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meringue rings Baiserringe {pl}; Windringe {pl} [Ös.] [cook.]

Newton's rings (optics) Newton'sche Ringe {pl} (Optik) [phys.]

still rings; rings (gym apparatus) Ringe {pl} (Turngerät) [sport]

exchange of wedding rings Ringetausch {m}; Ringwechsel {m}

foam rings (on a beer glass) Schaumringe {pl} (an einem Bierglas)

to run rings around sb. jdn. in die Tasche stecken; jdm. haushoch überlegen sein {vi}

filled pasta rings; tortellini [mass noun] gefüllte Teigringe {pl}; Tortellini {pl} [cook.]

It rings true. Es klingt richtig.

'The Lord of the Rings' (by Tolkien / work title) "Der Herr der Ringe" (von Tolkien / Werktitel) [lit.]

ejector rings Auswerferringe {pl} [techn.]

covering ring; cover ring Abdeckring {m}

covering rings; cover rings Abdeckringe {pl}

caulking ring Abdichtring {m}

caulking rings Abdichtringe {pl}

tow ring Abschleppöse {f}

tow rings Abschleppösen {pl}

spacer ring Abstandsring {m}; Abstandring {m} [techn.]

spacer rings Abstandsringe {pl}; Abstandringe {pl}

scraper ring; wiper ring Abstreifring {m} [techn.]

scraper rings; wiper rings Abstreifringe {pl}

anchor ring Ankerring {m}

anchor rings Ankerringe {pl}

thrust ring Anlaufring {m}

thrust rings Anlaufringe {pl}

pouring ring (bottle) Ausgießring {m} (Flasche)

pouring rings Ausgießringe {pl}

balloon control ring Ballonring {m} [textil.]

balloon control rings Ballonringe {pl}

ring of fortifications Befestigungsring {m} [mil.]

rings of fortifications Befestigungsringe {pl}

teething ring Beißring {m}

teething rings Beißringe {pl}

aeration ring Belüftungsring {n}

aeration rings Belüftungsringe {pl}

bottom ring Bodenring {m}; Grundring {m}

bottom rings Bodenringe {pl}; Grundringe {pl}

beaded ring Bördelring {m}

beaded rings Bördelringe {pl}

crushing ring Brechring {m} [techn.]

crushing rings Brechringe {pl}

brake ring Bremsring {m} [techn.]

brake rings Bremsringe {pl}

brilliant ring; diamond ring Brillantring {m}; Diamantring {m}

brilliant rings; diamond rings Brillantringe {pl}; Diamantringe {pl}

bronze ring Bronzering {m}

bronze rings Bronzeringe {pl}

ladies' ring Damenring {m}

ladies' rings Damenringe {pl}

obturator ring; gas ring Dichtungskragen {m}; Obturateur {m} [mil.]

obturator rings; gas rings Dichtungskragen {pl}; Obturateure {pl}

sealing ring; obturator ring Dichtungsring {m} [auto]

sealing rings; obturator rings Dichtungsringe {pl}

sealing ring; O-ring; toric joint Dichtungsring {m}; Dichtungsscheibe {f}; O-Dichtring {m}; O-Ring {m}; Rundring {m}; Null-Ring {m} (DDR) [ugs.] [techn.]

sealing rings; O-rings; toric joints Dichtungsringe {pl}; Dichtungsscheiben {pl}; O-Dichtringe {pl}; O-Ringe {pl}; Rundringe {pl}; Null-Ringe {pl}

oil seal; oil retainer ring Dichtungsring für Öl

flange packing Dichtungsring für Flanschverbindungen

spacer ring; distance ring; spacing ring Distanzring {m} [techn.]

spacer rings; distance rings; spacing rings Distanzringe {pl}

spacer; spacing washer; distance ring [listen] Distanzscheibe {f} [techn.]

spacers; spacing washers; distance rings Distanzscheiben {pl}

Dixon-type packing Dixon-Füllkörper {pl} [chem.] [techn.]

Dixon rings Dixon-Ringe; Raschig-Ringe mit Mittelsteg (Füllkörper einer Rektifiziersäule)

coil of wire; ring of wire (rolling mill) Drahtbund {n}; Drahtrolle {f}; Drahtring {m} (Walzwerk) [techn.]

coils of wire; rings of wire Drahtbünde {pl}; Drahtrollen {pl}; Drahtringe {pl}

live ring Drehkranz {m} (auf Rollen/Kugeln) [constr.]

live rings Drehkränze {pl}

thrust pad; thrust ring; thrust collar Druckring {m}

thrust pads; thrust rings; thrust collars Druckringe {pl}

wedding ring Ehering {m}

wedding rings Eheringe {pl}

injection ring Einblasring {m} [techn.]

injection rings Einblasringe {pl}

sealing ring (for preserving jars) Einmachgummi {m,n}; Einweckgummi {m,n}; Einweckring {m}; Einsiedegummi {m} [Ös.]; Rexgummi {m} ® [Ös.]

sealing rings Einmachgummis {pl}; Einweckgummis {pl}; Einweckringe {pl}; Einsiedegummis {pl}; Rexgummis {pl}

insert ring Einsatzring {m}

insert rings Einsatzringe {pl}

bamboo ring; stop mark (extrusion moulding) Einschnürung {f}; Haltepunktmarkierung {f} (Strangpressen) [techn.]

bamboo rings; stop marks Einschnürungen {pl}; Haltepunktmarkierungen {pl}

guide ring Fadenführerring {m}; Fadenführer {m} [textil.]

guide rings Fadenführerringe {pl}; Fadenführer {pl}

spring washer; spring ring Federring {m} [techn.]

spring washers; spring rings Federringe {pl}

spring lock ring geschlitzter Federring

rim ring; wheel trim rim Felgenring {m} [auto]

rim rings; wheel trim rims Felgenringe {pl}

fixed ring Festring {m}

fixed rings Festringe {pl}

obturation ring Feuerring {m} [aviat.]

obturation rings Feuerringe {pl}

guide ring Führungsring {m} [techn.]

guide rings Führungsringe {pl}

threaded ring; thread ring Gewindering {m} [techn.]

threaded rings; thread rings Gewinderinge {pl}

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