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remainder; residual quantity [listen] Rest {m} [math.]

residue; residuum; residual matter [listen] Rückstand {m}; Residuum {n} [chem.] [listen]

residua; residuums Rückstände {pl}

insoluble residue /I.R./ unlöslicher Rückstand

residual; residual materia; residue [listen] Reststoff {m}; Residualstoff {m} [envir.]

residuals; residual materials; residues [listen] Reststoffe {pl}; Residualstoffe {pl}

agricultural residues landwirtschaftliche Reststoffe

use of organic residual materials as biogenic sources of raw material organische Reststoffe als biogene Rohstoffquellen nutzen

residual-current-operated protective device; residual-current-operated circuit breaker; residual-current circuit breaker /RCCB/; residual-current operated device; residual current device /RCD/; ground fault circuit interrupter /GFCI/ [Am.]; ground fault interrupter /GFI/ [Am.]; appliance leakage current interrupter /ALCI/ [Am.] Fehlerstromschutzschalter {m}; FI-Schutzschalter {m}; FI-Schalter {m} [ugs.] [electr.]

residual-current-operated protective devices; residual-current-operated circuit breakers; residual-current circuit breakers; residual-current operated devices; residual current devices; ground fault circuit interrupters; ground fault interrupters; appliance leakage current interrupters Fehlerstromschutzschalter {pl}; FI-Schutzschalter {pl}; FI-Schalter {pl}

residual-current breaker with overload protection / overcurrent protection /RCBO/ Fehlerstromschutzschalter mit Überstromauslöser; FI-LS-Schalter {m}; FI-LS-Kombination {f}

residual; residuary Rest...; Neben...; Abfall... {adj} [techn.]

residual product; residuary product Nebenprodukt {n}; (weiterverwertbares) Abfallprodukt {n}

residual nachwirkend; nachträglich erkennbar {adj} [med.] [phys.]

residual elasticity elastische Nachwirkung

to suffer residual effects from Covid an Covid-Nachwirkungen leiden

residual water; used water; foul water Abwasser {n}

residual current (in an electron tube) Anlaufstrom {m} (bei einer Elektronenröhre) [electr.]

residual current state (in an electron tube) Anlaufstromzustand {m}; Anlaufzustand {m} (bei einer Elektronenröhre) [electr.]

residual current; leakage current; fault current Fehlerstrom {m}; Fehlstrom {m} [electr.]

residual resistance Formwiderstand {m} [naut.]

residual flash (forge) Gratansatz {m} (Schmiede) [techn.]

residual solvent Lösemittelrest {m}

residual solvents Lösemittelreste {pl}

residual atmosphere Luftrückstand {m} [chem.]

residual heat removal pump; RHR pump (nuclear reactor) Nachkühlpumpe {f} (Kernreaktor) [techn.]

residual heat removal pumps; RHR pumps Nachkühlpumpen {pl}

residual heat exchanger (nuclear reactor) Nachwärmekühler {m} (Kernreaktor) [techn.]

residual heat exchangers Nachwärmekühler {pl}

residual deflection (metrology) Nullpunktfehler {m} (Messtechnik) [techn.]

residual sludge Pochtrübe {f} [min.]

residual hills Residualgebirge {n} [geol.]

residual Residuum {n} [math.]

residual bus simulation Restbussimulation {f} [auto]

residual chlorine Restchlor {n}; Restchlorgehalt {m}; Restgehalt {m} an freiem Chlor; Chlorüberschuss {m} [chem.]

residual drawdown Restabsenkung {f}

residual emission Restemission {f} [envir.]

residual emissions Restemissionen {pl}

residual error Restfehler {m} [math.] [statist.] [techn.]

residual errors Restfehler {pl}

residual parcel of land; leftover area; outlot [Am.] [hist.] (spatial planning) Restfläche {f}; Restzwickel {m} (Raumplanung) [adm.] [geogr.]

residual parcels of land; leftover areas; outlots Restflächen {pl}; Restzwickel {pl}

residual lumen Restlumen {n}

residual waste Restmüll {m}

residual debt; balance of debt; balance due Restschuld {f} [fin.]

residual disposal Reststoffentsorgung {f}; Reststoffbeseitigung {f} [envir.]

residual current (in a bipolar transistor) Reststrom {m} (bei einem Bipolartransistor) [electr.]

residual traffic Restverkehr {m} [telco.]

residual pollution Restverschmutzung {f}

residual value; salvage value Restwert {m} [fin.]

residual values; salvage values Restwerte {pl}

residual payment; final payment (einmalige) Restzahlung {f} [fin.]

residual payments; final payments Restzahlungen {pl}

residual sludge (hydrology) Rücksstandsschlamm {m} (Gewässerkunde)

residual deposit Rückstandslagerstätte {f}; Residuallagerstätte {f} [min.]

residual deposits Rückstandslagerstätten {pl}; Residuallagerstätten {pl}

residual image; double image; ghost image (TV) Störbild {n}; Doppelbild {n}; Geisterbild {n} (TV)

residual images; double images; ghost images Störbilder {pl}; Doppelbilder {pl}; Geisterbilder {pl}

residual frequency modulation (klystron) Störfrequenzmodulation {f} (Klystron) [electr.]

residual carrier Trägerrest {m} [telco.]

residual earth; residual soil; regolith; sathrolith Verwitterungsboden {m} [geol.]

immature residual soil unreifer Verwitterungsboden

residual clay Verwitterungston {m} [geol.]

residual material; leftover material Restmaterial {n}

residual claim; remaining claim; outstanding receivable Restforderung {f} [fin.]

residual claims; remaining claims; outstanding receivables Restforderungen {pl}

residual soil; regolith; saprolith; sathrolith Residualboden {m} [geol.]

residual magma; rest magma Restmagma {n} [geol.]

residual melt Restschmelze {f}

remaining; residual; residuary [formal]; the rest of [listen] verbleibend; verblieben; restlich; Rest... {adj} [listen]

residual air Restluft {f}

the residual income after tax das verbleibende Einkommen nach Steuern

the withdrawal of the remaining troops / of residual troops / of the residuary troops der Abzug der verbliebenen Truppen

decay product; daughter product; daughter isotope; daughter nuclide; daughter nucleus; residual nucleus (reactor technology) Zerfallsprodukt {n}; Tochterkern {m}; Restkern {m} (Reaktortechnik)

decay products; daughter products; daughter isotopes; daughter nuclides; daughter nuclei; residual nuclei Zerfallsprodukte {pl}; Tochterkerne {pl}; Restkerne {pl}

decay processes; processes of disintegration Zerfallsprozesse {pl}; Zerfallsvorgänge {pl}; Verfallsprozesse {pl}

disposal of residual pollution/waste dumps Altlasten-Entsorgung {f} [envir.]

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