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58 results for clamps
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to connect sth. by clamps / cramps etw. anklammern; mit Klammern verbinden {vt} [techn.]

connecting by clamps / cramps anklammernd; mit Klammern verbindend

connected by clamps / cramps angeklammert; mit Klammern verbunden

applying of clamps / clips (to a wound etc.) Verklammern {n} (einer Wunde usw.) [med.]

to close sth. with clamps (wound etc.) etw. verklammern {vt} (Wunde usw.) [med.]

anastomotic clamps Anastomosenklemmen {pl} [Beleuchtungstechnik] [electr.] [techn.]

counter-balancing clamps Auswuchtklammer {f} [Beleuchtungstechnik] [electr.] [techn.]

feeder clip; terminal; terminal clamp; connecting terminal; connection terminal; connector; lug [listen] [listen] [listen] Anschlussklemme {f}; Verbindungsklemme {f} [electr.]

feeder clips; terminals; terminal clamps; connecting terminals; connection terminals; connectors; lugs Anschlussklemmen {pl}; Verbindungsklemmen {pl}

two-wire connector Verbindungsklemme für zwei Drähte

clamp for contact wires; contact wire splice Fahrdrahtverbindungsklemme {f} (Bahn)

artery clamp; artery forceps Arterienklemme {f} [med.]

artery clamps; artery forceps Arterienklemmen {pl}

bolt clamp Bügelschelle {f}

bolt clamps Bügelschellen {pl}

burette clamp (laboratory) Bürettenklemme {f} (Labor) [chem.]

burette clamps Bürettenklemmen {pl}

intestinal clamp; intestinal forceps Darmklemme {f} [med.]

intestinal clamps; intestinal forcepses Darmklemmen {pl}

intstinal crushing clamp; Payr's clamp weichfassende Darmklemme; Payr'sche Darmklemme

diagonal clamp Diagonalschelle {f}

diagonal clamps Diagonalschellen {pl}

spacer clamp Distanzschelle {f} [techn.]

spacer clamps Distanzschellen {pl}

through clamp Durchgangsklemme {f}

through clamps Durchgangsklemmen {pl}

end clamp Endklemme {f}

end clamps Endklemmen {pl}

locking clamp Feststellbügel {m} [techn.]

locking clamps Feststellbügel {pl}

vascular clamp; artery forceps; haemostatic [Br.] / hemostatic [Am.] forceps; vasotribe; haemostat [Br.]; hemostat [Am.] Gefäßklemme {f}; Arterienklemme {f}; Elektroagulator {m} [med.]

vascular clamps; artery forcepses; haemostatic / hemostatic forcepses; vasotribes; haemostats; hemostats Gefäßklemmen {pl}; Arterienklemmen {pl}; Elektroagulatoren {pl}

atraumatic vascular clamp; non-crushing vascular clamp atraumatische Gefäßklemme

Beck-Potts clamp Pott'sche Gefäßklemme

miter clamp; mitre clamp Gehrungsklemme {f} [mach.]

miter clamps; mitre clamps Gehrungsklemmen {pl}

slide clamp (infusion set) Gleitklemme {f} (Infusionsbesteck) [med.]

slide clamps Gleitklemmen {pl}

magnetic clamp Haftmagnet {m}

magnetic clamps Haftmagnete {pl}

retaining clamp Haltebrille {f}

retaining clamps Haltebrillen {pl}

cable end clamp Kabelendklemme {f}

cable end clamps Kabelendklemmen {pl}

cable clamp; cable strain relief clamp Kabelklemme {f}; Zugentlastungsklemme {f}

cable clamps; cable strain relief clamps Kabelklemmen {pl}; Zugentlastungsklemmen {pl}

cable clamp; cable clip Kabelschelle {f}; Klemmschelle {f}; Klemmstück {n} [electr.] [comp.]

cable clamps; cable clips Kabelschellen {pl}; Klemmschellen {pl}; Klemmstücke {pl}

folding clamp Klappbügel {m}

folding clamps Klappbügel {pl}

hinged clamp Klappschelle {f}

hinged clamps Klappschellen {pl}

clamp for cables Klemmanschluss {m} für Kabelbrüche [electr.]

clamps for cables Klemmanschlüsse {pl} für Kabelbrüche

clamp; clip [listen] [listen] Klemme {f} (mechanisch)

clamps; clips Klemmen {pl}

console clamp Konsolenschelle {f}

console clamps Konsolenschellen {pl}

sheath clamp Mantelklemme {f}

sheath clamps Mantelklemmen {pl}

clamp [listen] Miete {f} (Lagerform) [agr.] [listen]

pits; clamps Mieten {pl}

potato clamp Kartoffelmiete {f}

towing arm clamp Mitnehmerhalter {m}

towing arm clamps Mitnehmerhalter {pl}

parallel screw clamp Parallelschraubzwinge {f}

parallel screw clamps Parallelschraubzwingen {pl}

crushing forceps; crushing clamp Quetschzange {f} [med.]

crushing forceps; crushing clamps Quetschzangen {pl}

wheel clamp [Br.]; Denver boot [Am.]; boot [Am.] [listen] Radklammer {f}; Radkralle {f}; Autokralle {f} [Dt.]; Parkkralle {f} [Dt.] [auto]

wheel clamps; Denver boots; boots [listen] Radklammern {pl}; Radkrallen {pl}; Autokrallen {pl}; Parkkrallen {pl}

pipe clamp; pipe support Rohrbefestigung {f}

pipe clamps; pipe supports Rohrbefestigungen {pl}

pipe clip; pipe clamp; pipe bracket Rohrschelle {f}; Rohrklemme {f}

pipe clips; pipe clamps; pipe brackets Rohrschellen {pl}; Rohrklemmen {pl}

seat clamp; saddle clamp Sattelklemme {f}; Sattelkloben {m}

seat clamps; saddle clamps Sattelklemmen {pl}; Sattelkloben {pl}

formwork starter strip; formwork clamp Schalungsgrundleiste {f} [constr.]

formwork starter strips; formwork clamps Schalungsgrundleisten {pl}

rail holding clamp Schienenhalter {m}

rail holding clamps Schienenhalter {pl}

hose clamp Schlauchklemme {f}

hose clamps Schlauchklemmen {pl}

carriage clamp; saddle clamp Schlittenfeststeller {m} [mach.]

carriage clamps; saddle clamps Schlittenfeststeller {pl}

screw clamp Schraubschelle {f} [techn.]

screw clamps Schraubschellen {pl}

screw clamp Schraubzwinge {f}; Heftzwinge {f}; Schraubkloben {m} [techn.]

screw clamps Schraubzwingen {pl}; Heftzwingen {pl}; Schraubkloben {pl}

welder's screw clamp Schweißschraubzwinge {f}

C-clamp; G-clamp Schraubzwinge mit festen Spannarmen

bar clamp; speed clamp; F-clamp Schraubzwinge mit einem beweglichen Spannarm

rope clamp; rope clip; cable clamp; shears [listen] Seilklemme {f}

rope clamps; rope clips; cable clamps Seilklemmen {pl}

climbing ascender; ascender; jumar clamp (climbing) Seilklemme {f}; Steigklemme {f}; Jümarklemme {f} [veraltend] (Klettern)

climbing ascenders; ascenders; jumar clamps Seilklemmen {pl}; Steigklemmen {pl}; Jümarklemmen {pl}

safety battery clamp /SBC/ Sicherheitsbatterieklemme {f} /SBK/ [auto]

safety battery clamps Sicherheitsbatterieklemmen {pl}

clamp (for butt-welding) [listen] Spannbacke {f} (beim Stumpfschweißen)

clamps Spannbacken {pl}

band clamp; strap [listen] Spannband {n}

band clamps; straps Spannbänder {pl}

clamp [listen] Spanneisen {n} [techn.]

clamps Spanneisen {pl}

goose-neck clamp gekröpftes Spanneisen

pedicle clamp Stielklemme {f} [med.]

pedicle clamps Stielklemmen {pl}

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