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11 results for cramps
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heat cramps Hitzekrampf {m} [med.]

menstrual molimen; premenstrual tension /PMT/ premenstrual syndrome /PMS/; menstrual cramps Menstruationsbeschwerden {pl}; prämenstruelles Syndrom {n} /PMS/ [med.]

to connect sth. by clamps / cramps etw. anklammern; mit Klammern verbinden {vt} [techn.]

It cramps my style. Dabei kann ich mich nicht recht entfalten.

abdominal cramp; abdominal cramping Bauchkrampf {m}; Abdominalkrampf {m} [med.]

abdominal cramps; abdominal crampings Bauchkrämpfe {pl}; Abdominalkrämpfe {pl}

spring compressor; spring cramp; spring vice Federspanner {m} [techn.]

spring compressors; spring cramps Federspanner {pl}

dog; cramp iron; cramp [listen] [listen] Gerüstklammer {f}; Rüstklammer {f} [constr.]

dogs; cramp irons; cramps [listen] Gerüstklammern {pl}; Rüstklammern {pl}

cramp [listen] Krampe {f}; Klammer {f}

cramps Krampen {pl}; Klammern {pl}

wall anchor; wall cramp; tie bolt Maueranker {m}; Kopfanker {m}; Stichanker {m}; Schlauder {f} [constr.]

wall anchors; wall cramps; tie bolts Maueranker {pl}; Kopfanker {pl}; Stichanker {pl}; Schlauder {pl}

muscle cramp; cramp; muscular spasm; myospasm (involuntary muscular contractions) [listen] Muskelkrampf {m}; Krampf {m} (unwillkürliche Muskelkontraktionen) [med.] [listen]

muscle cramps; cramps; muscular spasms; myospasms Muskelkrämpfe {pl}; Krämpfe {pl}

acromyotonia Muskelkrampf der Extremitäten

generalized muscular spasm; generalized tonic spasm; holotetanus; holotonia generalisierter Muskelkrampf

protospasm sich generalisierender Muskelkrampf

clonic muscle cramp; clonic cramp; clonus klonischer Muskelkrampf; Muskelklonus {m}; Klonus {m}

clonic-tonic cramp; clonicotonic cramp klonisch-tonischer Krampf

stomach cramp Magenkrampf {m}

writer's cramp; spasm in writing Schreibkrampf {m}

tonic muscle spasm; myotonus tonischer Muskelkrampf

watchmaker's cramp Uhrmacherkrampf {m}

cramp in the calf; calf cramp; spasm of the calf muscles; systremma Wadenkrampf {m}; Krampf der Wadenmuskulatur

to get a cramp einen Krampf bekommen

to have a cramp einen Krampf haben

cramp [Br.]; clamp [Am.]; ferrule; tip; holder [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Zwinge {f}

cramps; clamps; ferrules; tips; holders [listen] Zwingen {pl}
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