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waste paper separators Altpapiersortieranlage {f} [techn.]

grape picker; stalk separator Abbeermaschine {f}; Entstielmaschine {f} [agr.]

grape pickers; stalk separators Abbeermaschinen {pl}; Entstielmaschinen {pl}

separator; classifier Abscheider {m}; Sichter {m} [techn.]

separators; classifiers Abscheider {pl}; Sichter {pl}

impingement separator Aufschlagabscheider {m}

cascade separator Kaskadensichter {m}

gravity separator Schwerkraftsichter {m}

air separator; air classifier; air elutriator Windsichter {m} [chem.] [techn.]

cyclone separator Zentrifugalkraftsichter {m}; Fliehkraftabscheider {m}; Zyklonabscheider {m}; Messzyklon {m}; Zyklonfilter {m}; Wirbler {m}

separator; spacer [listen] Abstandhalter {m}

separators; spacers Abstandhalter {pl}

aspirator; grain receiving and milling separator Aspirateur {m} [agr.]

aspirators; grain receiving and milling separators Aspirateure {pl}

steam separator Dampfabscheider {m} [techn.]

steam separators Dampfabscheider {pl}

distance piece; spacer; separator [listen] Distanzstück {n}; Abstandhalter {m} [techn.]

distance pieces; spacers; separators Distanzstücke {pl}; Abstandhalter {pl}

magnetic separator Eisenabscheider {m}; Magnetabscheider {m} [mach.]

magnetic separators Eisenabscheider {pl}; Magnetabscheider {pl}

electromagnetic belt separator Elektromagnetbandscheider {m} [mach.]

electromagnetic belt separators Elektromagnetbandscheider {pl}

electrostatic separator Elektroscheider {m}

electrostatic separators Elektroscheider {pl}

air separator; deaerator Entlüftungsapparat {m}; Entlüftungsvorrichtung {f}

air separators; deaerators Entlüftungsapparate {pl}; Entlüftungsvorrichtungen {pl}

separator Fadentrenner {m}; Separator {m} [textil.]

separators Fadentrenner {pl}; Separatoren {pl}

chevron-type separator Fangrinnenabscheider {m} [chem.] [techn.]

chevron-type separators Fangrinnenabscheider {pl}

vane-type (moisture) separator Feinabscheider {m} (Feuchtigkeit) [mach.]

vane-type separators Feinabscheider {pl}

fat extractor; fat separator; grease separator Fettabscheider {m}

fat extractors; fat separators; grease separators Fettabscheider {pl}

filter separator (oil and gas production) Filterseparator {m} (Öl- und Gasförderung) [techn.]

filter separators Filterseparatoren {pl}

liquid separator Flüssigkeitsabscheider {n} [chem.]

liquid separators Flüssigkeitsabscheider {pl}

honey extractor; honey separator Honigschleuder {f}; Honigzentrifuge {f} [agr.]

honey extractors; honey separators Honigschleudern {pl}; Honigzentrifugen {pl}

stalk separator (wine) Kerntrenner {m}; Stiel- und Kerntrenner {m} (Wein) [agr.]

stalk separators Kerntrenner {pl}; Stiel- und Kerntrenner {pl}

condensate separator; condensate trap Kondensatabscheider {m} [chem.] [techn.]

condensate separators; condensate traps Kondensatabscheider {pl}

balljoint separator Kugelgelenkabzieher {m} [techn.]

balljoint separators Kugelgelenkabzieher {pl}

centrifugal cream separator; separator [Am.] Milchschleuder {f}; Milchzentrifuge {f}

centrifugal cream separators; separators Milchschleudern {pl}; Milchzentrifugen {pl}

oil trap; oil separator Ölabscheider {m} [techn.] [envir.]

oil traps; oil separators Ölabscheider {pl}

oil mist separator Ölnebelabscheider {m}

oil mist separators Ölnebelabscheider {pl}

separator; trap [listen] Scheidevorrichtung {f}; Abscheider {m} [chem.]

separators; traps Scheidevorrichtungen {pl}; Abscheider {pl}

heavy-medium separator; dense-medium separator Schwertrübe-Scheider {m}; Schwimm-Sink-Scheider {m} [chem.] [techn.]

heavy-medium separators; dense-medium separators Schwertrübe-Scheider {pl}; Schwimm-Sink-Scheider {pl}

rotary screen separator; rotary separator; rotary drum screen; trommel screen; trommel; revolving screen; sieve drum; screening drum Separationstrommel {f}; Klassiertrommel {f}; Siebtrommel {f}; Trommelsieb {n}; Drehsieb {n} [techn.]

rotary screen separatories; rotary separators; rotary drum screens; trommel screens; trommels; revolving screens; sieve drums; screening drums Separationstrommeln {pl}; Klassiertrommeln {pl}; Siebtrommeln {pl}; Trommelsiebe {pl}; Drehsiebe {pl}

separator (in a storage battery) Separator {m} (in einer Batterie) [electr.]

separators Separatoren {pl}

dust separator; dust collector Staubabscheider {m} [techn.]

dust separators; dust collectors Staubabscheider {pl}

separator Trenneinrichtung {f}; Trennzeichen {n}

separators Trenneinrichtungen {pl}; Trennzeichen {pl}

separator (chemistry, TV) Trenner {m}; Separator {m} (Chemie, TV)

separators Trenner {pl}; Separatoren {pl}

overbelt magnetic separator Überbandmagnetabscheider {m} [techn.]

overbelt magnetic separators Überbandmagnetabscheider {pl}

water separator; water trap Wasserabscheider {m}

water separators; water traps Wasserabscheider {pl}

sizer; classifying screen; grading screen; sizing screen; separator Klassiersieb {n}

sizers; classifying screens; grading screens; sizing screens; separators Klassiersiebe {pl}

separator; cobber; grader Scheider {m}

separators; cobbers; graders Scheider {pl}
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