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sb.'s bearings jds. Orientierung {f} [geogr.] [psych.]

to lose your bearings die Orientierung verlieren

to get / find / figure out / gather your bearings sich orientieren; sich zurechtfinden

to figure out your bearings, using a map sich anhand einer Karte orientieren

It took me a couple of seconds to find my bearings after I woke up. Nach dem Aufwachen brauchte ich ein paar Sekunden, um mich zurechtzufinden.

to orient yourself; to orientate yourself [Br.] (to your surroundings); to get / find / figure out / gather your bearings sich zurechtfinden; sich orientieren {vr} (in einer Umgebung)

orienting yourself; orientating yourself; getting figure out / gather your bearings sich zurechtfindend; sich orientierend

oriented yourself; orientated yourself; got figure out / gather your bearings sich zugerechtgefunden; sich georientiert

to orient yourself to your new job sich am neuen Arbeitsplatz zurechtfinden

rod bearings Gestängelager {n} [techn.]

on jewel bearings edelsteingelagert {adj} [techn.]

to take cross bearings einschneiden {vt}

thrust bearings Axialgleitlager {n} [techn.]

axlebox bearing; axlebox (railway) Achslager {n}; Radsatzlager {n} (Bahn)

axlebox bearings; axleboxes Achslager {pl}; Radsatzlager {pl}

connection bearing Anschlusslager {n} [techn.]

connection bearings Anschlusslager {pl}

load of connection bearings Belastung der Anschlusslager

bearing [listen] Auflagerung {f} [techn.]

bearings [listen] Auflagerungen {pl}

release bearing Ausrücklager {n} [techn.]

release bearings Ausrücklager {pl}

bearing [listen] Auswirkungen {pl}; Tragweite {f} [listen]

to consider sth. in all its bearings etw. in seiner ganzen Tragweite betrachten

axial bearing Axiallager {n} [techn.]

axial bearings Axiallager {pl}

beam bearing; joist bearing Balkenauflagerung {f}; Balkenauflager {n} [constr.]

beam bearings; joist bearings Balkenauflagerungen {pl}; Balkenauflager {pl}

corbel Balkenauflager an der Wand

beam aperture; wall pocket; wall box Balkenauflager in der Wand; Balkenkammer {f}

bush bearing Buchsengehäuse {n} [techn.]

bush bearings Buchsengehäuse {pl}

solid bearing Festlager {n} [techn.]

solid bearings Festlager {pl}

flange bearing Flanschlager {n} [techn.]

flange bearings Flanschlager {pl}

fluid bearing Flüssigkeitslager {n} [techn.]

fluid bearings Flüssigkeitslager {pl}

pilot bearing; spigot bearing Führungslager {n} [techn.]

pilot bearings; spigot bearings Führungslager {pl}

pivoting bearing; swing bearing Gelenklager {n} [techn.]

pivoting bearings; swing bearings Gelenklager {pl}

rocker bearing Gelenklager {n}; Kipplager {n}

rocker bearings Gelenklager {pl}; Kipplager {pl}

rocker pendulum/post of the rocker bearing Pendelstütze des Kipplagers

plain bearing; slide bearing; sliding contact bearing; sleeve bearing; friction bearing Gleitlager {n} [techn.]

plain bearings; slide bearings; sliding contact bearings; sleeve bearings; friction bearings Gleitlager {pl}

rubber bearing Gummilager {n} [techn.]

rubber bearings Gummilager {pl}

neck journal bearing Halslager {n} [mach.]

neck journal bearings Halslager {pl}

main bearing Hauptlager {n} [techn.]

main bearings Hauptlager {pl}

inside bearing; inner bearing Innenlager {n} [techn.]

inside bearings; inner bearings Innenlager {pl}

small end bearing Kolbenbolzenlager {n} [techn.]

small end bearings Kolbenbolzenlager {pl}

ball bearing Kugellager {n} [techn.]

ball bearings Kugellager {pl}

deep groove ball thrust bearing Axial-Rillenkugellager {n} [techn.]

wire race ball bearing Drahtkugellager {n} [techn.]

thrust ball bearing Längskugellager {n} [mach.]

self-aligning ball bearing; self-aligning bearing Pendelkugellager {n}; Pendellager {n}

deep groove ball bearing Rillenkugellager {n} [techn.]

angular contact ball bearing; angular ball bearing Schrägkugellager {n}

double row angular contact ball bearing zweireihige Schrägkugellager

multi ball bearing Vielkugellager {n} [techn.]

self-locking ball bearing selbstschließendes Kugellager

two-row/double-row ball bearing zweireihiges Kugellager

raceway; race of a ball bearing Laufring {m} des Kugellagers; Kugellagerring {m}

crankpin bearing Kurbelzapfenlager {n} [techn.]

crankpin bearings Kurbelzapfenlager {pl}

bearing [listen] Lager {n}; Lagerung {f} [techn.] [listen] [listen]

bearings [listen] Lager {pl}; Lagerungen {pl} [listen]

aerodynamic bearing aerodynamisches Lager

strut bearing Federbeinlager {n}; Domlager {n}

Gamet bearing Gamet-Lager {n}

tapered roller bearing; taper toller bearing Kegelrollenlager {n}

steering head bearing Lenkkopflager {n} [auto]

air bearing Luftlager {n}

drag bearing Schwenklager {n}

worn-out bearing; wallowed-out bearing ausgeleiertes Lager

lifetime-lubricated bearing; sealed-for-life bearing dauergeschmiertes Lager

sealed bearing gedichtetes Lager; Innenlager {n}

expansion bearing bewegliches Auflager

fixed bearing festes Auflager

non-locating bearing Loslager {n} [mach.]

non-locating bearings Loslager {pl}

center bearing Mittellager {n} [techn.]

center bearings Mittellager {pl}

needle bearing; needle roller bearing Nadellager {n} [techn.]

needle bearings; needle roller bearings Nadellager {pl}

stainless steel bearing Niro-Lager {n} [techn.]

stainless steel bearings Niro-Lager {pl}

camshaft bearing Nockenwellenlager {n} [techn.]

camshaft bearings Nockenwellenlager {pl}

pendulum bearing (bridge building) Pendellager {n} (Brückenbau) [techn.]

pendulum bearings Pendellager {pl}

swivel-joint roller bearing; self-aligning roller bearing; spherical/radial roller bearing Pendelrollenlager {n}; Tonnenlager {n} [techn.]

swivel-joint roller bearings; self-aligning roller bearings; spherical/radial roller bearings Pendelrollenlager {pl}; Tonnenlager {pl}

self-aligning roller thrust bearing Axial-Pendelrollenlager

big end bearing; large end bearing Pleuellager {n} [techn.]

big end bearings; large end bearings Pleuellager {pl}

radial bearing Radiallager {n} [techn.]

radial bearings Radiallager {pl}

wheel bearing Radlager {n} [techn.]

wheel bearings Radlager {pl}

roller bearing Rollenlager {n} [techn.]

roller bearings Rollenlager {pl}

full-type roller bearing; cageless roller bearing vollrolliges Lager

single-thrust ball bearing Scheibenrillenlager {n} [mach.]

single-thrust ball bearings Scheibenrillenlager {pl}

angular contact bearing Schräglager {n} [techn.]

angular contact bearings Schräglager {pl}

separable bearing Schulterlager {n} [techn.]

separable bearings Schulterlager {pl}

self-lubricating bearing Sinterlager {n} [techn.]

self-lubricating bearings Sinterlager {pl}

spindle bearing Spindellager {n} [techn.]

spindle bearings Spindellager {pl}

pedestal bearing; pillar block bearing Stehlager {m} [techn.]

pedestal bearings; pillar block bearings Stehlager {pl}

step bearing; bearing pad; strut mount Stützlager {n} [techn.]

step bearings; bearing pads; strut mounts Stützlager {pl}

spherical roller bearing Tonnenlager {n} [techn.]

spherical roller bearings Tonnenlager {pl}

bottom bracket bearing (bicycle) Tretkurbellager {n}; Tretlager {n} (Fahrrad)

bottom bracket bearings Tretkurbellager {pl}; Tretlager {pl}

one-piece crankset Fauber-Tretlager

rolling contact bearing; rolling element bearing; antifriction bearing /AFB/ Wälzlager {n} [techn.]

rolling contact bearings; rolling element bearings; antifriction bearings Wälzlager {pl}

raceway ring; raceway of a rolling-element bearing Laufring {m}; Laufbahn {f}; Rollbahn {f}; Lauffläche {f} des Wälzlagers

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