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plastic limit (of floor coverings) Ausrollgrenze {f}; Plastizitätsgrenze {f} (von Bodenbelägen) [constr.]

ban on face coverings Vermummungsverbot {n} [adm.]

covering [listen] Abdeckung {f}; Bedeckung {f}; Verhüllung {f} [listen]

coverings Abdeckungen {pl}; Bedeckungen {pl}; Verhüllungen {pl}

covering [listen] Belag {m} [listen]

coverings Beläge {pl}

lighting fixture covering Beleuchtungsabdeckung {f}

lighting fixture coverings Beleuchtungsabdeckungen {pl}

lead coating; lead covering Bleihülle {f}; Bleimantel {m}; Bleiummantelung {f}

lead coatings; lead coverings Bleihüllen {pl}; Bleimäntel {pl}; Bleiummantelungen {pl}

lead sheath; lead jacket; lead covering (of a cable) Bleimantel {m}; Bleiummantelung {f} (eines Kabels) [electr.]

lead sheaths; lead jackets; lead coverings Bleimäntel {pl}; Bleiummantelungen {pl}

lead covering Bleiverkleidung {f}

lead coverings Bleiverkleidungen {pl}

brake lining; brake covering; brake facing (in drum brakes) Bremsbelag {m} (bei Trommelbremsen) [auto]

brake linings; brake coverings; brake facings Bremsbeläge {pl}

floor covering; flooring; floor (in compounds) [listen] Fußbodenbelag {m}; Bodenbelag {m}; Fußboden {m}; Boden {m} (in Zusammensetzungen) [ugs.] [listen] [listen]

floor coverings Fußbodenbeläge {pl}; Bodenbeläge {pl}; Fußböden {pl}; Böden {pl}

laminate floor covering; laminate flooring; laminate floor Laminat-Bodenbelag; Laminatbelag {m}; Laminatboden {m}

linoleum floor covering; linoleum flooring; linoleum floor Linoleum-Bodenbelag; Linoleumbelag {m}; Linoleumboden {m}

PVC floor covering; PVC flooring; PVC floor PVC-Bodenbelag; PVC-Belag {m}; PVC-Boden {m}

vinyl floor covering; vinyl flooring; vinyl floor Vinyl-Bodenbelag; Vinylbelag {m}; Vinylboden {m}

hardwood flooring Bodenbelag aus Hartholzbohlen bzw. aus Parkett auf Bohlen

hard covering Hartbelag {m}

hard coverings Hartbeläge {pl}

head-covering; headwear; headgear; headpiece Kopfbedeckung {f} [textil.]

head-coverings; headwears; headgears; headpieces Kopfbedeckungen {pl}

loss on hedging; hedging loss; hedge loss; loss from covering (stock exchange) Kurssicherungsverlust {m}; Absicherungsverlust {m} (Börse) [fin.]

losses on hedging; hedging losses; hedge losses; losses from coverings Kurssicherungsverluste {pl}; Absicherungsverluste {pl}

leather cover; leather covering Lederüberzug {m} [textil.]

leather covers; leather coverings Lederüberzüge {pl}

perforated plate covering Lochblechabdeckung {f}

perforated plate coverings Lochblechabdeckungen {pl}

layer of paper; covering of paper Papierschicht {f}

layers of paper; coverings of paper Papierschichten {pl}

protective cover; protective covering Schutzhülle {f}; Schutzüberzug {m}; Schutzbezug {m}; Schutzmantel {m}

protective covers; protective coverings Schutzhüllen {pl}; Schutzüberzüge {pl}; Schutzbezüge {pl}; Schutzmäntel {pl}

bedspread; bed covering; bedcover [Br.]; coverlet; counterpane [dated] Tagesdecke {f}; Überdecke {f}; Bettüberwurf {m} [textil.]

bedspreads; bed coverings; bedcovers; coverlets; counterpanes Tagesdecken {pl}; Überdecken {pl}; Bettüberwürfe {pl}

wall covering Wandschoner {m}

wall coverings Wandschoner {pl}

wall covering Wandverkleidung {f}

wall coverings Wandverkleidungen {pl}
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