernspeicher {m}; Ferritkernspeicher {m}; Kernspeicher {m} [comp.] [hist.]

magnetic flapper indicator Magnetklappenanzeige {f}

magnetic flapper indicators Magnetklappenanzeigen {pl}

magnetic ledger-card Magnetkontokarte {f}

magnetic force Magnetkraft {f} [phys.]

magnetic coupling; magnetic clutch Magnetkupplung {f} [techn.]

magnetic couplings; magnetic clutches Magnetkupplungen {pl}

magnetic nut Magnetmutter {f} [techn.]

magnetic nuts Magnetmuttern {pl}

magnetic needle; compass needle Magnetnadel {f}

magnetic needles; compass needles Magnetnadeln {pl}

magnetic disc [Br.]; magnetic disk [Am.] Magnetplatte {f} [comp.]

magnetic discs; magnetic disks Magnetplatten {pl}

magnetic powder Magnetpulver {n}

magnetic resonance imaging /MRI/; magnetic resonance tomography /MRT/; nuclear magnetic resonance /NMR/ Magnetresonanztomographie {f} /MR; MRT/; Kernspintomographie {f}; Kernspintomografie {f}; Kernspin-Tomografie {f} [med.]

magnetic stirring bar; magnetic stirrer; stirring flea [coll.]; stir flea [coll.] (laboratory) Magnetrührstab {m}; Magnetrührer {m}; Rührstäbchen {n}; Rührfisch {m} [ugs.]; Rührschwein {n} [ugs.] (Labor)

magnetic stirring bars; magnetic stirrers; stirring fleas; stir fleas Magnetrührstäbe {pl}; Magnetrührer {pl}; Rührstäbchen {pl}; Rührfische {pl}; Rührschweine {pl}

magnetic layer Magnetschicht {f}

magnetic layers Magnetschichten {pl}

magnetic drain plug Magnetschraube {f} [techn.]

magnetic drain plugs Magnetschrauben {pl}

magnetic levitation train; maglev train Magnetschwebebahn {f}; Magnetschienenbahn {f}; Magnetbahn {f}; Magneteisenbahn {f}

magnetic levitation trains; maglev trains Magnetschwebebahnen {pl}; Magnetschienenbahnen {pl}; Magnetbahnen {pl}; Magneteisenbahnen {pl}

magnetic levitation technology; maglev technology (railways) Magnetschwebetechnik {f} (Bahn) [techn.]

magnetic elevator Magnetsenkrechtförderer {m} [techn.]

magnetic elevators Magnetsenkrechtförderer {pl}

magnetic track Magnetspur {f}

magnetic tracks Magnetspuren {pl}

magnetic strip Magnetstreifen {m}

magnetic strips Magnetstreifen {pl}

magnetic card; swipe card Magnetstreifenkarte {f}; Magnetkarte {f}

magnetic cards; swipe cards Magnetstreifenkarten {pl}; Magnetkarten {pl}

magnetic pick-up Magnetsucher {m}

magnetic ink Magnettinte {f}

magnetic recording head; magnetic head Magnettonkopf {m}; Magnetkopf {m}

magnetic recording heads; magnetic heads Magnettonköpfe {pl}; Magnetköpfe {pl}

magnetic drum Magnettrommel {f}

magnetic drums Magnettrommeln {pl}

magnetic metal forming Magnetumformen {n}

magnetic catch Magnetverschluss {m}

magnetic deviation; magnetic declination (compass navigation) Ortsmissweisung {f}; (magnetische) Deklination {f} (Kompassnavigation) [geogr.] [phys.]

magnetic polarity flip; geomagnetic reversal Polsprung {m}; Polumkehr {f}; Umkehr {f} des Erdmagnetfelds [geogr.] [phys.]

magnetic scanning magnetische Rasterung {f}

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