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27 results for hoods
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(atmospheric) relief hood Abblasehaube {f} [mach.]

relief hoods Abblasehauben {pl}

covering hood; shrouding cover; exciter housing Abdeckhaube {f}

covering hoods; shrouding covers; exciter housings Abdeckhauben {pl}

dust hood; dust cover Staubschutzhaube {f}

exhaust hood Abgashaube {f}

exhaust hoods Abgashauben {pl}

gathering hood Abgassammlerhaube {f} für Brennöfen

gathering hoods Abgassammlerhauben {pl} für Brennöfen

suction hood Absaughaube {f}

suction hoods Absaughauben {pl}

outlet hood Abströmhaube {f} [mach.] (E-Filter)

outlet hoods Abströmhauben {pl}

protective hood of anchor head Ankerschuhhaube {f} [mach.]

protective hoods of anchor head Ankerschuhhauben {pl}

preheating hood Anwärmehaube {f}

preheating hoods Anwärmehauben {pl}

make-up air hood Außenlufthaube {f}

make-up air hoods Außenlufthauben {pl}

(emergency escape) smoke hood; fire emergency mask Brandfluchthaube {f}; Brandfluchtmaske {f}; Brandschutzhaube {f}; Brandschutzmaske {f}

smoke hoods; fire emergency masks Brandfluchthauben {pl}; Brandfluchtmasken {pl}; Brandschutzhauben {pl}; Brandschutzmasken {pl}

kitchen hood; exhaust hood; extractor hood [Br.]; cooker hood [Br.]; range hood [Am.] (in the kitchen) Dunstabzugshaube {f} (in der Küche)

kitchen hoods; exhaust hoods; extractor hoods; cooker hoods; range hoods Dunstabzugshauben {pl}

ducted cooker hood; ducted range hood Dunstabzugshaube mit Abluft; Ablufthaube {f}

recirculation cooker hood; recirculation range hood Dunstabzugshaube mit Umluft; Umlufthaube {f}

visor cooker hood; telescopic range hood Dunstabzugshaube mit Flachschirm; Flachschirmhaube {f}

island cooker hood; island range hood Inselhaube {f}

angled cooker hood; angled range hood Dunstabzug {m} mit Schräghaube; Schräghaube {f}

fume hood (of fume cupboard) Dunstabzugshaube {f}; Abzughaube {f}; Abzugskapelle {f} [chem.]

fume hoods Dunstabzugshauben {pl}; Abzughauben {pl}; Abzugskapellen {pl}

laboratory fume hood Laborabzug {m}

exhauster hood; extractor hood Dunstabzugshaube {f} [techn.]

exhauster hoods; extractor hoods Dunstabzugshauben {pl}

smoke hood Fluchthaube {f}; Brandfluchthaube {f}

smoke hoods Fluchthauben {pl}; Brandfluchthauben {pl}

foil hood Folienhaube {f}

foil hoods Folienhauben {pl}

hood [listen] Haube {f}; Kapuze {f} [listen]

hoods Hauben {pl}; Kapuzen {pl}

hooded maskiert; mit Kapuze

under the hood unter der Haube [übtr.]; dahinter

radiator hood Kühlerabdeckung {f}

radiator hoods Kühlerabdeckungen {pl}

bonnet; engine bonnet [Br.]; hood [Am.]; cowl; cowling [listen] [listen] Motorhaube {f}; Fronthaube {f}; Kühlerhaube {f} [auto]

bonnets; engine bonnets; hoods; cowls; cowlings Motorhauben {pl}; Fronthauben {pl}; Kühlerhauben {pl}

short bonnet; short hood kurze Motorhaube; Stummelmotorhaube {f} [Dt.]; Stummelhaube {f} [Dt.] [ugs.]

rain hood Regenhaube {f}

rain hoods Regenhauben {pl}

riding hood Reitumhang {m} [textil.] [hist.]

riding hoods Reitumhänge {pl}

sound protection hood Schallschutzhaube {f}

sound protection hoods Schallschutzhauben {pl}

thug; brawler; ruffian; roughneck [Am.]; hoodlum; hood [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schlägertyp {m}; Schläger {m}; Klopper {m}; Brutalo {m} [ugs.]

thugs; brawlers; ruffians; roughnecks; hoodlums; hoods Schlägertypen {pl}; Schläger {pl}; Klopper {pl}; Brutalos {pl}

street thug; street brawler Straßenschläger {m}

lens hood; viewing hood Sonnenblende {f} [photo.]

lens hoods; viewing hoods Sonnenblenden {pl}

spit hood; mesh hood; spit guard; spit mask (for spitting attackers) Spuckschutzhaube {f}; Spuckhaube {f}; Spuckschutz {m}; Spuckmaske {f} (für spuckende Angreifer)

spit hoods; mesh hoods; spit guards; spit masks Spuckschutzhauben {pl}; Spuckhauben {pl}; Spuckschutze {pl}; Spuckmasken {pl}

tooth hood Zahnfleischkappe {f} [anat.]

tooth hoods Zahnfleischkappen {pl}

exhaust hood Absaughaube {f} [techn.]

exhaust hoods Absaughauben {pl}

suction hood Ablufthaube {f} [techn.]

suction hoods Ablufthauben {pl}
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