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boring [listen] langweilig; fade; fad [Süddt.] [Ös.]; dröge [Mitteldt.] [Bayr.] {adj} [listen]

more boring langweiliger

most boring am langweiligsten

awfully boring [listen] schrecklich langweilig; total langweilig

It is frightfully boring. Es ist furchtbar langweilig.

boring; drilling [listen] [listen] Bohren {n} [techn.]

drilling by rotation drehendes Bohren

full hole drilling kernloses Bohren

percussion drilling schlagendes Bohren

single pulse drilling Einzelpulsbohren {n}

pellet impact drilling Kugelschlagbohren {n}

percussion drilling Perkussionsbohren {n}

trepanning drilling Trepanierbohren {n}

boring appliance; borer Bohrvorrichtung {f}; Bohrapparat {m}; Bohrer {m} [techn.]

boring appliances; borers Bohrvorrichtungen {pl}; Bohrapparate {pl}; Bohrer {pl}

wrench borer Bohrer mit Wendeeisen

boring bush Bohrbuchse {f} [mach.]

boring bushes Bohrbuchsen {pl}

boring tackel; boring implement; boring instrument; boring tool Bohrgerät {n} (kleinkalibrig) [techn.]

boring tackels; boring implements; boring instruments; boring tools Bohrgeräte {pl}

boring workteam Bohrkolonne {f}

boring workteams Bohrkolonnen {pl}

boring machine (for heavy work) Bohrmaschine {f} (für schwerere Arbeiten) [listen]

boring machines Bohrmaschinen {pl}

boring tool; drill bit Bohrmeißel {m}

boring tools; drill bits Bohrmeißel {pl}

boring bar bit Bohrmesser {n}

boring bar; drill rod Bohrstange {f}

boring bars; drill rods Bohrstangen {pl}

boring technique; drilling engineering Bohrtechnik {f}

boring (process and result) [listen] Bohrung {f}; Bohren {n} (Vorgang und Resultat) [techn.] [listen]

boring by diamond drill Diamantbohren {n} [min.]

boring tool Innenstahl {m} [techn.]

boring log; boring report; boring record sheet Bohrprotokoll {n}

boring logs; boring reports; boring record sheets Bohrprotokolle {pl}

boring sludge; bore detritus; drilling mud; drilling fluid; sludge cuttings; drill cuttings; ditch cuttings; slime; silt Bohrschlamm {m}; Bohrschmant {m}; Bohrtrübe {f} [geol.]

boring sludge; bore detritus; drilling mud [fluid]; sludge cuttings; drill cuttings; ditch cuttings; slime; silt Bohrspülung {f}; Bohrflüssigkeit {f}

boring depth; drilling depth Bohrteufe {f}

boring tool; drilling tool Bohrwerkzeug {n} [mach.]

boring tools; drilling tools Bohrwerkzeuge {pl}

drilling; boring [listen] [listen] Bohrung {f} [geol.] [listen]

control boring Kontrollbohrung {f}

churn drilling Meißelbohrung {f}

production hole drilling Produktionsbohrung {f}

wash boring Spülbohrung {f} [min.]

deep boring; deep drill Tiefbohrung {f}

primary drilling; preliminary drilling; predrilling; preboring Vorbohrung {f}

to make a drilling / boring eine Bohrung ausführen

a ban on drilling for oil and gas ein Verbot von Öl- und Gasbohrungen

rotary drilling / boring; drilling with rotary table drehende Bohrung {f}; Rotary-Bohrung {f} [min.]

percussive drilling / boring schlagende Bohrung {f}; Rammkern-Bohrung {f}

tunnel boring machine; tunneling machine; mole [coll.] [listen] Tunnelvortriebsmaschine {m}; Tunnelbohrmaschine {f} /TBM/; Maulwurf {m} [ugs.] [constr.]

tunnel boring machines; tunneling machines; moles Tunnelvortriebsmaschinen {pl}; Tunnelbohrmaschinen {pl}; Maulwürfe {pl}

full-face tunnel boring machine; full-face boring machine; full-face tunnelling machine Vollschnitt-Tunnelbohrmaschine {f}; Vollschnittmaschine {f}

to finish-bore; to finish boring; to bore to size fertigbohren; nachbohren {vi}

finish-boring; finishing boring; boring to size fertigbohrend; nachbohrend

finish-bored; finished boring; bored to size fertiggebohrt; nachgebohrt

pipe boring box; tapping sleeve Anbohrschelle {f} (Rohrleger); Anbohrapparat {m}

pipe boring boxes; tapping sleeves Anbohrschellen {pl}; Anbohrapparate {pl}

anchor boring rig Ankerbohrgerät {n}

anchor boring rigs Ankerbohrgeräte {pl}

exploration drilling; exploratory boring; test boring; exploratory hole; prospect well Aufschlussbohrung {f} [min.]

geologic(al) exploratory drill hole geologische Aufschlussbohrung

blown-out shot; blowout; failed hole (tunnel and pipe boring) Ausbläser {m} (Tunnel- und Rohrvortrieb) [constr.]

deep boring implements Bohrgerät {n} [min.]

drill pipe; boring rod; drill rod Bohrgestänge {n}

drill head; boring head; cutting head; drill bit Bohrkopf {m} [techn.]

drill heads; boring heads; cutting heads; drill bits Bohrköpfe {pl}

drilling derrick; wellhead; boring tower; boring trestle; drill tower; drill rig Bohrturm {m}

drilling derricks; wellheads; boring towers; boring trestles; drill towers; drill rigs Bohrtürme {pl}

horizontal boring mill; horizontal boring machine Bohrwerk {n}; Bohrmaschine {f} (zum Aufbohren) [listen]

horizontal boring mills; horizontal boring machines Bohrwerke {pl}; Bohrmaschinen {pl}

well digging; well boring; well construction Brunnenbau {m}

ground-boring machine Erdbohrmaschine {f}

ground-boring machines Erdbohrmaschinen {pl}

precision boring tool Feinbohrmeißel {m} [techn.]

methane drainage boring Gasabsaugbohrung {f}; Entgasungsbohrung {f} [geol.] [min.]

gun boring machine Geschützbohrer {m} [mil.]

gun boring machines Geschützbohrer {pl}

dead boring tote Hose {f} [ugs.]

vertical boring and turning mill Karusselldrehmaschine {f}; Karusselldreher {m} (Senkrecht-Bohr- und Drehwerk) [techn.]

vertical boring and turning mills Karusselldrehmaschinen {pl}; Karusselldreher {pl}

core drilling; core boring; core drill boring; coring; auger mining (process) Kernbohrung {f} (Vorgang) [min.]

core drillings; core borings; core drill borings; auger minings Kernbohrungen {pl}

jig boring machine Koordinaten-Bohrmaschine {f} [techn.]

jig boring machine Lehrenbohrwerk {n} [techn.]

jig boring machines Lehrenbohrwerke {pl}

auger bit; auger; boring bit Löffelbohrer {m} [min.]

auger bits; augers; boring bits Löffelbohrer {pl}

airlift boring; airlift drilling Lufthebebohrverfahren {n}

jewel beetles; metallic wood-boring beetles (zoological family) Prachtkäfer {pl}; Buprestidae {pl} (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

pipe boring Rohrvortrieb {m} [constr.]

jig boring Schablonenbohren {n} [techn.]

test/trial drilling; test/trial boring; exploration drilling [listen] [listen] Versuchsbohrung {f}; Erdbohrung {f}

test/trial drillings; test/trial borings; exploration drillings Versuchsbohrungen {pl}; Erdbohrungen {pl}

jig boring machine; jig drilling machine Vorrichtungsbohrmaschine {f} [techn.]

jig boring machines; jig drilling machines Vorrichtungsbohrmaschinen {pl}

horizontal boring and milling machine Waagerechtbohr- und -fräswerk {n} [techn.]

choke boring (of a mounted gun) Würgebohrung {f} (am Geschütz) [mil.]

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