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covering purchase; short covering; covering (stock exchange) [listen] Deckungskauf {m}; Deckung {f} (beim Leergeschäft) (Börse) [fin.] [listen]

to provide cover Deckung anschaffen

bear covering; short covering Deckungskauf der Baissepartei

bear squeeze Zwang zu einem Deckungskauf

to squeeze the bears zu Deckungskäufen zwingen

covering up (for sth.) Deckung {f} (von etw.) [listen]

marking; guarding (basketball); covering [Am.] (team sports) [listen] [listen] Decken {n}; Deckung {f} (Mannschaftssport) [sport] [listen]

tight marking by the defence enge Deckung durch die Abwehr

covering [listen] Abdeckung {f}; Bedeckung {f}; Verhüllung {f} [listen]

coverings Abdeckungen {pl}; Bedeckungen {pl}; Verhüllungen {pl}

covering [listen] Belag {m} [listen]

coverings Beläge {pl}

covering; protection [listen] [listen] Überziehen {n}; Abdecken {n}; Bedecken {n}; Verhüllen {n}

sth. as a covering or protection (blanket, clothing, etc.) etw. zum Überziehen

covering letter; cover letter Begleitbrief {m}; Anschreiben {n}; Deckbrief {m}

covering letters; cover letters Begleitbriefe {pl}; Anschreiben {pl}

The name of ... was mentioned in the covering letter. Der Name ... wurde im Anschreiben erwähnt.

covering hood; shrouding cover; exciter housing Abdeckhaube {f}

covering hoods; shrouding covers; exciter housings Abdeckhauben {pl}

covering material Abdeckmaterial {n}

covering sheet Abdeckplane {f}

covering sheets Abdeckplanen {pl}

covering ring; cover ring Abdeckring {m}

covering rings; cover rings Abdeckringe {pl}

covering pane Abdeckscheibe {f} (Glas)

covering panes Abdeckscheiben {pl}

covering letter; cover letter [Am.]; accompanying letter Begleitschreiben {n}

covering capacity; covering power; hiding power; opacity (paint/enamel) [listen] Deckkraft {f}; Deckfähigkeit {f}; Deckvermögen {n} (Farbe/Email)

covering fire Deckungsfeuer {n} [mil.]

to give/provide covering fire Deckungsfeuer geben

covering claims Deckungsforderungen {pl} [fin.]

covering fire Feuerschutz {m} [mil.]

covering sill of hardwood Hartholzschwelle {f}

covering sills of hardwood Hartholzschwellen {pl}

covering agreement Mantelvertrag {m}

covering agreements Mantelverträge {pl}

covering for a wound Wundauflage {f} [med.]

covering the whole area; all-over vollflächig; über die ganze Fläche {adj}

covering machine Abdeckereimaschine {f} [mach.]

covering machines Abdeckereimaschinen {pl}

covering net Abdecknetz {n} [techn.]

covering nets Abdecknetze {pl}

covering rail Abdeckschiene {f} [techn.]

hedge; hedging; cover; covering; coverage [Am.] (stock exchange) [listen] [listen] [listen] Kurssicherung {f} (Börse) [fin.]

hedge agaist balance sheet positions Kurssicherung gegen Währungsumrechnungspositionen

covering in/through the forward exchange market; forward foreign currency cover; forward foreign currency hedging; forward exchange contract coverage [Am.] Kurssicherung auf dem Devisenterminmarkt

covering in/through the money market; covering in the spot market; spot market hedging; spot hedge Kurssicherung auf dem Kassamarkt

hedge transaction; hedging transaction; covering operation; covering transaction (stock exchange) Kurssicherungsgeschäft {n}; Absicherungsgeschäft {n}; Sicherungsgeschäft {n}; Kurssicherungstransaktion {f}; Absicherungstransaktion {f}; Sicherungstransaktion {f}; Deckungsgeschäft {n} (Börse) [fin.]

cross hedge Ersatzsicherungsgeschäft {n}

hedging Abschluss eines Kurssicherungsgeschäfts/Deckungsgeschäfts

plant cover; plant covering; plant canopy; vegetative cover; vegetative covering; vegetable cover; vegetal cover; vegetation covering; vegetable blanket Pflanzendecke {f}; Pflanzenbedeckung {f}; Vegetationsdecke {f}; Vegetationsbedeckung {f}; Bodenbedeckung {f}; Bewuchs {m} [envir.]

shrubby ground-cover vegetation Bodenbedeckung {f} mit niedrigen Gehölzen; Strauchbodendecke {f}

tree cover Baumbewuchs {m}

core covering Aderumhüllung {f} [electr.]

inner covering gemeinsame Aderumhüllung

anti-slip covering Anti-Rutschbelag {m}

lighting fixture covering Beleuchtungsabdeckung {f}

lighting fixture coverings Beleuchtungsabdeckungen {pl}

covering [listen] Bespannung {f}

sheet covering Blechabdeckung {f}

sheet metal cladding; sheet covering; sheet metal housing Blechverkleidung {f} [mach.]

internal (metal) shroud innere Blechverkleidung

lead coating; lead covering Bleihülle {f}; Bleimantel {m}

lead coatings; lead coverings Bleihüllen {pl}; Bleimäntel {pl}

lead sheath; lead jacket; lead cover; leaden case; leaden covering Bleimantel {m}

lead sheaths; lead jackets; lead covers; leaden cases; leaden coverings Bleimäntel {pl}

lead covering Bleiverkleidung {f}

lead coverings Bleiverkleidungen {pl}

floor covering Bodenbelag {m}

floor coverings Bodenbeläge {pl}

brake lining; brake covering; brake facing Bremsbelag {m} [auto]

brake linings; brake coverings; brake facings Bremsbeläge {pl}

brake lining rivet; brake covering rivet Bremsbelagniete {f} [auto]

brake lining rivet s; brake covering rivets Bremsbelagnieten {pl}

roof covering Dachbedeckung {f}

roof covering; roofing Dachdeckung {f}; Dachhaut {f} [constr.]

roofing; covering of roofs (process) Dachdeckung {f}; Dacheindeckung {f}; Bedachung {f} (Vorgang) [constr.]

coverage deposit; covering balance Deckungsguthaben {n} [fin.]

flux covering; flux of the electrode (welding) Elektrodenumhüllung {f}; Umhüllung {f}; Umhüllungsmasse {f}; Umhüllungsstoffe {pl} (Schweißen) [techn.]

pie (meat or vegetables baked inside a pastry covering) [Br.] [listen] Fleisch- oder Gemüseauflauf {m} mit Teigkruste [cook.]

floor cloth; floor covering Fußbodenbelag {m}

hemp covering; hemp bedding Hanfumspinnung {f}

armour [Br.]; armor [Am.] (hard protective covering for the body) [listen] Harnisch {m} [hist.]

hard covering Hartbelag {m}

hard coverings Hartbeläge {pl}

chalice veil (for covering the chalice in the respective liturgical colour) Kelchvelum {n} (zum Abdecken des Messkelchs in der jeweiligen liturgischen Farbe) [relig.]

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