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(pair of) trousers [Br.]; (pair of) pants [Am.]; trews [Br.] [coll.]; strides [Br.] [coll.]; kecks [Br.] [coll.]; daks [Austr.] [coll.]; rammies [Austr.] [coll.]; reach-me-downs [dated]; britches [Am.] [coll.] [dated] [listen] [listen] lange Hose {f}; Hose {f} [textil.] [listen]

trousers; pants [listen] [listen] Hosen {pl}

cotton trousers [Br.]; cotton pants [Am.] Baumwollhose {f}

pleat-front trousers [Br.]; pleated trousers [Br.]/pants [Am.]; trousers [Br.]/pants [Am.] with front pleats Bundfaltenhose {f}

Capri trousers [Br.]; Capri pants [Am.] Caprihose {f}

cargo trousers [Br.]; cargo pants [Am.]; cargoes [coll.]; combat trousers [Br.]; combat pants [Am.]; combats [coll.] Cargohose {f}; Kampfhose {f}

3/4 length trousers [Br.]; 3/4 length pants [Am.] Dreiviertelhose {f}

slacks; chinos; chino trousers [Br.]; chino pants [Am.] Freizeithose {f}; Chinohose {f}; Chino {f}

high-water trousers [Br.]; high-water pants [Am.]; floods [Am.] Hochwasserhose {f} [humor.]

low-rise trousers [Br.]; low-rise pants [Am.]; hip-huggers; hipsters [Br.] Hüfthose {f}; tiefgeschnittene Hose {f}

peg-top trousers; peg-top pants [Am.] Karottenhose {f}

wedge-shaped trousers [Br.]; wedge pants [Am.] Keilhose {f}

knee breeches; breeches; britches [Am.] [coll.] (enganliegende) Kniebundhose {f}; Kniehose {f}

knickerbockers; knickers (lockere) Kniebundhose {f}; Kniehose {f}; Knickerbocker {pl}

corduroy trousers [Br.]; corduroy pants [Am.] Kordhose {f}; Cordhose {f}; Manchester-Hose {f} [Nordwestdt.]; Schnürlsamthose {f} [Ös.]

leather shorts (with H-shaped braces); lederhosen kurze Trachtenlederhose {f}; kurze Lederhose {f}; Lederne {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.] [ugs.]; Seppelhose {f} [Norddt.] [ugs.] (mit H-Trägern)

leather trousers [Br.]; leather pants [Am.] (modische) Lederhose {f}

pantaloons Pantalons {pl} [hist.]

bloomers Pluderhose {f}; Pumphose {f}; Flatterhose {f}

harem pants; yoga pants; pantaloons Pluderhose {f} für Damen [textil.]

splash trousers [Br.]; splash pants [Am.] Regenhose {f}; Matschhose {f} (bei Kindern)

horse riding breeches; riding breeches; riding britches [Am.] [coll.] Reithose {f}; Stiefelhose {f}

jodhpur trousers [Br.]; jodhpur pants [Am.]; jodhpurs lange Reithose {f}; Jodhpur-Reithose {f}

satin trousers; satin pants Satinhose {f}

baggy trousers [Br.]; baggy pants [Am.] Schlabberhose {f}; schlotternde Hose {f}

bell-bottom trousers [Br.]; bell-bottomed trousers [Br.]; bell-bottomed plants [Am.]; bell-bottoms; flares Schlaghose {f}; Glockenhose {f} [Ös.]; ausgestellte Hose {f}

ski trousers [Br.]; ski pants [Am.] Skihose {f}

ski salopettes Skihose / Schihose mit Hosenträgern; Schneehose mit Hosenträgern

stirrup trousers [Br.]; stirrup pants [Am.] Steghose {f} [sport]

tracksuit bottoms [Br.]; jogging bottoms [Br.]; sweatpants [Am.]; tracksuit pants [Am.]; jogging pants [Am.] Trainingshose {f}; Trainerhose {f} [Schw.]; Jogginghose {f}

all-weather trousers; all-weather pants wetterfeste Hose

yoga pants Yogahose {f}

all-season trousers; all-season pants Hose für jede Jahreszeit

to find a pair of trousers that fit perfectly [Br.] eine Hose finden, die wie angegossen sitzt

the ideal pair of pants for golfers [Am.] die ideale Hose für Golfer

(musical) time; metre [Br.]; meter [Am.] [listen] [listen] Taktart {m}; Takt {m} (als Spielrhythmus) [mus.] [listen]

times; metres; meters [listen] Taktarten {pl}; Takte {pl}

tree-four time; 3/4 time; three-four metre/meter; 3/4 metre/meter [listen] Dreivierteltakt; 3/4-Takt

four-four time; 4/4 time; four-four metre/meter; 4/4 metre/meter [listen] Viervierteltakt; 4/4-Takt

duple metre/meter Zweiertakt

triple metre/meter [listen] Dreiertakt

quadruple metre/meter Vierertakt

in minim time [Br.]; in minim metre [Br.]; in half-note time [Am.]; in half-note meter [Am.] im Halbetakt

in crotchet time [Br.]; in crotchet metre [Br.]; in quarter time [Am.]; in quarter meter [Am.] im Vierteltakt

in quaver time [Br.]; in quaver metre [Br.]; in eighth-note time [Am.]; in eighth-note meter [Am.] im Achteltakt

compound metres/meters [listen] zusammengesetzte Taktarten

compound duple metre/meter zusammengesetzter Zweiertakt

compound triple metre/meter zusammengesetzter Dreiertakt

compound quadruple metre/meter zusammengesetzter Vierertakt

tunes in waltz time Lieder im Walzertakt

to play in strict metre/meter genau im Takt spielen

to clap in time to the music im Takt zur Musik klatschen

to march in time im Takt marschieren

to beat time den Takt schlagen

to keep time den Takt halten

to be out of time/beat; to be off time; to be off beat nicht im Takt sein

to get out of time; to get out of beat; to lose the beat aus dem Takt kommen

to put sb. out of time/beat; to put sb. off time/beat jdn. aus dem Takt bringen

to indicate the time; to indicate the beat den Takt angeben

The four-four time has four beats, the first and third of which are strong. Der Viervierteltakt hat/umfasst vier Schläge, davon eins und drei betont.

In compound time, the beat unit is always a dotted note value. Bei zusammengesetzten Taktarten ist die Zählzeit immer ein punktierter Notenwert.
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