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all-weather Allwetter...

all-weather aircraft Allwetterluftfahrzeug {n}

all-weather pitch [Br.]; all-weather court [Am.] (for sports) Allwetterplatz {m} (für Sportaktivitäten) [sport]

all-weather pitches; all-weather courts Allwetterplätze {pl}

interceptor aircraft; interceptor; intercepter Abfangjäger {m} [mil.]

interceptor aircraft; interceptors; intercepters Abfangjäger {pl}

all-weather interceptor Allwetterabfangjäger {m}

suit Anzug {m} [textil.] [listen]

suits [listen] Anzüge {pl}

three-piece suit dreiteiliger Anzug

First communion suit Erkommunionsanzug {m}; Kommunionsanzug {m}

confirmation suit Firmanzug {m} (kath.); Konfirmationsanzug {m} (protest.)

business suit Geschäftsanzug {m}; Business-Anzug {m}

wedding suit Hochzeitsanzug {m}

hunting suit Jagdanzug {m}

jogging suit Jogging-Anzug {m}

corduroy suit Kordanzug {m}; Cordanzug {m}; Manchester-Anzug {m} [Nordwestdt.]; Schnürlsamtanzug {m} [Ös.]

all-weather suit wetterfester Anzug

reconnaissance; recce [Br.] [coll.]; recon [Am.] [coll.]; military scouting [rare] [listen] militärische Aufklärung {f}; Aufklärung {f} [mil.] [listen]

all-weather reconnaissance Allwetteraufklärung {f}

artillery reconnaissance Artillerieaufklärung {f}

balloon satellite; satelloon [coll.] Ballonsatellit {m}

fanwise reconnaissance Fächeraufklärung {f}

distant reconnaissance Fernaufklärung {f}

photoreconnaissance Fotoaufklärung {f}

gas reconnaissance Gasaufklärung {f}

battle reconnaissance; combat reconnaissance Gefechtsaufklärung {f}

battlefield reconnaissance Gefechtsfeldaufklärung {f}

counter-reconnaissance Gegenaufklärung {f}

infrared reconnaissance; IR reconnaissance Infrarotaufklärung {f}

fighter reconnaissance Jagdaufklärung {f}

combat reconnaissance Kampfaufklärung {f}

contact reconnaissance Kontaktaufklärung {f}

coast reconnaissance; coastal reconnaissance Küstenaufklärung {f}

air reconnaissance; aerial reconnaissance Luftaufklärung {f}

march reconnaissance Marschaufklärung {f}

close reconnaissance; local reconnaissance Nahaufklärung {f}

armoured [Br.]/armored [Am.] reconnaissance [listen] Panzeraufklärung {f}

engineer reconnaissance Pionieraufklärung {f}

satellite reconnaissance Satellitenaufklärung {f}

naval reconnaissance Seeaufklärung {f}

armed reconnaissance bewaffnete Aufklärung

electronic reconnaissance elektronische Aufklärung

daylight reconnaissance Aufklärung bei Tageslicht; Tagaufklärung {f}

night reconnaissance Aufklärung bei Nacht; Nachtaufklärung {f}

operation (of a device or machine) [listen] Betrieb {m}; Laufen {n} (Gerät; Maschine) [mach.] [techn.] [listen]

all-weather operation Allwetterbetrieb {m}

operation and maintenance Betrieb und Wartung

continuous print operation (printer) durchgehender Druckbetrieb; Dauerdruckbetrieb {m} (Drucker)

individual operation; single operation Einzelbetrieb {m}

partial operation Teilbetrieb {m}

to be in operation; to be at work in Betrieb sein

to be in 24-hours operation rund um die Uhr in Betrieb sein

to put sth. into operation etw. in Betrieb setzen

to come on line; to be brought on line; to come on stream [Br.]; to be brought on stream [Br.] (of a plant or technical system) (erstmals) in Betrieb gehen (technische Anlage / System)

surface course; surface layer; surfacing; pavement layer (road building) Bodenbelag {m}; Belag {m}; Oberflächenschutzschicht {f}; Deckschicht {f} (Straßenbau) [constr.] [listen]

all-weather surface Allwetterbelag {m}

granular surface course; compacted granular surface; processed aggregate surface; flexible surface; stabilized surface; hoggin surface course [Br.]; hoggin surface [Br.] Tennenbelag {m}; Tennendecke {f}

water-bound surface wassergebundener Belag; wassergebundene Decke; Deckschicht ohne Bindemittel; Erdstraße {f}

still camera; photocamera; camera [listen] Fotoapparat {m}; Photoapparat {m}; Kamera {f}; Fotokamera {f} [ugs.] [photo.] [listen] [listen]

still cameras; photocameras; cameras Fotoapparate {pl}; Photoapparate {pl}; Kameras {pl}; Fotokameras {pl}

all-weather camera; weatherized camera [Am.] Allwetterkamera {f}

digital camera; digicam Digitalkamera {f}

viewfinder camera Sucherkamera {f}

game camera, game cam; trail camera, trail cam; camera trap Tierbeobachtungskamera {f}; Wildkamera {f}; Fotofalle {f}

(pair of) trousers [Br.]; (pair of) pants [Am.]; trews [Br.] [coll.]; strides [Br.] [coll.]; kecks [Br.] [coll.]; daks [Austr.] [coll.]; rammies [Austr.] [coll.]; reach-me-downs [dated]; britches [Am.] [coll.] [dated] [listen] [listen] lange Hose {f}; Hose {f} [textil.] [listen]

trousers; pants [listen] [listen] Hosen {pl}

cotton trousers [Br.]; cotton pants [Am.] Baumwollhose {f}

pleat-front trousers [Br.]; pleated trousers [Br.]/pants [Am.]; trousers [Br.]/pants [Am.] with front pleats Bundfaltenhose {f}

Capri trousers [Br.]; Capri pants [Am.] Caprihose {f}

cargo trousers [Br.]; cargo pants [Am.]; cargoes [coll.]; combat trousers [Br.]; combat pants [Am.]; combats [coll.] Cargohose {f}; Kampfhose {f}

3/4 length trousers [Br.]; 3/4 length pants [Am.] Dreiviertelhose {f}

slacks; chinos; chino trousers [Br.]; chino pants [Am.] Freizeithose {f}; Chinohose {f}; Chino {f}

high-water trousers [Br.]; high-water pants [Am.]; floods [Am.] Hochwasserhose {f} [humor.]

low-rise trousers [Br.]; low-rise pants [Am.]; hip-huggers; hipsters [Br.] Hüfthose {f}; tiefgeschnittene Hose {f}

peg-top trousers; peg-top pants [Am.] Karottenhose {f}

wedge-shaped trousers [Br.]; wedge pants [Am.] Keilhose {f}

knee breeches; breeches; britches [Am.] [coll.] (enganliegende) Kniebundhose {f}; Kniehose {f}

knickerbockers; knickers (lockere) Kniebundhose {f}; Kniehose {f}; Knickerbocker {pl}

corduroy trousers [Br.]; corduroy pants [Am.] Kordhose {f}; Cordhose {f}; Manchester-Hose {f} [Nordwestdt.]; Schnürlsamthose {f} [Ös.]

leather shorts (with H-shaped braces); lederhosen kurze Trachtenlederhose {f}; kurze Lederhose {f}; Lederne {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.] [ugs.]; Seppelhose {f} [Norddt.] [ugs.] (mit H-Trägern)

leather trousers [Br.]; leather pants [Am.] (modische) Lederhose {f}

pantaloons Pantalons {pl} [hist.]

bloomers Pluderhose {f}; Pumphose {f}; Flatterhose {f}

harem pants; yoga pants; pantaloons Pluderhose {f} für Damen [textil.]

splash trousers [Br.]; splash pants [Am.] Regenhose {f}; Matschhose {f} (bei Kindern)

horse riding breeches; riding breeches; riding britches [Am.] [coll.] Reithose {f}; Stiefelhose {f}

jodhpur trousers [Br.]; jodhpur pants [Am.]; jodhpurs lange Reithose {f}; Jodhpur-Reithose {f}

satin trousers; satin pants Satinhose {f}

baggy trousers [Br.]; baggy pants [Am.] Schlabberhose {f}; schlotternde Hose {f}

bell-bottom trousers [Br.]; bell-bottomed trousers [Br.]; bell-bottomed plants [Am.]; bell-bottoms; flares Schlaghose {f}; Glockenhose {f} [Ös.]; ausgestellte Hose {f}

ski trousers [Br.]; ski pants [Am.] Skihose {f}

ski salopettes Skihose / Schihose mit Hosenträgern; Schneehose mit Hosenträgern

stirrup trousers [Br.]; stirrup pants [Am.] Steghose {f} [sport]

tracksuit bottoms [Br.]; jogging bottoms [Br.]; sweatpants [Am.]; tracksuit pants [Am.]; jogging pants [Am.] Trainingshose {f}; Trainerhose {f} [Schw.]; Jogginghose {f}

all-weather trousers; all-weather pants wetterfeste Hose

yoga pants Yogahose {f}

all-season trousers; all-season pants Hose für jede Jahreszeit

to find a pair of trousers that fit perfectly [Br.] eine Hose finden, die wie angegossen sitzt

the ideal pair of pants for golfers [Am.] die ideale Hose für Golfer

jacket [listen] Jacke {f} [textil.] [listen]

jackets Jacken {pl}

ski jacket Skijacke {f}

cloth jacket Stoffjacke {f}

reversible jacket Wendejacke {f}

winter jacket Winterjacke {f}

all-weather jacket wetterfeste Jacke

all-season jacket Jacke für jede Jahreszeit

fighter aircraft; fighter plane; figher jet; fighter [listen] Jagdflugzeug {n}; Jäger {m}; Jagdjet {m} [aviat.] [mil.]

fighter aircraft; fighter planes; figher jets; fighters Jagdflugzeuge {pl}; Jäger {pl}; Jagdjets {pl}

all-weather fighter aircraft; all-weather fighter allwetterkampffähiges Jagdflugzeug; Allwetterjagdflugzeug {n}; Allwetterjäger {m}

air-superiority fighter aircraft; air-superiority fighter Luftüberlegenheitsjäger {m}

twin-jet fighter zweistrahliger Jagdjet

tyre [Br.]; tire [Am.] [listen] [listen] Reifen {m} [auto] [listen]

tyres; tires Reifen {pl} [listen]

bias-belted tyre [Br.]; bias-belted tire [Am.] Diagonalgürtelreifen {m}; Gürtelreifen {m} mit Diagonalkarkasse

all-season tyre/tire; all-weather tyre/tire Ganzjahresreifen {m}

lug base tyre; lug base tire Geländereifen {m}; Hochstollenreifen {m}

low-rolling-resistance tyre; green tyre [coll.] Leichtlaufreifen {m}; Reifen mit geringem Rollwiderstand; grüner Reifen [ugs.]

cleated tyre [Br.]; cleated tire [Am.] Stollenreifen {m}

flat tyre; flat [listen] platter Reifen

worn tyre; worn-down tyre abgefahrener Reifen

bald-worn tyre; bald tyre; smooth tyre restlos abgefahrener / glatt abgefahrener Reifen

with screeching/squealing tyres mit quietschenden Reifen

downgraded tyre abgewerteter Reifen

siped tyre feinprofilierter Reifen

grown tyre gewachsener Reifen

mud and snow tyre (M+S) M+S-Reifen; Matsch- und Schneereifen

recut tyre; regrooved tyre nachgeschnittener Reifen

regroovable tyre nachschneidbarer Reifen

plain tread tyre; plain tyre; slick tyre profilloser Reifen; Reifen ohne Profil

smooth tread tyre (slick) profilloser Reifen

remoulded tyre; remould; retread tyre; retread; recapped tire [Am.]; recap [Am.] runderneuerter Reifen

tubeless tyre schlauchloser Reifen

green tyre; uncured cover unvulkanisierter Reifen

mileage account tyre/tire verschleißfester Reifen

extra ply tire [Am.]; reinforced tyre verstärkter Reifen

pre-heated tyres vorgeheizte Reifen [sport]

own-brand tyre [Br.]; private brand tire [Am.] Reifen einer Eigenmarke

load per tyre Belastung pro Reifen

run-flat tyre; run-on-flat tyre Reifen mit Notlaufeigenschaften

overinflated tyre Reifen mit zu hohem Luftdruck

implement tyre Reifen für landwirtschaftliche Geräte

maximum tyre dimensions in service maximale Betriebsmaße {f} (Reifen)

maximum overall tyre; diameter in service maximaler Betriebsdurchmesser (Reifen)

to mount a tyre; to fit a tyre (on the rim) einen Reifen (auf die Felge) aufziehen

to puncture a tyre einen Reifen zerstechen; aufstechen

to retread; to recap [Am.] worn tyres abgefahrene Reifen runderneuern

I have all-weathers on my car. Ich hab Ganzjahresreifen drauf.
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