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18 results for coats
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wax resist; wax coats (dyeing) Wachsreserve {f} (Färben) [textil.]

dust coat; smock; overall [Br.] [listen] Arbeitsmantel {m}; Arbeitskittel {m}; Kittel {m} [textil.]

dust coats; smocks; overalls Arbeitsmäntel {pl}; Arbeitskittel {pl}; Kittel {pl}

paint coating; coat of paint Farbanstrich {m}; Anstrich {m}; Farbüberzug {m} [listen]

paint coatings; coats of paint Farbanstriche {pl}; Anstriche {pl}; Farbüberzüge {pl}

coatings Farben und Lacke

reverse roll coating Beschichtung im Gegenlauf

layer of paint; coat of paint Farbschicht {f}

layers of paint; coats of paint Farbschichten {pl}

film; coat [listen] [listen] Film {m}; Schicht {f}; (dünner) Belag {m} [listen] [listen] [listen]

films; coats Filme {pl}; Schichten {pl}; Beläge {pl}

frock coat Gehrock {m} [textil.] [hist.]

frock coats Gehröcke {pl}

coat [listen] Hülle {f}; Decke {f}; Lage {f}; Schicht {f} [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

coats Hüllen {pl}; Decken {pl}; Lagen {pl}; Schichten {pl}

huntsman's coat; huntsman's jacket; shooting coat; game coat Jagdrock {m}

huntsman's coats; huntsman's jackets; shooting coats; game coats Jagdröcke {pl}

pink shooting coat; pink game coat roter Jagdrock

captain's coat Kapitänsmantel {m}

captain's coats Kapitänsmäntel {pl}

lab coat (weißer) Labormantel {m}; Laborkittel {m}; Kittel {m} [ugs.]

lab coats Labormäntel {pl}; Laborkittel {pl}; Kittel {pl}

coat [listen] Mantel {m} [textil.] [listen]

coats Mäntel {pl}

stormcoat Allwettermantel {m}

work coat Arbeitsmantel {m}

soldier's coat Soldatenmantel {m}

summer coat; coat for summer Sommermantel {m}

winter coat Wintermantel {m}

to help sb. into his/her coat; to help sb. (on) with his/her coat jdm. in den Mantel helfen

fur coat Pelzmantel {m}; Pelz {m} [textil.]

fur coats Pelzmäntel {pl}; Pelze {pl}

Persian lamb coat Persianer Pelzmantel

seed coat Samenschale {m} [bot.]

seed coats Samenschalen {pl}

sports jacket; sport(s) coat Sportjacke {f}; Sportsakko {n}; Sportveston {m} [Schw.] [textil.]

sports jackets; sport(s) coats Sportjacken {pl}; Sportsakkos {pl}; Sportvestons {pl}

coat of arms (heraldry) [listen] Wappen {n} (Wappenkunde) [listen]

coats of arms Wappen {pl} [listen]

family coat of arms; family crest; family emblem Familienwappen {n}

lesser/middle/greater coat of arms [listen] kleines/mittleres/großes Wappen [listen]

heraldic achievement; hatchment [obs.] Vollwappen {n}

state coat of arms Landeswappen {n}

national coat of arms Staatswappen {n}

to emblazon; to blazon a coat of arms (describe/explain it in technical language) ein Wappen heraldisch beschreiben/erklären

intermediate layer; interlayer; intermediate plating; intermediate coat Zwischenschicht {f} [constr.] [techn.]

intermediate layers; interlayers; intermediate platings; intermediate coats Zwischenschichten {pl}

to coat (with) [listen] umhüllen; umkleiden; bedecken; auskleiden {vt} (mit) [listen] [listen]

coating [listen] umhüllend; umkleidend; bedeckend; auskleidend

coated [listen] umhüllt; umkleidet; bedeckt; ausgekleidet

coats umhüllt; umkleidet; bedeckt; kleidet aus

coated [listen] umhüllte; umkleidete; bedeckte; kleidete aus

loden coat Lodenmantel {m} [textil.]

loden coats Lodenmäntel {pl}
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