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cotton jacket Baumwolljacke {f} [textil.]

cotton jackets Baumwolljacken {pl}

lead jacket Bleijacke {f} [med.]

lead jackets Bleijacken {pl}

lead sheath; lead jacket; lead covering (of a cable) Bleimantel {m}; Bleiummantelung {f} (eines Kabels) [electr.]

lead sheaths; lead jackets; lead coverings Bleimäntel {pl}; Bleiummantelungen {pl}

book jacket; dust jacket; jacket; jacket flap; book cover; dust cover; book wrapper; dust wrapper; wraparound (book) [listen] Buchumschlag {m}; Schutzumschlag {m}; Umschlag {m}; Buchhülle {f} (Buch) [print] [listen]

book jackets; dust jackets; jackets; jacket flaps; book covers; dust covers; book wrappers; dust wrappers; wraparounds Buchumschläge {pl}; Schutzumschläge {pl}; Umschläge {pl}; Buchhüllen {pl}

disbound ohne Umschlag

down jacket Daunenjacke {f} [textil.]

down jackets Daunenjacken {pl}

fencing jacket (fencing) Fechtjacke {f} (Fechten) [sport] [textil.]

fencing jackets Fechtjacken {pl}

flight jacket; bomber jacket; bombardier jacket Fliegerjacke {f} [textil.]

flight jackets; bomber jackets; bombardier jackets Fliegerjacken {pl}

guide jacket Führungshülse {f}

guide jackets Führungshülsen {pl}

shoulder plaster jacket; plaster of Paris jacket; plaster jacket; body cast Gipskorsett {n}; Gipsjackett {n} [med.]

shoulder plaster jackets; plasters of Paris jacket; plaster jackets; body casts Gipskorsette {pl}; Gipsjacketts {pl}

Risser jacket Risser'sches Gipskorsett

insulating jacket Isoliermatte {f}

insulating jackets Isoliermatten {pl}

jacket [listen] Jacke {f} [textil.] [listen]

jackets Jacken {pl}

ski jacket Skijacke {f}

cloth jacket Stoffjacke {f}

reversible jacket Wendejacke {f}

winter jacket Winterjacke {f}

all-weather jacket wetterfeste Jacke

all-season jacket Jacke für jede Jahreszeit

huntsman's coat; huntsman's jacket; shooting coat; game coat Jagdrock {m}

huntsman's coats; huntsman's jackets; shooting coats; game coats Jagdröcke {pl}

pink shooting coat; pink game coat roter Jagdrock

denim jacket Jeansjacke {f} [textil.]

denim jackets Jeansjacken {pl}

barrel casing; barrel jacket (gun) Laufhülse {f}; Laufmantel {m} (Schusswaffe) [mil.]

barrel casings; barrel jackets Laufhülsen {pl}; Laufmäntel {pl}

leather jacket Lederjacke {f}

leather jackets Lederjacken {pl}

motorcycle jacket; motorcycling jacket Motorradjacke {f}

motorcycle jackets; motorcycling jackets Motorradjacken {pl}

fur jacket Pelzjacke {f}; Pelz {m} [textil.]

fur jackets Pelzjacken {pl}; Pelze {pl}

rain jacket Regenjacke {f}

rain jackets Regenjacken {pl}

life jacket; life vest [Am.] Rettungsweste {f}; Schwimmweste {f} [naut.]

life jackets; life vests Rettungswesten {pl}; Schwimmwesten {pl}

dinner jacket; tuxedo [Br.]; tuxedo jacket [Am.] Smokingjackett {n}; Smokingsakko {n,m} [Schw.]; Smokingkittel {m} [Schw.]; Smokingveston {m} [Schw.] [textil.]

dinner jackets; tuxedos; tuxedo jackets Smokingjacketts {pl}; Smokingsakkos {pl}; Smokingkittel {pl}; Smokingvestonen {pl}

flak vest; flak jacket Splitterschutzweste {f} [min.]

flak vests; flak jackets Splitterschutzwesten {pl}

sports jacket; sport(s) coat Sportjacke {f}; Sportsakko {n}; Sportveston {m} [Schw.] [textil.]

sports jackets; sport(s) coats Sportjacken {pl}; Sportsakkos {pl}; Sportvestons {pl}

quilted jacket Steppjacke {f}

quilted jackets Steppjacken {pl}

cardigan; knit jacket; cardy [Br.] [coll.] Strickjacke {f} [textil.]

cardigans; knit jackets; cardies Strickjacken {pl}

traditional jacket; traditional jerkin Trachtenjacke {f} [textil.]

traditional jackets; traditional jerkins Trachtenjacken {pl}

wasp; yellow jacket; yellowjacket Wespe {f} [zool.]

wasps; yellow jackets; yellowjackets Wespen {pl}

strait jacket; straitjacket; straightjacket Zwangsjacke {f}

strait jackets; straitjackets; straightjackets Zwangsjacken {pl}

chuck; jacket; socket; shell; quill; cartridge; case [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Hülse {f} [listen]

chucks; jackets; sockets; shells; quills; cartridges; cases [listen] [listen] Hülsen {pl}
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