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16 results for rigs
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anchor boring rig Ankerbohrgerät {n}

anchor boring rigs Ankerbohrgeräte {pl}

load test rig Belastungsprüfstand {m}

load test rigs Belastungsprüfstände {pl}

irradiation rig Bestrahlungsgestell {n}

irradiation rigs Bestrahlungsgestelle {pl}

irradiation rig Bestrahlungskammer {f}; Bestrahlungszelle {f} [med.]

irradiation rigs Bestrahlungskammern {pl}; Bestrahlungszellen {pl}

drilling derrick; wellhead; boring tower; boring trestle; drill tower; drill rig Bohrturm {m}

drilling derricks; wellheads; boring towers; boring trestles; drill towers; drill rigs Bohrtürme {pl}

semi-submersible rig; semi-submersible drilling platform Halbtaucherbohrinsel {f}

semi-submersible rigs; semi-submersible drilling platforms Halbtaucherbohrinseln {pl}

airlift drilling rig Lufthebebohranlage {f}

airlift drilling rigs Lufthebebohranlagen {pl}

jury rig Notsegel {n} [naut.]

jury rigs Notsegel {pl}

oil platform; oil rig; drilling platform; drilling rig Ölplattform {f}; Bohrplattform {f}; Ölbohrinsel {f}; Bohrinsel {f}

oil platforms; oil rigs; drilling platforms; drilling rigs Ölplattformen {pl}; Bohrplattformen {pl}; Ölbohrinseln {pl}; Bohrinseln {pl}

tension-leg platform trossenverspannte Bohrplattform

testing/test stand; testing/test station; testing/test bed; testing/test bay; testing/test bench; testing/test rig; testing/test room [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Prüfstand {m}; Prüfplatz {m}; Versuchsstand {m}; Prüfraum {m} [techn.]

testing/test stands; testing/test stations; testing/test beds; testing/test bays; testing/test benches; testing/test rigs; testing/test rooms [listen] Prüfstände {pl}; Prüfplätze {pl}; Versuchsstände {pl}; Prüfräume {pl}

computer-controlled performance test station computergeführter Leistungsprüfstand {m}

torque stand; torque bed; torque room Drehmomentprüfstand {m}

single cylinder test station Einzylinder-Prüfstand {m}

engine test bench Motorprüfstand {m}

tyre test stand [Br.]; tire test stand [Am.]; test rig for tyres [Br.] / tires [Am.] Reifenprüfstand {m}

vibration test stand; vibration testing rig Schwingungsprüfstand {m}

ventilator testing stand; ventilator test stand; ventilator test rig Ventilatorprüfstand {m}

articulated vehicle; articulated lorry [Br.]; artic [Br.]; semi-trailer combination [Br.]; juggernaut [Br.]; tractor-trailer [Am.]; semi-trailer truck [Am.]; semitruck [Am.]; semi [Am.]; big rig [Am.]; truck and trailer [Am.]; transfer truck [Am.] [listen] Sattelzug {m}; Sattelkraftfahrzeug {n} [auto]

articulated vehicles; articulated lorries; artics; semi-trailer combinations; juggernauts; tractor-trailers; semi-trailer trucks; semitrucks; semis; big rigs; trucks and trailers; transfer trucks Sattelzüge {pl}; Sattelkraftfahrzeuge {pl}

percussion drill rig Schlagbohrgerät {n}

percussion drill rigs Schlagbohrgeräte {pl}

hovering rig (vertical take-off plane) Schwebegestell {n} (Senkrechtstarter) [aviat.]

hovering rigs Schwebegestelle {pl}

gaming computer; gaming PC; gaming rig Spielecomputer {m}; Spiele-PC {m} [comp.]

gaming computers; gaming PCs; gaming rigs Spielecomputer {pl}; Spiele-PCs {pl}

roller drum test rig Trommelprüfstand {m}

roller drum test rigs Trommelprüfstände {pl}

drilling rig Bohranlage {f}

drilling rigs Bohranlagen {pl}
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