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4 results for Magnetbahn
Word division: Ma·g·net·bahn
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Antriebsabschnitt {m} (einer Magnetbahn) [transp.] propulsion segment /PSE/ (of a maglev guideway)

Magnetschwebebahn {f}; Magnetschienenbahn {f}; Magnetbahn {f}; Magneteisenbahn {f} magnetic levitation train; maglev train

Magnetschwebebahnen {pl}; Magnetschienenbahnen {pl}; Magnetbahnen {pl}; Magneteisenbahnen {pl} magnetic levitation trains; maglev trains

Eisenbahnweiche {f}; Gleisweiche {f}; Weichenanlage {f}; Weiche {f} (Gleisabschnitt bestehend aus festen Schienen, Zungenschienen, Herzstück und Weichenantrieb) (Bahn) rail turnout; railway turnout [Br.]; railroad turnout [Am.]; turnout (track section composed of fixed rails, the point rails, the cross frog, and the point mechanism) (often wrongly: points [Br.]; switch [Am.]) (railway)

Eisenbahnweichen {pl}; Gleisweichen {pl}; Weichenanlagen {pl}; Weichen {pl} rail turnouts; railway turnouts; railroad turnouts; turnouts

Außenbogenweiche {f} /ABW/ turnout curved away from the diverging route

Bogenweiche {f} curved turnout (often wrongly: curved switch)

Doppelweiche {f}; Dreiwegweiche {f} [selten] double turnout; three-throw turnout

Dreiwegeweiche {f} mit versetzten Zungenspitzen (Magnetbahn) tandem turnout (maglev guideway)

einfache Weiche single turnout (often wrongly: ordinary points)

einfache Rechtsweiche {f} right-hand turnout

einfache Linksweiche {f} left-hand turnout

fernbediente Weiche remote-controlled turnout

Flachweiche {f} turnout with a flat-angle crossing

Innenbogenweiche {f} turnout curved towards the diverging route

symmetrische Außenbogenweiche {f}; symmetrische Weiche; zweiseitige Weiche; Y-Weiche {f} wye turnout; equilateral turnout [Am.]

eine Weiche ausbauen to dismantle a turnout

Weiche {f} (die verstellbaren Teile einer Weichenanlage) (Bahn) point switch; set of (railway) points [Br.]; pair of points [Br.]; railway points [Br.]; points [Br.]; railroad switch [Am.]; track switch [Am.]; switch [Am.] (the movable parts of a turnout) (railway) [listen] [listen]

Weichen {pl} point switches; sets of points; pairs of points; railway pointses; points; railroad switches; track switches; switches [listen]

Abzweigungsweiche {f}; Einmündungsweiche {f}; Anschlussweiche {f}; Trennungsweiche {f}; Verbindungsweiche {f} junction points [Br.]; junction switch [Am.]

Biegeweiche {f} (Magnetbahn) deflexion points; deflexion switch (maglev guideway)

aufgeschnittene Weiche (die für spitze Befahrung eingestellt war, aber stumpf befahren wurde) trailed point (which has been run through in the trailing direction when the switches were set differently)

bivalente Weiche (sowohl für Schienenbahn als auch für Magnetbahn ausgelegt) bivalent points; bivalent switch (designed for both rail and maglev trains)

Drehweiche {f} (Magnetbahn) rotating points; rotating switch (maglev guideway)

Dreiwegeweiche {f} (Magnetbahn) three-way points; three-way switch; double-throw points; double-throw switch (maglev guideway)

Einfahrweiche {f} (erste spitz befahrene Weiche beim Einfahren in einen Bahnhof) entry point switch (first facing point switch in a station, run over by an arriving train)

Entgleisungsweiche {f}; Schutzweiche {f} derailing points [Br.]; catch points [Br.]; derailing switch [Am.]; safety switch [Am.]

elektrische Weiche; Weiche mit elektrischem Weichenantrieb electric-motor operated points [Br.]; electric-motor operated switch [Am.]

gekuppelte Weichen coupled points [Br.]; coupled switches [Am.]

fahrzeuggesteuerte Weiche (Magnetbahn) vehicle-controlled switch (Maglev guideway)

Federrückfallweiche {f}; Rückfallweiche {f} mit Feder spring point switch; spring points [Br.]; spring switch [Am.]

Handweiche {f}; handbediente Weiche hand-operated point switch; hand-operated points [Br.]; points operated by hand [Br.]; hand-operated switch [Am.]

motorgetriebene Weiche powered point switch; powered points [Br.]; powered switch [Am.]

Schleppweiche {f} stub points; stub switch

spitzbefahrene Weiche {f} facing points

stumpfbefahrene Weiche {f} trailing points

gerader Strang einer Weiche main section; through section; through track of points/switches

krummer Strang; ablenkender Strang einer Weiche deflecting section; switching section of points/switches

Weiche, die im Notfall manuell entriegelt werden kann emergency-released point switch

Weiche mit Einzelbedienung individual points switches

Weiche mit hydraulischem Weichenantrieb hydraulically operated points [Br.]; hydraulically operated switch [Am.]

Weiche mit Doppelbedienung dual control switch

Weiche mit federnder Zunge flexible points [Br.]/switch [Am.] [listen]

Bedienpanel für lokale Weichen local point operating panel

Entriegelung einer Weiche release of a point switch

die Weichen stellen to make the road; to throw the points [Br.]; to throw the switches [Am.]

die Weichen umlegen to reverse the points

die Weichen auffahren/aufschneiden to split the points

die Weiche spitz befahren; die Weiche gegen die Spitze befahren to pass over the points [Br.] / the switch [Am.] in the facing direction; to negotiate the facing points [Br.]

die Weiche stumpf befahren to trail the points [Br.]; to trail the switch [Am.]; to pass over the points [Br.] / the switch [Am.] in the trailing direction
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