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bearing [listen] Position {f}; Lage {f}; Kurs {m} [listen] [listen] [listen]

bearing by the sun Sonnenpeilung {f}

bearing by stars Gestirnpeilung {f}

bearing by a radio-compass station Fremdpeilung {f} [aviat.] [naut.]

the bearing taken/observed der gemessene/beobachtete Winkel

to take a bearing on sth. etw. zur Standortbestimmung anpeilen

to take a compass bearing den Kompasskurs feststellen

bearing play; free play; play; bearing gap [listen] Lagerspiel {n}; Spiel {n} [techn.] [listen]

bearing [listen] Lager {n}; Lagerung {f} [techn.] [listen] [listen]

bearings [listen] Lager {pl}; Lagerungen {pl} [listen]

aerodynamic bearing aerodynamisches Lager

strut bearing Federbeinlager {n}; Domlager {n}

Gamet bearing Gamet-Lager {n}

tapered roller bearing; taper toller bearing Kegelrollenlager {n}

steering head bearing Lenkkopflager {n} [auto]

air bearing Luftlager {n}

drag bearing Schwenklager {n}

worn-out bearing; wallowed-out bearing ausgeleiertes Lager

lifetime-lubricated bearing; sealed-for-life bearing dauergeschmiertes Lager

sealed bearing gedichtetes Lager; Innenlager {n}

expansion bearing bewegliches Auflager

fixed bearing festes Auflager

bearing; fix [listen] Peilung {f}

true bearing rechtweisende Peilung [naut.]

constant bearing stehende Peilung

bearing; intrados pressure [listen] Lochleibungsdruck {m} [techn.]

bearing system Lagersystem {n} [techn.]

bearing systems Lagersysteme {pl}

aerostatic bearing systems aerostatische Lagersysteme

bearing pressure; pressure of the bearing; support pressure; pressure of the support Auflagerdruck {m}; Auflagedruck {m}; Auflagerpressung {f}; Stützendruck {m} [constr.]

bearing surface Auflagerfläche {f}

bearing bracket Auflagerkonsole {f}

bearing brackets Auflagerkonsolen {pl}

bearing blade Auflagerschwert {n}

bearing blades Auflagerschwerter {pl}

bearing stress Auflagerspannung {f} [constr.]

bearing [listen] Auflagerung {f} [techn.]

bearings [listen] Auflagerungen {pl}

bearing rail Auflageschiene {f} [techn.]

bearing elbow Auflagewinkel {m}

bearing [listen] Auswirkungen {pl}; Tragweite {f} [listen]

to consider sth. in all its bearings etw. in seiner ganzen Tragweite betrachten

bearing [listen] Ertragen {n}; Erdulden {n}; Dulden {n}

beyond bearing; past (all) bearing unerträglich; nicht zum Aushalten

bearing surface combination (prosthetics) Gleitpaarung {f} (Prothetik) [med.]

bearing ball Kugellagerkugel {f} [techn.]

bearing balls Kugellagerkugeln {pl}

bearing puller Lagerabziehvorrichtung {f} [techn.]

bearing pullers Lagerabziehvorrichtungen {pl}

bearing block; bearing chair Lagerblock {m} [techn.]

bearing blocks; bearing chairs Lagerblöcke {pl}

bearing block; bearing pedestal Lagerbock {m}

bearing blocks; bearing pedestals Lagerböcke {pl}

bearing bolt; cap bearing bolt Lagerbolzen {m} [techn.]

bearing bolts; cap bearing bolts Lagerbolzen {pl}

bearing bridge Lagerbrücke {f} [techn.]

bearing bridges Lagerbrücken {pl}

bearing bush; bearing bushing; bushing [listen] Lagerbuchse {f}; Lagerhülse {f}; Laufbuchse {f} [techn.]

bearing bushs; bearing bushings; bushings Lagerbuchsen {pl}; Lagerhülsen {pl}; Laufbuchsen {pl}

bearing yoke Lagerbüchse {f} [techn.]

bearing yokes Lagerbüchsen {pl}

bearing support Lagerbügel {m}

bearing supports Lagerbügel {pl}

bearing cap; bearing cover; crown [listen] Lagerdeckel {m} [techn.]

bearing caps; bearing covers; crowns Lagerdeckel {pl}

bearing pressure Lagerdruck {m} [techn.]

bearing installation Lagereinbau {m}

bearing flange Lagerflansch {m} [techn.]

bearing flanges Lagerflansche {pl}

bearing flange tube Lagerflanschrohr {n} [techn.]

bearing flange tubes Lagerflanschrohre {pl}

bearing housing Lagergehäuse {n} [techn.]

bearing housings Lagergehäuse {pl}

bearing retainer Lagerhaltering {m} [techn.]

bearing retainers Lagerhalteringe {pl}

bearing stool Lagerkonsole {f} [mach.]

bearing stools Lagerkonsolen {pl}

bearing body Lagerkörper {m}

bearing bodies Lagerkörper {pl}

bearing clearance; bearing play; bearing slackness Lagerluft {f} [mach.]

bearing ring; bearing race Lagerring {m}; Auflagering {m}; Laufring {m} [techn.]

bearing rings; bearing races Lagerringe {pl}; Auflageringe {pl}; Laufringe {pl}

bearing damage Lagerschaden {m} [techn.]

bearing shell; bearing half Lagerschale {f} [techn.]

bearing shells; bearing halves Lagerschalen {pl}

bearing deflection Lagerschwingung {f} [mach.]

bearing deflections Lagerschwingungen {pl}

bearing position; bearing location Lagerstelle {f} [techn.]

bearing positions; bearing locations Lagerstellen {pl}

bearing block Lagerstuhl {m} [techn.]

bearing blocks Lagerstühle {pl}

bearing part Lagerteil {n} [techn.]

bearing parts Lagerteile {pl}

bearing temperature Lagertemperatur {f} [techn.]

bearing shaft Lagerwelle {f} [techn.]

bearing shafts Lagerwellen {pl}

bearing angle Lagerwinkel {m} [techn.]

bearing angles Lagerwinkel {pl}

bearing pin; journal; pivot bolt [listen] Lagerzapfen {m}; Lagerbolzen {m} [techn.]

bearing pins; journals; pivot bolts Lagerzapfen {pl}; Lagerbolzen {pl}

bearing [listen] Leibungsdruck {m}

bearing stress (in bolted and riveted connections) Lochleibungsdruck {m}; Flächenpressung {f} (bei Schrauben- und Nietverbindungen) [techn.]

bearing accuracy Peilgenauigkeit {f} [telco.]

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